Tuesday, June 21, 2016

UKI trial and the beach

We went down to Charleston for a UKI trial and some time on the beach. I drove the RV down on Friday. It was hot as heck. (90 degrees in the shade and high humidity) .  Before I even got to the trial, which didnt start until 6pm, I was already thinking I might no be going. Yes, it was that miserable.

But then a storm came through. People who werent home, awning's were being blown about. Scary.  Anyway somewhere in the area there was a tornado and lots of people were without power.   Including the agility field, where the trial was being held at.  Plus it poured down rain for quiet some time.  I got a phone call from the club saying they had to cancel the trial for tonight but would be holding it tomorrow morning starting at 10am.  Ok, that works for me, plus it was suppose to be much cooler tomorrow.
My husband drove down on Friday night. He had to go through a little bit of the storm but he came from the opposite direction, which was good. I needed his car to go to the trial since I was staying at an RV park and not the trial site. The RV park is pretty nice.
There is a swimming pool, a playground and this cool chess set. They also have a pretty big dog run, so you have a place to let your dogs run around.

Saturday morning we drove to the beach. We went to Seabrook island. A friend of mine called me in a pass so we could go to the beach.

There is still an off leash area for dogs except now you can no longer go to the end of the island with the dogs. You know, where the dolphins herd the fish onto the beach.  That's sad. That was one of my favorite things, walking down their with the dogs and sitting taking pictures of the dolphins.  The condo we use to own, are now under construction. They are re-doing the whole outside of the buildings. Each owner was assessed $100,000. If we were still the owners, I would have freaked out.  When we owned it , we were assessed $60,000 and I thought that was ridiculous.  Plus , no rental income for the whole summer because no one is allowed in or around the condos while they work on them .
So I guess we sold at the right time and now I dont feel so sad about the whole thing.

I dont look good in this picture but its the best one of the dogs. LOL

 The puppy had a good time!!

 They look like twins, huh?

After walking on the beach, my husband dropped me off at the trial site.
All I needed was a novice standard Q, so I can get out of novice and I needded a speedstakes Q for nationals.  I didnt get either. LOL.  I only entered Java.

I did gamblers first and did it for NFC. So I could train in the ring. I wanted to work startlines and stopped contacts. she did great.  Then next up was Novice standard.
I was worried about RC after the dogwalk and the a-frame.  If she stops on the dogwalk, like she is suppose to , then I can get it. But since we are still working the stop on the dogwalk, she isnt always consistent. And the running a-frame and me being behind, she might go straight over that #16 jump.  Well we were having a beautiful run. She read both RC and then after #14, she went to the teeter. Ugh!!!  She got her first two feet on the bottom of it before I was able to call her off.  Still a great run but no Q.  (Sorry no video)
Next up was Master series heat.  We already had a Bye in this but I entered for practice.  This was a hard course with lots of backsides.

.I was behind and couldnt get a good push after the a-frame so she went sideways through the broad jump.
Next up was the second half of Master heat, jumpers.

We did manage to get through this course. We had a bobble from 12-13 but we manage to hang on and get through clean.  So we got another bye in Master series. My husband and daughter got there in time to see this run. We left after that and went to lunch. (We had to return at 6pm for the trial again)

I came back at 6pm. First up was Speedstakes.  I really wanted this.

I knew this was going to be a problem for me. If I FC 2-3, I know I couldnt beat her out of that tunnel , so I was going to have to RC between 3-4. If I didnt do the rear cross just right, she would turn to tight and not get out to #5.  So what if I ran the outside of the tunnel (3) . She would curl toward me coming out of the the tunnel and would I be there in time to push her out to #4?   Well she broke her start line, so I RC #3 and then RC #4.  She turned to tight on the RC and was pass #5, when she realized what I wanted, so she back jumped 5. Ugh. The rest was fine.

The next class was jumpers.  My daughter and husband had come back to get me. I had decided to not stay until the end so we could spend some time on the beach before it got to dark. Jumpers I did for NFC.  That way if she broke her start line, I could put her back and still be able to run.
Of course she didnt break her stay and we had a beautiful run!!!  Well at least my husband and daughter got to see a nice run.

After that we went back to the beach. Boy was it windy.

Plus it was high tide and the tide was really high. I guess because of the full moon.

The water was rough too!!

The sunset was nice.

 We picked up food from the King Street Gill. It was pretty good. We were all beat and just went back to the RV and went to bed. LOL
Then next morning Stephanie drove home and we decided not to drive back to the beach and just go home.

Monday, June 6, 2016

At the beach

I went to Sandy Beach. Its on Lake Murray.  Ive been here before. The good thing about this place, was there wasnt anyone there.  The bad thing is that the only way to get there is by boat or someone has to drop you off because you cant park anywhere, or the cops come.  Anyway, my husband dropped me off and I took Miley, Java and Zoey to the beach.  You have to walk through the wooded path for about 10 minutes, to get to the beach.  Along the path was a small deer leg. Ugh!!  It still had hair on it.  Must be coyotes. Yikes.
We get to the water and the puppy it very happy. Running back and forth along the water's edge. Then all of a sudden, she takes off running into the water.

Ok, no biggie.

  Ok, we are still ok.

Now Im worried.

She comes up and keeps swimming away from shore. "Oh Crap". I throw my camera on the sand and run into the water. By the time I get to her, she has turned around and started swimming to shore. Crazy dog, scared the crap out of me. LOL

Doesn't it look like Miley is laughing at poor Zoey.

So after that she had a harness and long line put on her. I should have put it on when we first got there.

This side of the island was mostly shaded.

Then we walked to the other side of the island, to anther beach area. Usually boats are anchored here but there werent any.

Miley and Java didnt really play with the puppy. She wanted to run and play chase but for some reason they didnt.

 I kept trying to get a picture with all 3 of them but the puppy kept moving. lol

 We only stayed an hour, I was feeling guilty that my husband was just trying to hang out and find something to do, while he waited for me.