Monday, June 23, 2014

Ups and Downs of life.

 We went to the park yesterday. I usually go early but we left later then I ever had. I think we got there at 10am.  The park was very busy by then. Lots of people, dogs and bikes on the path.

Guiness always has a great time.

Miley isn't to impressed with going through the water.

The water levels were really low yesterday. It amazing how much the water level changes. Saturday it was above my knees, when crossing and the dogs had to swim. Sunday, everyone could walk to cross the river.   We went to the outside river, the main river.

Lou had come with me , but went for a  run. When I started to return to the other side to cross the smaller river and get back into the park, someone else had cross the river. I didn't seem them until it was to late. Java and Guiness took off running and barking. (the water wasn't deep so the just ran right through). We are still separated from the park by the smaller river.  Well the man standing there had two dogs with him and one was huge.   He yells at me, "My dogs are very aggressive!".  Great!   I call Guiness and Java, they came back to me.  It wasn't a great recall but they did both come. I didn't worry about Miley because she doesn't really want to see anyone. Ugh, except this time. She just kept standing there looking at them, but not starring them in the eye or anything.  I had to call her multiple times until she came. I know that man was really angry with me.  His dogs were on leash but not happy.   Im sure he was going to the river to let his dogs swim.  I felt like he was wrong to bring "very aggressive dogs" , his words not mine, to the park.  My husband disagreed.  I felt like there were so many dogs and people at the park that day, why would you want to bring them?  It would be very stressful.  There was another dog off leash with its owner running around the island with the big rocks.  I wonder what happened with that? 
As my husband and I discussed our disagreement on whether the guy should have his aggressive dogs at the park, the guy starts coming up the trail behind us, as we are exiting the trail.  I guess he decided to leave.
Java still isn't right. Im not sure what is wrong.  She just doesn't seem like herself on some days. Other days she is fine. She vomited once Friday and again Sunday.   I know she didn't fell well Sunday when we were at the park and she didn't leave my side except when those dogs came.  I have an appointment on Thursday with the rehab vet, who is also a regular vet.  Sometimes she  seems back to normal and other times not.  Saturday I taught a night time class at the field for a group of people from Akien and Augusta.  I brought Java. ( I worked Miley in the class not Java). The field is near Ft. Jackson and there was constant bombing going on.  There were thunderstorms in the area but not close to the field. She wasnt acting scared or anything. (remember how she was acting scared of thunderstorms earlier in the month).  Last night she slept with me, which she usually doesn't do.  When I took her to the vet at the end of May, they did blood work and everything was normal. They didn't do any tick titers so I think I will request that be done.
Also, last week I took her to the field to do my Daisy Peel homework. She had been fine all day. Then we get to the field. I bring her out to work her and she is limping.  Weird. They didn't run around or chase each other either, before hand. That is also making me think tick borne illness.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014


The park that I love going to, is going through some changes. They are adding a huge sports complex.

 That whole section, passed the pond, will be new. Tennis  and soccer and what ever. All I can see is big lights, loud speakers, people cheering all the time. Ugh.!   So sad. I always considered it a nature park. I guess not anymore. Over 500,000 people visited the park last year. I guess that wasn't enough.

I saw him this morning.  There hasn't been much wild life this week due to them cutting the wood under the power lines.

They are replacing the power poles, so all week its been very noisy.  I know that this is necessary. But still sad.  All the animals that lived there had to move. Well except this guy didn't think is was necessary to move out.

 Don't you just love snakes!   NOT!!   (even though this is a good snake)

 You can no longer walk to the end of the path. They have cut half of it off.

 I think , pass here, is where they have started the construction on the new sports stuff. Although when I look at the map, it dosent look like it should be back here. Who knows.  The only good thing is, it seems to have cut down on bikers. LOL, good for my dogs.

We had a good time at the river this morning.   Guiness had a great time trying to get the ducks.

Lucky for the ducks, my dogs don't like to swim. They will run through the water as long as they don't have to swim.

Guiness goes quit crazy running around and barking at the poor ducks. They could  just fly away.

Java is just coming to me , not chasing ducks like Guiness.

Im sure the ducks just loved Guiness. LOL

Java has been acting weird lately.  Its started a few weeks ago.  That Sunday at the trial. It started at home. She would stay in the bathroom and acted scared. There had been a thunder storm earlier. Then she acted weird at the trial. I thought she was hurt or feeling sick  and that's why she was acting that way.  Then she would seem better for a few days. Then it would start again when there was a thunder storm. She would go stay in the bathroom and not eat. She had never been scared of thunder before, why now?  Then one time, she came in from outside when it was pouring down rain.  If she was scared of thunder, why would she go outside when its pouring down rain?  Then she acted scared when my husband was watching a movie on TV that had lots of bombing and shooting going on. Weird again.  But then it happened when there was no rain, thunder or tv shows on that were noisy. Hmmm.  Another thing I notice was she has been trying to eat a lot of grass at the park when we are on walks. Maybe her stomachs bothering her and it just happens to be happening at times with thunder and stuff.  So Ive changed her to just rice and chicken. I started yesterday. So far , so good. So will see what happens.

Miley has been started on Amitriptyline, to help her with getting up at night to go to the bathroom.  I guess they use it in women and cats with cystitis and it helps.  So far we are seeing some promise. Tuesday she got up at 4am, Wednesday, 4:30,   Thursday 5am. But then Friday she got up at 4:15. Saturday she got up at 5am.  So Im keeping my fingers crossed.  Her blood work this pass week was the same. Bun was 40. One month ago it was 37.  The vet said really that is the same, that small of a difference.  She did have less blood in her urine.  The only sad part is , she seem like she is getting old to me. Last month she turned 7 yr. old. But sometimes, she just seems older.  Although when running agility, she seems like her old self. She always is up for agility.