Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

(I know I posted this already on FB but I just like it. LOL)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mushroom Monday


 These were all taken on Sunday. There were more but I was tired of taking pictures of mushrooms.  Can you tell its been raining a lot. Now a lot more is coming too.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another day

I tried posting these on facebook today but they never posted. Not sure why. Weird

"There is no place like home, there is no place like home"

"Darn it, it didnt work.  I dont like falling water"

"Listen Lady, I just want to be a dog. SO leave me alone."

"Shhhh, be very quite. Im hunting tadpoles"

"In the jungle , the mighty jungle......."

Friday, August 24, 2012


Sorry I havent been posting much.  Since work started its been crazy. Ans its been raining so much I havent been working the dogs.  Java is still recovering from her spay, sorta .
I took Java and Miley to my class on Tuesday. It was the last session for that class. I got there early to work on things with Miley and Java. We were the only ones in the building. We had been there about one hour, when someone came in. They stood in the doorway of the room I was in and were just watching. All of a sudden Java just started growling at her. Ugh.  I had no idea why she did this.  She has been going to this building since she was a puppy. So I had to give the lady treats and  she gave  them to Java. Then Java was fine. But then someone else came in and she did the same thing. Ack!!  Again, the treats. And she was fine. After that, lots of people started coming, the class people and dogs came in, she was fine with all that. But then class ended. Everyone in class left. There were two people left in the building that wanted to work there dogs. One had a sheltie. I was putting some stuff away and had to go into the big back room and that sheltie was back there with its owner. Lying down near the door way but not that close.  I had Java and Miley on leash. Java went crazy barking and growling. I never got her over it either. What the heck is wrong with her?  The lady was very nice and said we could get together  sometime to see if we could fix it. I know Ive been in the building  with her and her dog before. I know Java didnt act like that. Very disturbing and upsetting to me.
Ive been working on running contacts with Miley. (Im tired of fighting her about the 2o/2o at trials. If she wants to run, lets run) It was going great until the splinter thing. Now she cant seem to hit the contact zone on the carpet at all. It could be she was just to excited after not working for a while. I have no idea.   But Ive also been shaping the rear leg stuff that Syliva Trkman has you do when training running contacts. I was trying to get Miley to target the small disc with her back feet. If I put them in the open floor, she just couldnt figure out what I wanted. So then I put the next to a wall. She kept back up and touching them. So I thought she had it. But if I moved the disc away from the wall, she didnt know what I wanted her to do.  She just would spin and act all crazy. So today I put them in the middle but the baby gate was behind them. It was leaning on the corner of a dresser. (I had never put the gate away after the puppy left).  I thought it wasnt a wall and the gate is kinda open.  Well I didnt  teach her what I wanted. She had other ideas. Silly dog. I didnt teach this. I guess the gate , thats plastic, has these open holes that were just right for her feet to climb.

I think Im going to have to work all weekend to try and catch up on things. Im so stressed out at work. So many kids are already coming the the nurse. Today I saw 37 kids. Then I gave 20 medications on top of that.  Most of kids that came didnt need to come to the nurse. So because of this I cant get all the paperwork stuff I have to do, done. I need to get these papers to the teacher and bus drivers that tell them what to do if something happens to a kid. Like if a kid has a seizure  in class. I did already get all the plans for the diabetics to them. But there are lots of kids with serious health issues at school this year. I want to make sure I did what I was suppose to do.  The teachers are aware of all the student's condition but I need to get that paperwork done. Im so stressed and worried about it.  Then I have kids the just bring me there medication. Nothing else. A kid brought me  an epi-pen. "Here, my mom wanted me to give this to you". What the heck. It didnt even have his name on it . And of course no paperwork. I need  a doctors order to give this. So do I make the kid take it back home? He isnt suppose to have medication in his backpack. But Im not suppose to take it like that. What do I do?  He is just a kid. So I took it and will now have to get  all the rest fixed. But I need time to do it.   See, stress. Sorry to complain.  I just feel like crying. I wanted to spend the weekend doing dog things. But I guess not. It will all be better once I feel like I have things under control.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Here we go again

Last night I took Miley to the park. Before we left I thought I saw her act weird on the deck at home but when I watched her walk again , she seemed fine. So at the park we did two runs across the 12 foot carpet. She was fine on the carpet but once in the grass she limped. I checked her feet. Ran her again across the carpet, she was fine, in the grass she was limping. So here is a video of her walking at the park. First in the parking area. There are some small rocks on the pavement. Then watch what happens on the gravel.

Of course I was freaking out. What the heck.  I took her home thinking about having to pull her from the trials I put her in. Maybe having to pull her from L.M. seminar. Ugh.  When I checked her back foot, the pad had a splinter in it. (I had to put on my glasses and use a magnifying class). I tried to remove it but she screamed when I touched it. I told my husband I hardly touched it at all. I decided to take her to the vet the next day. If Miley  thinks Im causing her pain, she'll never come near me again. So I made her an appt today.  I took her in. I told the vet what was happening.  Miley wasnt limping now.  She she checked miley's leg. I told her I thought it was a splinter. I could see she was skeptical. I told her about the glass in the foot last year.  I showed her where I saw the splinter.  She agreed to open the pad right there with a needle. And she was shocked when she saw the large splinter in Miley's pad. She told me, "I just thought that was discoloration of her pad, Wow".   So Miley has a small cut in her pad now. It should heal in a few days. She seems ok but and I havent seen any limping in the grass today but she hasnt been running either. So hopefully I was right and now the problem is solved. I think I need to toughen up Mileys pads. I havent even been taking the dogs into the river because I thought that was causing pad problems. So no one has been in the river since the last day I had that puppy.
Java's doing much better. But now is bored because she isnt allowed to run, jump or play.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday was bad but Java is starting to feel better today. Thank goodness. I felt so bad for her. Ugh.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mish Mash Monday

Java did well in surgery. She isnt to happy tonight. I hope she feels better tomorrow.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

2nd half of the trial

So anyway.  I walked the dogs on Saturday morning at the park for an hour. Then went to the trial site. After getting the course maps and my number, I walked them again. After doing my walk thur, I took Miley out to the field and made her play ball until her tongue was hanging out.

Here was the course. Theme for the weekend, bunch all the contacts together so the judge doesnt have to move very much. Ugh!!  So no going wide again on the contacts to see if that really is the problem. But this time when I went to the practice jump she was calm. She didnt just start taking it and not listening like yesterday. I knew yesterday, by the way she took the practice  jump, it was going to be a crazy run. Today I could feel the difference.  I thought I might have a chance. LOL

I messed up the end . Oh well, it still felt like a pretty good run. No crazy stress around the ring. But she didnt stop on the contacts. Going to the table seems to be getting better but still not on the first try.

I made her play ball a couple of more times before her jumpers run. We were close on this one.

My friend, Robin, even told me to be careful going from  15 to 16. She said, "You know how Miley is, so you better really get her attention over jump 15. She may think she is suppose to take 8 instead of 16".  I just couldnt decided if I should stay on the same side and run the serp ( 16-18) or do a front cross after 16 on the opposite side. So after debating almost until I entered the ring, I forgot all about getting her attention at 15.  She didnt go off course but went around the jump.

It still felt like a good run even though we missed that jump.  It sure would be nice to Q once in a while. O'well, maybe next time. I felt like everyone I knew Qed this weekend. Even people I know that are also struggling, Qed.  But Ill just have to keep working on it.

Man , the AKC  must be getting tough on dogs leaving the ring. I saw more dogs whistled out this weekend the ever before. Usually if your dog runs out, into that chute area, and comes right back, you are ok. Not this weekend. Tweet.
Also the novice courses seemed tough. No running straight with just a couple of change of sides.

 This is a very nice trial site. The only negitive I can think of is , its freezing cold.  If you ever trial there, bring extra clothes.  Im sure the coated dogs, like mine, love it. 

Tomorrow Java gets spayed.

AKC trial

I went to a 4 day AKC trial in North Carolina. I only entered two days.  Friday was the first time in my agility career that I was entered in an AKC excellent standard course.  So my plan was to stay wide on the contacts but the contacts where all bunched together so it was impossible.

It probably doesnt looked bunched together from the photo but it felt it especially with the judge there. O'well it is what it is.  So our run was horrible.
We got one through 6 fine. Then for some weird reason she went around 7. Jumped her a frame contact, jumped the DW and even though I was front crossing between 11 and 12, she went straight off course thur the tire. Then she was all over the place taking jumps, jumped on and off the table came around and got on the table and laid down. It was a nice table and I tried to really reward it. She popped out of the weaves which is really weird for her. Then finished fine. So the beginning and the end were nice, the middle was a horrible mess.  Im not showing the video because its just to horrible to post for everyone to see. LOL There was a good thing. She didnt do that stressed out , running around the ring like your ass is on fire. So that was a big positive.

I think Miley just had to much energy. I didnt play ball with her outside before her run. She didnt get exercised on Wednesday or Thursday because of work, rain and Roxy being sick. (Roxy is better now). I walked her some around the fields and down by this pond. But her and Java didnt do there usual racing and burning off energy. I thought I would try to take some cute pictures out by this farm equipment that was laying out.

I didnt like how the picture turned out and was getting ready to move the dogs , when I looked down because something was stinging my ankle. OMG, my tennis shoe was covered in fire ants. Ive never seen so many fire ants. I move the dogs, thank goodness they didnt get bit, and pulled my shoes and socks off. I started killing the ants on me. Then they started biting my hands and arms. If I had an extra pair of tennis shoes with me, I would have left my shoes there. I finally did kill all the ants on me and my shoes and socks.  I really didnt get to may bites. Only maybe 10.  So much for picture taking.

Next up was Ex. Jumpers.

I really worried about that line from 10 -14. You had to be able to beat your dog down the line and push them to get #13. It turned out that wouldnt be my problem at all. LOL  I have no idea why Miley did this but after taking 5 she went straight ahead to nothing.( I think I pushed into her line to soon) I guess I didnt cue the jump. Then in the ending I was going to RC on the flat between 18 and 19. I was late and to far over. She thought we were going straight and we just miss crashing into each other. Ugh!!

On Saturday I didnt have to run until about 12noon. So I had plaenty of time to walk the dogs and brun off Miley's energy. I went to the park. It might be called Whitewater park, Not sure. Its was the US Olympic Whitewater training center. Very cool park. They have lots of trials and dogs are allowed. But the trials were closed due to to much rain. But I could still walk the dogs around the lakes. Great place for dog pictures too. Its where the top photo was taken.

Zip lines

White water rafting.

Ropes course.

Rock climbing.

And some kind of floating on a raft to  ride the rapids.
Im going to go walk the dogs. I post Saturdays stuff later.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012


I took Java up to NC to see if she had any interest in sheep. She did not. This was the most interest she showed in sheep.

Look how cute that little lamb is.

While up in NC M wanted me to take pictures of a couple of her dogs. Well after being in the car for an hour I realized I left my camera at home. OMG, that was part of the reason to go up there. I was so upset. My husband was with me so I didnt have to drive all that way by myself. (its 2 1/2 hours one way). So my husband said to drop him off at the next exit and then we called my son and he drove up with the camera. I kept going so I wouldnt be late for my lesson. Then my husband and son arrived a while later. How awesome is my family. Who would do that?  Man am I one lucky wife and mom.

(Look a magic ball)

If it wasnt so freaking hot outside, I could have spent hours taking pictures of the dogs, sheep ect..
The pictures of M's dogs turned out ok. But I realized when I got home I should have change aperture when taking the portrait shots. Ugh. I hope I can go back and try again.

We did a little agility too.  I have lots more work to do with Java on taking jumps but I think it will come together.   Ive debated whether to put this on my blog or not but I guess I will. The other day at the field, Java was in her crate in the car. (car is open, covered in shade and fan going). I wanted to put Miley over the teeter one more time.  So I stepped a few feet back and sent her. I never saw Java coming. Before I knew it both Miley and Java were on the teeter. Java was going full speed ( she had to be flying to cover that distance so quickly) and couldnt stop. Miley was stopped riding the teeter down. So Java jumps over Miley and off the end of the teeter and lands on the ground. OMG. She looked ok. I dont think she was hurt but now she is scared of the teeter. I was so upset about this and  about how this was my fault  and what was I thinking , that I almost ran into the back of a truck on the way home.  Well that got my mind back together.  The last couple of days Ive been doing some of Wendy Papes Teeter stuff.  I think she is feeling more comfortable. So hopefully I didnt wreck her teeter forever.

Friday, August 3, 2012

By George I think shes got it!

I've worked a lot on getting Java to run fast. How did I do this?  By getting her to chase me.  Send her into a tunnel and run like heck.  I have also been doing lots of restrained recalls.  So now she thinks everything is about chasing me. Ive had a hard time getting her to take jumps at speed. If I walk by them, no problem. But once Im running, she would just chase me and not take any jumps. LOL  So now Ive been working on getting her to take jumps  while running. (Ill tell you a secret. Ive been worried that Java was going to be slower than Miley. And then people would say, "Yea she couldnt run her fast dog so she got a slower one)
Today I took the dogs out to the field for a short practice. Its still hot as heck. Well I was so shocked when Java just took off running. Took all the jumps and went to the tunnel without me babysitting each  jump. Whoohoo!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Busy so far

Sorry I havent posted much. Its been busy.  A couple came to see Spike this weekend.  He seemed to really like them. He played with them and ran in the yard with them. It seems like a good match.  They took him for a walk in the neighborhood too.  They just needed to get their home visit done.  After that I drove down to my mom's house.  We went over to my grandfather's house, who recently passed away, to clean out his room.  Its a weird feeling throwing someones teeth in the garbage. We went through all the clothes and took them to Good Will.
My grandfather loved steam engines. He built several of him the the last few years.  He didnt buy a kit but machined every single piece of metal himself. They are all very cool.

My mom and I had a good time. There were lots of thunderstorms while I was there. The first night we were sitting talking. My phone made that alert beeping sounds. I picked it up and it said, Take Cover Now, tornado warning in you current area.  Wow, ok.  My old phone never did that. I told my parents. My mom and I went in the down stairs bathroom. I put Guiness and me in the tub.  ( I brought Guiness with me to give him a break from the puppy. He hates the puppy).  I think Guiness was thinking, "Wait, what???  I have to take a bath here?  LOL  So about one minute after I got that text, we heard the sirens going off.   We waited until the sirens stopped to come out of the bathroom. Guiness was very happy about that and did the happy dance/bark/give me a cookie dance.  LOl Especially since he didnt really have to take a bath. My dad said the sirens go off all the time where they live so I think they dont take them as much to heart as I do.
My back was hurting before I went down to my parents. But it got worse at my mom's house. I dont know why. So now its killing me.  I can walk and run but sitting or bending over is torture.  Because of my back I didnt go to Java's class Wednesday night. Sad because I really like going to that class. But I have to drive Stephaine to college  this week. Three  hours down and three hours back in the car. It will kill my back so I figured the less driving the better.
When I got back from my mom's house I still hadnt heard anything from the rescue about Spikes adoption.  I emailed the lady.  Her own dog is really ill and she hasnt had time to do the home visit so she asked me to do it.  The home visit went well. I lent her a book called "Dont shoot the dog".  I also let her borrow the DVD  Crate Games.  She signed up for a puppy class at our club that starts next month.

Yesterday she came to pick up Spike.  He seemed excited to see her. Jumping and wagging his tail. He licked her face. It was sweet. She sent me a note late last night saying that he was doing really well. I hope he didnt cry to much last night.   He hasnt been crying here for the last few nights so I hope it went well.
We went for our last walk yesterday. What a fun boy. Ill miss him. ( my dogs wont. They hated him except for Java but even she was getting over it all)

I havent done much agility training the month of July. Its been really hot, plus dealing with the puppy it just kinda didnt get done. Also Java was in heat and didnt want to run or jump. And dogs can always use a break.  I have been working on Java's weave poles. Im using WAMs  and they are still open wide. Im trying to do a better job at teaching this.  Sending her thru a tunnel and then into the weaves so she does it at speed.  Adding angled approaches.  Ive started working on taking jumps in front of her when running.  And the "wait", well still a work in progress.