Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So the vet called today.  Guiness's cardiac enzymes came back a "little high". Hmmm, now they want to do a chest xray.   His thyroid level hadnt come back yet.  I told them I wanted to wait until the thyroid came back.  Im still holding out his thyroid is low and causing all these problems.  So anyway, I was to scared to take him for a walk in case it is his heart. He seems to have burst of energy but its short lived. Only Miley got to walk today.
Miley is doing ok. We are still hill walking, leash walking, ball work, caviletties and stretching.  Im still going once a week to Charlotte for ultrasound.  I was suppose to go for ultrasound tomorrow but I canceled it.  Ive just to much to do with the trial stuff starting Thursday.  I think my sister is worried about me after that crazy nervous breakdown post. So she is coming to help me with the trial.  I told her she will probably be bored but she wanted to come anyway.
I dont have anything interesting to post.  It rained 2.5 inches on Sunday and Monday.  Finally some rain after a month of nothing.  Im sure all the tress are happy.  Mostly the leaves are just turning brown and falling off. But the trees in the above pictures still look good.  So maybe there is hope for some fall colors yet.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

No better

Well Guiness didnt do any better with walking this morning.  He had one dose of pain medication last night and then another one this morning at 5am.  We walked about 9am.  It was pretty cool out, 74 degrees.  The only negative was there were tons of bike riders on the path.   We only walked 5  minutes and 10 bikes had passed us.  Guiness was only calm for the first one and the last one.  When we got to the top of the hill, he dug a small hole in the sand and laid down.  He refused to go any further. Ugh!  So we rested a while and I tried again, he refused to  get up.  I finally gave up and turned around and went down the hill.   He seemed happy about that.  But Miley wasnt. She couldnt understand why we were turning back, we hardly walked at all.  So this evening I just walked Miley.  She seemed happy and walked at a  pretty good clip.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Guiness update

I took Guiness to the vet Monday for lab work.  It all came back normal.  So today I took him back again to talk to them about him not wanting to walk.  Its kinda weird.  He will walk out in front for a while but then he starts to lag behind.  So Miley will be walking 6 feet in front of me and Guiness will be 6 feet behind.  Then sometimes he just refuses to walk at all.   Last night he was doing really well and I thought maybe I should cancel the appointment but before we finished he started lagging behind.  Then he refused to walk at all and  my husband had to carry him part of the time.   So back to the vet today.  They drew blood for thyroid (thats my guess what is wrong with him) and they drew blood for cardiac enzymes.  Apparently shelites are prone to  having heart valve prolapse.  But usually they get a heart mumer, he didnt have a heart mumer.  But the drew the cardiac enzymes to rule out heart disease.   The other thing it could be is pain.  So they gave me pain medication that we started tonight and see if that makes any difference.  So will see what happens.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Are You Smarter than a Squirrel?

Yesterday Miley is standing on the deck watching something for a long time. She cant go out into the yard. I finally go out there to see what is going on. First I see Mickey.

The I see this.

There are two trees in our backyard that are off by themselves. So the squirrel is treed and cant go anywhere unless he jumps down. Once to the back of the yard all the trees connect and its no longer a problem. But these two trees , you're stuck.
Then Guiness gets in on things. He is very noisy about things. A few times the squirrel tried to get down but had to run back up.

So the squirrel decided he was stuck for a while and would just hang out.

Then Guienss left, to boring. Mickey was still there. Quiet and patient.


Finally I guess the squirrel decided he was going to take a chance.

Even with the chihuahuas right there.

The squirrel takes a mad dash with the chihuahuas in hot pursuit. The squirrel ran behind the baby pool.

And the poor Chihuahuas have no idea where he went. There he goes, running through the back yard.

He stopped a few times, the Chihuahuas none the wiser.

Catch me if you can!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Looking up

Walked at the park today.

I dont know what these big bird were but they were big. And not scared of the dogs. The dog kept barking and they wouldnt get off the path. They did finally leave but it took us almost on top of them to do it.

The water is way down so you could walk on the rocks. I dont think we've had rain in a month. Its been 95 degrees everyday so everything is crispy. The mornings have started out cool so that has been nice.
The good news is the rehab vet called me last night. She wants me to start hill walking, ball work, stretching and caviletties with Miley. No jumping, no off leash stuff. But at least its something.
Guiness is still acting weird. When walking a lot of the time, he is trailing behind me. An a few times he refuses to walk anymore. Im going to see if they will do his blood work tomorrow. He is still eating and drinking. Im not sure what is going on.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Live Strong

(my husband running a triathlon, just to go with the topic)

My blogger friend AC from "Running with Kona" is getting ready to run the NYC marathon. Im putting a link to her page so if you could donate even just a small amount, 10.00 ,that would be great! If you cant, thats ok too.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So my husband comes home and reads my post. You know what he says? "But today is Wordless Wednesday"? HaHaHa, very funny.
Next, my rehab vet called me. She said she talked to the ultrasound vet. I asked her if the lady said I was annoying? She laughed and said no. I told her about the ultrasound, how she kept saying it looked so good. And how shocked I was when I read the 25-30% healing. Again she laughed. She said the vet told her ,also, how good the ultrasound looked. She thinks what the vet meant was we are 25-30% into the healing process, until we are done with this whole healing rehab and restrengthening thing. Oh, that makes much more sense.

So over life

Im not sure what is going on with me. Maybe Im having a nervous breakdown, I dont know. I just want to quit every thing. My job, agility, parenting ect... Ive never felt like this before. I dont know what is causing it. I feel like all I do is tic people off and I dont mean to. Parents are mad I cant get their kids free glasses or give them medication because they tell me to over the phone.

I sent an email to the ultrasound doctor. I didnt think it was offensive but I think it must have been by her reply. I sent another email saying I was sorry and I didnt mean to be offensive. She didnt respond.

Stephanie only wants to go to PRAT in NYC. And no matter how much I tell her we dont have that kind of money, she just keeps on. And wont go look at other colleges. I dont know what Im going to do. I just cant take it anymore.

Im tired of fixing things, mending things , working on things. What the point? People just get mad. And its not just today. It happens alot. I use to have this friend that I did agility with all the time. One day I went to her house and she was kinda in a mood. I should have just gone home. Everything I did was wrong. Finally I did go home. Then next day she sent me an email that she was sorry she was making me mad. Well , that of course made me mad because I thought, "she knew she was making me mad?". So after several emails back and forth, that was then end of the friendship. No one said anything mean ,that I remember, but both parties had their feeling hurt.

Im not sure what to do about any of this. I really dont have any friends so it must be me. I always thought I was a nice person but I guess not. I just tic everyone off. Im just so tired. I think I just always act like I have it all undercontrol and dont need any help so no one helps. My sister gets a flat tire, 10 people stop. I get a flat tire and change it myself. Not that I mind but it would be nice if sometimes someone offered to help. My whole life has been an up hill battle. Im tired of fighting. I cant do it anymore.
O yea. My fibromyalgia pain is out of control. Everyday for the last two weeks has been really bad. Its an achy feeling like you are getting the flu but you never get the flu. It doesnt matter if you lie down in bed. It doenst make it go away so whats the point. If I take the medication it makes me so tired that I dont feel like doing anything. So I have no pain but cant do anything anyway. Then trying to get through the work day being so tired sucks.

Im sorry to keep having negative blog post. Maybe I should stop for a while until I have something good to say.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Not my day

Today just wasnt my day. I saw the first sick kid at 07:14, I had seen 5 by 7:30. Of those 5 , 4 were not sick. Thats how Mondays always are. Lots of kids coming because they feel sick, yea sick of school. Drives me crazy.
Next I get a call from the vet. Guiness's blood work came back some what messed up. His BUN is elevated and his platelets are low. They want me to bring him back in two weeks to recheck him.
Then its time to take Miley for her recheck ultrasound. They do the ultrasound and the hole time she is comparing the old films to the one she is doing now. The new ones look great. She keeps showing me how well the muscle looks, even and no shadows like last time. No dark holes, all even with nice muscle fibers through out. Im thinking wow thats great. She tells me I can start leash walking Miley and then add trotting over the next 3 weeks. She goes to type up the report and her assistant asked if I want to schedule a recheck. Im thinking, we dont need a recheck. Didnt you hear how good everything looked? I told her I would call to schedule the recheck, thinking not really, we dont need it. So the vet comes out to give me the report and it says, the right psoas( the worse side) muscle scar has resolved 80%. Swelling has resolved. The recent muscle tears are healing normally;healing is 25-30% complete. ( what the heck? 25-30% , did you see that on ultrasound?)
Left psoas muscle hyperechoic area has resolved. I was just dumb founded. She never showed me anything that didnt look right and I asked lots of questions about shadows, dark places, overly white areas. Weird. I was speechless and didnt ask anything. I guess Ill have to call back tomorrow because I just dont understand the 25-30% healing thing. That doesnt sound very well healed but I can increase her exercise? I dont get it. I was so expecting her to say start an exercise program because she is good to go. How come she didnt show me the parts there were on 25-30 percent healed, I just dont get it. Ugh! Why didnt I ask all this why I was there? I dont know..........

"U" day


Well today is ultrasound day to see if Miley's muscle is healed and we can start exercise. (please o please o please). I know there is a chance is isnt healed but Im keeping my fingers crossed that it is. Yesterday we took Miley to the hiking park with all the hills. We havent been there in 6 weeks. I just wanted to see if she would want to walk up that one hill. Its the first hill you come to and just shortly after you start the walk, so we didnt have to go far. Well, she wanted to go up the hill. She went pass the point of were she usually refused and was pulling ahead. WhooHoo!! No we didnt walk the hill and turned around and went back. But she would have walked it. I hope that is good news. I now know that Miley will do agility no matter what is wrong but will refuse hills when hiking if injured and its not a quirky sheltie thing. Its funny to, there are lots of other hills on this path and this was the only one she was refusing. Maybe it was the grade of the hill or the lenght of the hill. Its a pretty long grade up. The pictures above are of the hill. It keeps going up around two more turns until you get to the top.

I hope today is a good day. Work has not been going nicely. Lots of problems. I have a DHEC immunization report due Oct. 1. So Im going through tons of shot records. And because someone didnt do part of their job, my job is now much harder and my report may look bad if I dont get these problems fixed. Ugh. Im so tired of people not stepping up to the plate and doing their job. And no just their work job. Life jobs too. There are so many things I dont want to do but you just have to suck it up and do it. Thats life. Like, Im in charge of the "walk to school" that is Oct. 6th. It wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt at the beginning of school when I have 900+ new students to get into the system and get information to teachers. Put medicaid numbers in, do vision and hearing screening on all new kids ect... The walk to school, at this school, is a major event that the nurse is in charge of. So I have to get the USC cheerleaders and Mascot to come. The high school cheerleaders and football players to walk with the kids. Invite local political leaders to come. Get the police to monitor the walking path. Make sure I have enough teachers in different spots along the way to school. Permission slips for all the kids walking. I give ribbons to all the kids that participate. We have a breakfast for about 500 people that needs to be donated, which I do have a PTO person helping me with that. Have a poster contest about the walk and give a prize for the best one. Have a pizza party of the class that has the most kids walk. Locate the parking lots for people to park and start walking. Well you get the picture. And "Julie" from the "Love Boat", Im not. Ugh!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Feeling Dumb

Remember me telling you about Guiness's rash. Well it just hasnt been getting better with the Benadryl. And Ive found the benadryl tablet on the floor a couple of times. I guess after he got all the peanut butter off of it, he spit it out. Anyway, I made he a vet appt. Guess what, he has a staph infection. OMG, how dumb am I? I thought that stuff was just from him scratching himself and irritating his skin. I didnt know it was infected. Crap, Im just like those parents at school that dont know to take there kid to the doctor. Poor Guiness. He has been refusing to go on walk in the morning but he has done that before. And in the evening , he has been walking behind me. Ugh! So they gave him a steroid shot and some antibiotics. Did you know you could go to Publix and get your dog antibiotics for free? Me either. But thats what I did. Its a huge capsule,so last night to make sure he got it down, I just put it down his throat. But after that he kept doing this little cough gag thing. So to get him to drink some water, I added "Go Dog" to the water. It was the first time Ive used that stuff. All the dogs loved it. Mickey and Miley started growling at each other over the stupid water bowl. Must taste good. This morning Guiness seems better. He went on the morning walk and he played with toys too. I didnt realize he wasnt playing anymore until he played this morning.
These pictures are from last week.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rest is killing me

(This baby horse was at the feild. very cute. I wish I had gotten a picture of him watching the dogs run the dogwalk)
I went to the doctor today. My hip has been hurting. The weird thing is, it doesnt hurt to run or walk. It hurts sometimes when sitting but really hurts when lying down. Sometimes waking me up at night because I must have been sleeping on that side. So this lead me to the doctor. I have gained 10lbs, my blood pressure is up and I have bursitis in my hip. Ugh!! See Miley's rest is killing me. I think all the driving in the car and then sitting on the floor to keep Miley from jumping has really irritated my hip. Im not really exercising because I feel bad leaving Miley at home.
Monday I started up the agility class our club is holding for members new and trying to learn agility. We havent held any classes all summer because it was way to hot. Of course it was hot Monday too. Class went well and you can tell the student have been working all summer. They plan to enter a few runs at our trial in October. It should be fun. I cant run Miley in our trial so thats crappy but its just life. The only thing that irritates me is taking 2 days off from work and I cant run a dog. Anyway after class , when all the students had left, the other instructor and I were talking. After several minutes I started feeling nauseous. The feeling just kept getting worse and worse. Finally I told the other person I needed to go home. I open the passenger side of the car and sat down. I then told him I felt really sick. The nausea was just horrible. I kept thinking, any second Im going to vomit right at his feet. Ugh! Then when sitting in my car I got that ear rushing noise and started feeling like I was going to pass out even though I was sitting. I put my head down but it didnt get better. I kept telling the instructor I was ok and they could go home. He didnt want to leave. I guess I was embarrassed. Why do you think we do that? You shouldnt be alone when your sick. One time my sister was at a party and this guy started coughing. He thought he was being disruptive or maybe he was embarrassed and went into the bathroom. They found him dead. He choked to death. Any way, I called my husband and he said he would come get me. But he was 40 minutes away. I felt like death. After maybe 10 minutes or so I felt better. I had turned the air conditioning in the car on, maybe that did it. So I called my husband back and told him I felt better and was ok to drive. Thank goodness, that was horrible. I hope that doesnt happen again. Hey none of this post was about the dogs. LOL

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, September 4, 2010

What a week

This week was quit possibly the worse week at a job Ive ever had. A child was at school with a medical problem and the parents didnt tell me. They didnt write it on her health card and they didnt call me. If I had know I could have researched the condition so I would have a better idea about what was involved. So when she was knocked down at recess by some boy trying to catch a football, I would have had the information I needed to take care of her. Ugh!! She is ok but still.... How many more kids are in school with some problem that Im unaware of. Makes me really want to find a new job. Ive been so worried about what happened at school that I given myself a canker sore the size of Michigan on the inside of my cheek.

I really miss the long walks and hikes I take with the dogs. It really helps me decompress. I would rather give up agility then the walks and hikes. I do miss agility too. Thats usually a time when I can completely forget about all the problems in my life and think only about what Im doing right then. Its gives my brain a vacation.

I took the dogs to another park this morning. We havent been to this park in several years. Guienss was very good and didnt bark at any bikes. Very weird. I would like to think its just that Im a good trainer but that isnt it. Im not sure why he didnt react. Maybe he wasnt comfortable so he controlled himself. There is a walking path that looks down over the water. But the views always have trees in the way. I did leave the path once and went down by the water. It was very shaddy and I had to use a flash to get this shot.
This picture is kinda cool with the sun squares coming thur the trussels and showing on the pillers.

Here is the walking path. I should have taken a picture of the sign that said beware of alligators.
Here was the path through the woods down by the water. It was probably just made by people wanting to get down by the water. It was very narrow and some places over grown. We werent on it very long because I didnt want to over due it with Miley. Plus when you walk at a snails pace it take forever to get anywhere.
I dont know what kind of plant this is but its very pretty.
The train passed over head. Guiness really didnt like that.
I could have spent hours here but I know not with Miley. When she gets better we are going to have a great time investigating this place.

An this funny was posted in "The State" newspaper this week. I hope I cant get in trouble for posting this.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Evening in the park

These pictures were taken Wednesday night. Last night was our trip to Charlotte. Ugh! I will be so happy when I dont have to do this anymore. All the dogs are crazy when I get home at 8:30 at night. They have lots of energy and I have none. Not a good combination. Miley was again rechecked by the vet. No signs of pain. 2 more therapeutic ultrasounds and then she gets recheck by the diagnostic ultrasound. I hope she is better but I know that she may not be just because it takes a while for muscle to heal.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010