Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New RV

Yup, I bought a new RV.  I know you all think Im crazy after all the work Ive been putting into the old RV.  Ive been looking for a while now.  I came across this one and it was located in South Carolina and in my price range.  I called but they had just sold it (they had a deposit on it).  But then that evening they called me back and said the sale fell through, was I still interested.  So the next day I drove down to Charleston  to see it.   I really liked it. So I gave them a deposit. I drove home and told them I would be back Monday.
Its a 2004 Newmar Kountry Star diesel pusher.  Its really nice.  So Monday I drove my old RV down to Charleston. It was a horrible drive down.  Traffic accident after traffic accident.  One of them was 1 1/2 hour delay. Ugh!!  So I get off the highway and take some back roads but there was lots on construction going on. So stressful to drive though small roads with big orange barrels every where.  I finally get there. I think the guys could tell I was spent.  They had the RV  all ready to go. They helped me transfer everything from my old RV to the new RV. And  then I followed them , in the new RV to a  RV park down the road.
I bought it from TJ Auto Sales but their website comes up at Coastalrvcenter.com They only sell RV's.

They put you up for 2 nights  at an RV park so you get to know the RV and can make sure everything works.  You  also get driving lessons but I didnt really think I needed that.  I mean they did go over the difference in shifting and the breaking and parking break in the diesel.  It is very different.  It has air breaks.  The break actually looks like a gas pedal to me.  The  guy must have realize I was having trouble taking off from a stop, like from a stop light. Because when we got to the RV park he explained to me, that I need to slowly press the gas all the way down to the floor when starting from a stop. Its different then driving a gas RV or car.  That made a big difference.  I was just trying to give it a little bit of gas  at a time.  LOL, didnt work very well.
The RV park was very nice. Oak Plantation Campground. This is the first campground that Ive been to that had  a cable TV connection.  The RV guy went though the entire coach with me explaining everything.

(They had replaced the carpet and put wood floors in too.) I had to bring the puppy with me because my son works 11 hour shifts and I didnt think she should be alone that long. So she was in that little crate starting at 9am and I finally got her out for the night at 5:30pm.  She did have a couple of bathroom breaks. But she never cried the whole time. Wow!!  What a good puppy.
 They offer you 2 nights at the RV park but I only had time for one night. I had to teach a class from our club Tuesday night and then had to work on Wednesday. Then I was going to a dog trial on Thursday.  So I got up the next morning. The guy came back and fixed a couple of little things that I found and then I was on my way. I was so nervous driving it.  Thank goodness the drive home was easy and no traffic.
Driving it up to the dog trial on Thursday was soooo nice.  Its quiet and I can hear the radio. Its much easier to drive.  I dont feel stressed out when I get out of the thing.  I think the dogs like it better too. They hated getting in that other RV.  Not when it was parked but when they knew we were going for a ride.  It was noisy and loud.  This is 10 times better and I think they were surprised it wasnt like before.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

How to make your life harder!!

Get a puppy!!  LOL,  Yes I did. I got another dog.  Miley is struggling in agility.  She just takes off way to early, with jumping, so I figured I better get started training another dog.  And now Im feeling really tired and thinking this maybe my last puppy. Because boy am I tried!!

Here she is at 10 weeks. She is from Blackmyst Shelties in Minnesota .

Her litter name is Blur.  Im still trying to pick a name.

She has lots of energy , happy and fun. Some names Im throwing around are Pip, Busy and Zora.

She was flown in  last Friday to Atlanta.  My friend  was picking her up for me because  she was suppose to come in at 6:30pm and I couldnt get there in time. We'll the flight never took off due to mechanical problems.  The plane finally took off at 6pm and she landed at 9:10pm. Then it took about 1 hour  to get them off the plane and over to the cargo area.  So my very nice friend went back to  the airport and got her. The crate was soaked with urine but besides that she seemed ok.  

So far none of the dogs like her or will play with her. I hope that changes. Over the last week, everyone has started to adjust except Java. Which I figured would happen.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Beach

The weekend before last we went to Huntington State park Beach.  The weather was great. We had some rain on Friday night but that's it.  It was kind of windy but we needed the wind because it was so hot.

It was nice an quiet in the mornings on the beach.  Even though the park was full.

Stephanie also came for the weekend. She lives in Conway, which takes about 40 minutes for her to get to the park. So this time, she just stayed with us. She brought her tent, just to practice setting it up. It was the first time and she wanted to make sure she could do it.

Last time we were here, we didn't see any alligators. This time we saw lots.  There is this bridge from the front of the park, to the beach part of the park. There is a lagoon there. In the lagoon were all the alligators. There are bike paths that go across the bridge on both sides. Its go to take pictures.  There are 5 alligators sitting on the low lying sand bank.

We cooked over the open fire a lot. Only because Stephanie wanted to. That's to much work for me. Cleaning that cast iron skillet is not my idea of fun. LOL  But the food was good.

The birds were all on the causeway (lagoon) area too.

Miley is really slowing down, as she has gotten older. They didnt play chase as much as they usually do.

We are pretty sure this bird just like to play with the fish before eating them. Because he just kept throwing them in the air, multiple times, before swallowing them.

Its always sad to leave the beach and Stephanie.