Thursday, December 31, 2009

2nd day of the Trial

First, know that I'm really tried ,so I hope I don't sound negative. O'yea, my lucky sharks tooth didn't work. LoL. My goal today was to stop worrying about what might happen and run the course. When I got there and saw the JWW course, I decided my goal was going to be: a better front cross then I did yesterday.
Here is the course map. Hopefully you can read it. We did much better than yesterday. She went into the 2nd pole of the weaves. And you cant see it on video but I step into her right at the triple and cause her to drop the bar. I'm not sure why I did that and of course I said "sorry Mi" when I did it. LOL. At the end of my video you see this little girl who is either 4 or 5 yr.old. She was the leash runner for our class. She ran a sheltie in novice and was awesome. Beautiful front crosses, dog changing leads, unbelievable. And she said "Good-luck" to me when she was taking the leash.


My little stinker dog almost broke her start line stay. Ugh! She doesn't look that fast but her time was the 5th fastest and there were 3 world team people running shelties in my class. Hey, I have to make myself feel good.

Now for the next run. Open Standard. Again I wasn't doing the table. We had some problems. I thought I could just post turn #3 to #4. But she went off course into a tunnel. Can anyone tell me why she did that. I just didn't feel I had enough time to do a front cross but I guess I should have tried. We got back on course without any zoomies. After the dogwalk she took the wrong tunnel entrance. I really thought I was heading to the correct tunnel entrance and that would be enough of a cue but I guess not. I should have done what Ive been practicing with Meagan, outside arm cue and calling her name. Live and learn. I felt really bad about this run but after I got home and watched the video, it doesn't look that bad.

I just watched the video again. Doesn't it look like I turned enough shoulder to cue that jump? Let me know what you think. Thanks

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

1st day of the trail

Its a beautiful, sunny , warm day. The drive to the trial site was great. I follow the water almost all the way there. I had to laugh. People were wearing hats and mittens at the trial. One lady had long johns on. LOL. I guess its all what you're use to. It felt great to me. I got there at 9am. Ring two started at 9. I figured that they would be done in 1 hour and then excellent would start. Well I missed judged that. So I think my first run was at 1pm. But it was such a nice day, who cares.
I was really nervous before my run. That's why I had signed up for the two USDAA trials.(which I didnt go to) I find that if I go to long between trials, I get ring nerves all over again. Ugh!

I worry about all the wrong stuff when I planning my run.

My plan was to do a slight lead out then front cross to take her over #3. But then I was so worried about her taking that tunnel that I didn't go into the pocket to support #4. So she missed #4 and #5. Crap. Then my front cross was so late after #11, it could have only been later if I had done the cross behind her, Lol. If I hadn't seen the video, I would have said she did all the weave poles. But she pulled out because I started taking off. I wanted to try to keep in front of her to again keep her out of the tunnel at the end of the run. So I did a poor job for my dog.


At least they I didn't have a conflicts. I stuck to my plan of not doing the table. The table in the excellent ring was a square box, the sides went to the ground , straight down. Ive never seen it like that before. But they used a different table for Open. Not that it mattered for me. Our run went pretty well. It might be because I found a shark's tooth on the ground in the sand when walking my dog. Maybe it was lucky.


On the way home I stopped at a rest area that was off the bridge, weird I know. I got some great pictures. I took a lot of pictures.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Practice for fun

( I changed the title to the post so I didnt sound so negative)
I took Miley to the field for a short practice. I used the course map from Kathy's blog ( Agility Adventures). We had lots of problems. I had a hard time keeping her off that off course jump after the first tunnel. She would just coming flying out and take the jump even when I started saying her name when she just went into the tunnel. I back chained it but when I tried to put it all together , she would go off course again. I think we might have gotten it once that I got on video. Then I pulled her off #9 a couple of times. She had great weaves but for some reason was leaving the teeter early. Plus some other mistakes. It was weird , I felt so tired and winded running. I have a sore throat today, hopefully that doesn't turn into a bad sickness. Tomorrow I leave for Tampa. My daughter is already there visiting my brother's family. My plan for the trial is not not let her get on the table the first two days. I just want smooth runs with no craziness. Then if I get that , on the last day I try for the table. The weather is looking better. Wednesday , no rain and in the 70's. Thursday and Friday, small chance of rain and in the 60's. So that is looking better.



Sunday, December 27, 2009

Home again

I came back home yesterday. It was only a 3 hour drive but it felt like forever. My back was killing me last night. Now I'm nervous, how am I going to drive 8 hours to Tampa. It maybe my last year for this trial, its just to far. Right now it looks like it might rain during the trial. I just cant get away from the rain. It rained here on Christmas, 3.5 inches. My backyard is never going to recover from all this rain. Evey time you let a dog out, they come in looking like this

I messed up my a-frame by trying to glue the slats on. It must have just been to cold for the glue because if foamed up. I couldn't find anything in the directions on what temperature it had to be to use it. But it was about 50's during the day and 30's at night. I had it in the garage. I guess that wasn't warm enough. So some of the glue looks like this

So I took a Dremel tool to the glue and cut it off and sanded it down. It worked ok. But now my a-frame is really ugly. I wont post a picture of the the whole side because its just to upsetting but here is what the glue looks like after its been Dremeled.

We did manage to walk the dogs at the park this morning. I think we walked about 3.5 miles . I must be really out of shape because my legs were like rubber when I got home. I didn't walk at all at my mom's house because its just to dangerous to walk in their neighborhood. All these people just let their dogs run loose and some of them are aggressive. Scary! The park is also very muddy. There must have been a lot of water because the run off streams looked like it ran over the banks and onto the road. The creeks are about 5-6 feet below the road. It must have really rained.

In this picture the creek is just visible if you look just beyond the road. That big log is on the road, it must have been a strong current. ( if you click the picture to biggify, its easier to see)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Just for laughs

Here are some pictures from when I was a little kid. I'm the youngest. Its hard to believe I could once be a little kid.

Now present time. My very nice husband and mother made the Christmas turkey today. Then my husband and son had to drive home. My son had to work at the movie theater tonight.

Merry Christmas!

Stephanie said, "How many more years do we have to do this?" So this maybe my last kid Christmas card. Lol

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yesterdays lesson

I managed to fit in a lesson with all the other things Ive been trying to get done. First we worked on rear crosses. I need to cue earlier to tighten them up. Then we work a course with my nemesis of tunnel entrances. The first part of the course was a wrap jump , weave poles , jump , tunnel. The jump is off set from the tunnel entrance, so you really had to pull back to get her to get into the correct tunnel entrance. I couldn't get it at all at the beginning of class. But Meagan let me try it one more time when class was done, and we got it. WhooHoo!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This ,that and nothing much

Since I didn't do anything yesterday, I decided I would do all of it today. I went Christmas shopping twice. And I'm still not done. Some people are really easy to buy for and others ,it is torturous to buy for them. I'm still not done but I have some ideas. I also I went to make some Christmas cards. I took my USB stick to Sams club and made some cards. I couldn't make the pictures I really liked fit on the cards but the ones I did have to use were ok. I hit the click finished button and got my receipt. It will be ready tomorrow. I then realized I didn't add any words on the card. Hmm, did I skip that part. I hope it doesn't say, "Merry Christmas, insert text here". So if you get a card from me that says something like that, now you know why. I took the dogs for a long walk at the park. Its still very muddy there and everywhere. We even did the spider women extra course. But it didn't faze the dogs. After that I took Mickey and Miley to the vet. Mickey needed a phenobarbital level and Miley needed a yearly check-up. Miley was freaked out. She has never acted like that before. She just wanted to leave and keep pulling toward the door. In the room , if she could have reached the window she would have tried to jump out. Then I came home and worked on attaching the rubber slats to my a-frame. Daisy said you would have to chip out the rubber chips where the slats will go. But when I tried to do that it was wrecking the wood so I stopped. I'm trying to glue them just on top, but it doesn't look like that is going to work. I'm thinking I'm going to glue the strips to a thin piece of wood and then attach it. What a lot of work. Then I did some laundry and made dinner.

Here are some pictures at the park. None of them turned out very well but here they are.



Monday, December 21, 2009

Contacts and cameras

I took Miley to the field yesterday. The sun has finally come out. WhooHoo! It was still chilly but I was ok running. My nice husband came with me and I think he was a tad cold. I really don't let Miley run the contacts to much at the field because I thought it was causing her problems and she would get a weird gait going over the contacts. I now realize she was having problems negotiating the slats and was what was causing the weird gait. And that not letting her run the contacts was actually causing her more problems. So I really worked the contacts yesterday. Her dogwalk has been ok but she has been creeping down the A-frame. I think we got some improvement while I was there on the a-frame.


Next on the camera front. Ive been trying to find a camera that gives me just a little bit better video. I tried the Kodak Zi8. I didn't really like it because you had to down load the video and edit it on the computer. I like my casio S880 because I cant edit video easily on the camera and then just up load it to youtube. Plus I know how it works so I can do it very quickly. I hate change and learning new electronic equipment. I always buy the same brand cell phone because they always basicly work the same. So I just bought the casio FS 10. It takes video in HD. I cant edit right on the camera. The video is a little clearer then my old casio. But man it really eats up the battery. By the end of the session at the field the battery was dead. Plus it takes forever to upload to youtube. So I'm still undecided on it.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Its a no go

This weekend I was suppose to go to a USDAA trial up in Fletcher, NC. I thought I could beat the storm. I was well prepared. I had snow boots, chains for my tires, extra water, a battery pack and lots of other items for getting stuck in a snow storm. They were predicting 4-6 inches of snow. I drove for a couple of hours. It was going well, no snow and barely any rain until I got over the North Carolina boarder. When I got to the bottom of the mountain, snow was already on the ground and I had just gone over an icy overpass. Hmmm, I still had a steep ride up the mountain side. I don't like that road when the conditions are good. My husband was already mad that I had left. He thought it was to dangerous. I stopped to get gas and its pouring rain and snow. I keep seeing cars covered with snow. I tired to use my cell phone and I couldn't get service. I only had about 20 miles left to go, but I chickened out and went home. So 4 hours in the car and nothing to show for it. Not even a picture of my dog in the snow. I'm so disappointed. They are now predicting 8-12 inches of snow. I guess it was the right decision but I'm still disappointed. I have one more trial to go to in Tampa after Christmas. It shouldn't snow and its under cover if it rains.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Out with the old

Here is my old sweatshirt. (Notice the hole in the sleeve. ) I love this sweatshirt, well I guess as much as you can love an object. Anyway, I wear it all the time in the winter. Ive had it for several years and it is wearing out. It has holes in it and the cuffs are in tatters. I tried to buy another one from the company but they didn't make it anymore. So for at least a year Ive been searching for the same sweatshirt. I finally found it a few weeks ago. Now all I need to do was have the saying monogram on it. It took going to a few places but I found someone to get it close to what I had. The stitching isn't actually the same because that would have cost $38.00, so I used a different stitching that cost $18.00. I think it turned out pretty good.

And in with the new...

Also, I walked the dogs yesterday and today 2 1/2 miles each day. Whoohoo. Things are looking up. Well except that my son forgot to register for Spring classes at college. Ugh, life is never easy.


Dawn posted a message on my blog and she thinks that stopping is making Miley circle. So when we stop at the table, it starts the circling behavior. OMG, that makes so much sense! I'm so excited because now I have something I can really work on that can be fixed. When I practice , if I stop to reset the course or do anything beside run, the circling starts. When Im on course and I stop because something goes wrong, circling starts. I try to put her on leash in between sequences to stop the circling. But that's just preventing the behavior, not changing it. Its like she has made is a default behavior. I'm so excited ,I can wait to start working on this. WhooHoo! Thanks, Dawn.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

More yesterday

It took me forever to post yesterdays video so I didn't post this one because it was driving me crazy. This video is our 2nd run in Standard. Like I said yesterday, I tried to make going to the table harder. So I made up my own course. When she missed the table, she began to circle. On the way to the table it was kinda an arc. You cant really see it on the video, but she kinda pushing out from me. It looks like she thought she was going to the tunnel. Is she avoiding the table or did she just not know where she was going. I didn't really slow down to cue collection. I brought her around and tried the same sequence again. It wasn't very smooth because I wasn't prepared to do that. This time it looks like I slowed down,and she jumped on and off the table.


I didn't go to the USDAA trial today. The weather is cold and rainy. It has just been miserable lately. I think its effecting my mood. I feel like I haven't been myself for a month. I'm not exercising the dogs like I use to. Between the weather and the time change, I'm struggling to fit it in. I did walk the other day and had to walk thur some large puddles and my shoes were completely soaked. So of course my toes were freezing. Plus the ferret thing. That poor ferret. Thursday evening she was screaming. Ive never heard the ferret make that noise before. I went up there and she was under the bookcase. She wasn't stuck or anything. I got her out and she just laid there with her head bent back touching her neck. She was flaccid. Not stiff, not jerking. Maybe she was having a seizure, I don't know. I put her in a blanket and put inside a small crate. I cleaned up the bookcase that I had dumped over to get her. Then she was silent. Stephanie and I looked at each other. Stephanie said, "You think she is dead". "who knows". I open the crate and up pops her head and she looks like she is saying "What, is there a problem?". Then then last night I went to give her the medicine and other other ferret was trying desperately to get out of the cage. That's weird. I let her out. The sick ferret again is just laying there flaccid. I gave her the medicine and used a syringe to give her sugar water. And then put her back in the cage. I checked her this morning, she didn't look good. This afternoon, back to normal.
I had a headache when I went to bed last night. I thought I was just tired. It woke me up a 5am. And just got worse. My husband thinks it the stress of the ferrets. I don't know. I definitely dread going up there , not knowing what Im going to find. I took a whole bunch of medicine to get rid of my headache. Finally I took one of my husband's migraine pills and a few hours later my headache was gone. To bad the whole day was wasted.
I'm not liking Christmas either. I don't want to buy any presents. None of us need anything. Isn't that a bad attitude? What kinda mother doesn't want to have Christmas for her kids? I do have something for Stephanie because she hounded me for it and I could buy it on line. But nothing for anyone else. Hopefully when Christmas break starts, Ill get in the mood.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Show and go

We drove up for the show and go this morning. When we got there it was 30 degrees out. Just a bit chilly. The ground was frosty. What I didn't expect was how slick the ground was . Poor Miley slipped at least 3 times on our first run. She slipped all through the weaves. When we got to the a-frame my head just couldn't think and couldn't remember what I called the a-frame. So my poor dog is zigging and zagging trying to figure out where to go. She got right on the table. She again slipped and her front feet fell off but she got back on.


Then we tried Snooker. I thought I understood what to do, but after they whistled, I realized I didn't. You didn't have to leave the course if they whistled, you could just keep going. Then find out what happened at the end. I did my 3 red jumps and a color but after the tunnel I took a jump that I wasn't suppose to take because I was to start the closing sequence. Oops. ( I couldn't get the video edited so that guy is on the video. I hope he doesn't mind. Think he will be mad?)


I had another standard run. This time I changed the way I ran it. I wanted to make the table harder and some of the tight turns easier so she wasn't slipping all over the place. She took two jumps and was running to the table and was going a little wide from me and missed the table. Then started a big circle around me. I caught her and put her on the table. From there I ran another sequence to bring her around to the table again the same way. She jumped on and off the table. I caught her again and put her on the table. Then we finished the run. Why did she get right on the first run and not this run. Im not sure. It wasnt a straight shot like it was the first time. Maybe that was it.
I only signed up for 3 runs but I felt I couldn't leave on that. So I asked if I could run again at the bottom of the 12's. They said yes. So I ran her again the same way.

She still jumped on a off. So I'm not sure I fixed anything.

Friday, December 11, 2009


(Stephaine took the picture)

It looks like I'm going to the Show and Go. The weather will be in the low 40's and partly cloudy. And Im lucky because my husband is coming with me. My cost? We stop by some bicycle shop that has some good deals. Works for me. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that enough people show up that it feels like a trial and she GETS ON THE TABLE.

Sunday isn't looking good. Charleston will be warm in the 60's but rain. I wont run her in the rain so I guess I'm not doing that show. So instead , Meagan is having a Snooker class that I will go to. Maybe this time I will get it.

Next weekend is looking like a big USDAA trail. Its an indoor trial but they have decided to open a 3rd ring. That ring will have to be outside. I think only one of my runs is outside each day. But its sorta starting to freak me out. Ive only done one other USDAA trail and that was a year ago. I hope I can handle all these rings and classes I entered. Hopefully I don't miss my runs.

I ordered my rubber slats for my a-frame. I guess I know what Ill be doing for Christmas break. Then working on reteaching her coming down the a-frame to get better footwork.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Contacts and stuff

Its been raining for a couple of days. The backyard is a muddy mess except where the a-frame is. So I thought I would video tape her doing the a-frame to see if I see any weird leg issues. ( Also my lesson with Meagan was canceled ) So here it is, a couple at regular speed, one in slow motion and then the last one thrown in to be funny.( I didnt mean for the noodle to chase her down the a-frame. I had it at the apex so she dosent step there).


So I don't see any limping or weird leg skipping down the a-frame. I do think she does that weird leg stuff to avoid the slates. Then I decided to see what she does on the dogwalk. It looks like she misses all the slats to me. I could be wrong.


So have I messed her up by taking the slats off and she cant find a rhythm coming down the a-frame? Should I put the slats back on so she can learn to skip around the slats. But I don't worry about doing a-frames at home. What if I put them on and she starts all that weird leg stuff like she does on other a-frames?

In other dilemmas.... I signed up for a USDAA trial on Sunday. The only reason I did it was so there wouldn't be to much time between trials. I think this weekend will make it 3 weeks since the last trial. But then this email came out and someone is having a show and go. It will be on Saturday and is about 3 hours from my house and the complete opposite direction as Sunday's trial which is 2 hours from my house. So if I did both ,that maybe to crazy even for me. Plus the weather is iffy. And it keeps changing. First its suppose to rain and snow in Statesville and not in Charleston. Now is suppose to rain in Charleston and not in Statesville. If it rains on Saturday, they will change the show and go to Sunday. I really feel like I need to do the show and go, to be able to reward Miley on the table. So I guess that is the way I'm leaning. I wont run my dog in the rain. So if the USDAA trial has rain, I wont do that. I just hope enough people show up the the show and go to make if feel like a real trial. Its at a place we have never been, so that should help too.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Talking sheep and dogs

"Hey there is that weird lady who runs around yelling strange words to her dogs. Oh and she brought a new dog with her, he looks nice and calm. Uh oh, here comes that crazy merle colored dog, rrrrRRRRRR..."




"Miley , where's your ball?"


"What ball?"


"I got it!"



Sunday, December 6, 2009

Practice course jww

I took this course off of "Dog training, Dogs and life" blog. I set it up the best I could. I first ran it with a rear cross after #4. Several times she missed #5 and if she did get it then she took the wrong tunnel entrance. I practice just #4-6 and we seem to get it but when I added it all together, we had the same problems. Then I ran Guiness through it too. Then we rested because I needed a break. It was a lot of running.


So after sitting a while I had an and idea. What if I front crossed after #3. I tried it and it worked great. For the first time I was able to think differently and fix my problem before driving home. Usually I'm on my way home before I can think of how fix the problem. WhooHoo , what a break through for me. I was so excited. Maybe I'm on my way to running courses correctly.

After that I decided to just run a couple of dogwalks and a-frames. The dogwalk looked good. The a-fame she was slow on the down side. When I got home and reviewed the video she is skipping with her right back leg down the frame. The same problem leg.


I don't think she is injured because I haven't seen any skipping at all on any of our walks and we walk a lot. I watch her like a hawk. I'm not really sure what to think of it or how to fix it.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

This and that

This week Miley was really slow going over the a-frame in my lesson with Meagan. So I decided to video tape her doing a few a-frames today. She is slow going on the down side but I think she is just trying to make sure she stops herself. Tomorrow, if I can get out to the field, I'll video tape her on that a-frame.


Then we practice some tunnel discrimination's. She did really well. I didn't post all the video. There was a few times where she thought she knew which jumps to take after the tunnel and didn't take any cue from me. I had to finally go in, almost to the tunnel to get her attention. But after that it was pretty good. I have this problem where Im sure my dog is going to do what I want and I take me eye off her. Every time,she goes off course.

This morning I took the dogs to the park for a walk. It was a very unpleasant morning. Cold and damp. Its been raining a lot. The good new was we didn't see any people or bikes.

But look at the ant hill.

The contrast of the yellow and green at the park was beautiful but I just couldn't seem to catch it on film. I didn't bring my good camera because I didn't really think I would take any pictures. The yellow was so intense, I kept looking up to see if the sun was out, but is wasn't. To bad it didn't show in the photo.

Friday, December 4, 2009


So this table thing is really getting to me. For your dog to always get on the table everywhere but at a trial is very frustrating. I went through my papers to see how many trials Ive been to without a table performance. In Sept. she had 5 open stand runs, didn't get on the table on any of them. Then in Oct. she had 4 open standard runs. She did get on the table but usually first by passed it and I had to call her back. But she did get on. What was the difference? The only thing was before the one trial there was a b-match and she was rewarded in the ring when she got on the table. So then Nov., 4 more standard run without getting on the table. Maybe I need to take her some different training facilities and practice it there to. Hmmmmm.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lessons and other things

Here is the course that Meagan set up tonight. Its from memory to the best of my ability. I don't know why I cant remember to bring my notebook with me. What is up with that. The lesson went really quickly and I couldn't believe it was over. I felt like we hadn't done anything but I knew we had. So I'm not sure why I felt that way. Miley wasn't tired at all. And she wouldn't come to me at the end. She hasn't done that in months. I finally had to use my emergency word to get her to come to me. That word is "back". This word makes her crazy because I use it to train Guiness. And every time I say it, she come tearing over barking at me. ( jealous?) . It worked like a charm tonight. Then when I took her out to the car,she wouldn't get near the car no matter how hard I pulled on the leash. I had to go get her and put her in the car. She was not a happy camper. It could be that it poured rain all day , so she didn't get any outside time today. Maybe I need an extra 1/2 hour lesson at the end of a shared lesson. Who knows.
So anyway, the above course is what we worked on. I shared my lesson with a very nice border collie. That dog looked great tonight. I'm not sure how we looked tonight. Miley was slow going over the a-frame several times. The a-frame has big chunky square slats on it. For bigger dogs their feet can hit the slat and the board at the same time. But for smaller dogs, it has to hit right on top of the slat or before the slat. So I think she doesn't like her toes to hit the slates. It probably doesn't help that I have no slats on my a-frame at home and its rubberized. I think it should be required that all a-frames be rubberized and the slat should have to be rubber or not on the a-frame at all. It really has amazed me how different a-frames slats can be from one trail to the next. Ok , Ill quit talking about that.

On to the lesson. First we did #1-12. So we did well until #9. She got on the table and I went to the left side of #9. I wanted to do a call to heel and then push over the jump and front cross #10 before the a-frame. Meagan said that wasn't a very good line for the dog. It would be better to be on the right of #9 then rear cross 10. That was my plan at first but I thought it would push her wide and she would take jump #20 . So I did it the way Meagan said and it worked perfect.

Then we did 12-20. I had planned to do a front cross after the poles and then rear cross # 14. So this time I talked to Meagan first. She said that tight of a rear cross would pull her to tight and she wouldn't go out to # 15. So I rear cross after #14 and that worked great. I wonder how long it takes for you to learn how to walk a course correctly.

Next, the ferret. Yesterday the sick ferret wasn't doing well. I went to give her the medication and she was completely unresponsive. She did have a gag reflex but that was it. I worked with her for 10 minutes putting honey on her gums and tongue ( when I could get her mouth open) but nothing helped. I put her back in her crate and went to work. I called my husband a couple of times and he said she still wasn't moving. But by mid-morning she started to move around again. This morning she was back to herself again. My husband is calling her Lazarus ( from the bible).

Things we train

Some how I rewarded "wait" so much that Miley is now not releasing with the release cue of "ok". Oh boy. I guess I need to find balance. The other thing Ive accidentally trained is when I say this nonsense word of "Ut" when she makes a mistake, she thinks it means down. I guess because if she broke her down or move into a sit from a down when I didn't ask for that , I would say "ut" and she would fix her mistake. So now "ut" means down. Oops. Tonight I'm going for a lesson with Meagan. We will see what she does there with the release cue. I just hope the weather isn't to bad. We are suppose to have lots of rain and wind.

The good news is I finished the H1N1 shot clinic at my school yesterday. I didn't realize how much stress I was feeling about all that until I left yesterday and was all done. The clinic went great without any problems. All the kids did great.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Guiness is laughing at Miley


Things Im working on

Here is a course I set up in my yard tonight. Not much time to work on things since I got out of work late and rain was coming. When we first started she , for some reason, couldn't get into the tunnel from the jump to the left or the right of the tunnel. Every time she jumped on and off the table. So is she confused, unsure of herself? I don't know. But she finally got it. When she did, then she could go to the tunnel or the table, which ever I called.

Next we practice sending to the table. I didn't put any jumps in front of the table. I just wanted her run and get on the table. At first every time she took one of the jumps before going to the table. Not sure what that's about. Avoidance? And many times if I'm standing still she cant make it to the table. Is it fair to send to the table without movement? No movement would cue your dog to pull back toward you, which is what she does. Then I had both Guiness and Miley out together, Guiness drove to the table and Miley did not. So I really treated Guiness and Miley didn't get anything. That got her thinking. The next time, no problem, right to the table. So then I started playing a game of sending the dogs alone to the table. That worked pretty good. If Miley messed up and didn't drive right to the table, oops no treats and its Guiness's turn with big rewards. Again that got her attention. Then it started raining.

Ive been trying to get a Christmas type picture with the dogs but I don't really like any of them yet. I ll just have to keep trying.