Sunday, February 24, 2013

AKC trial

I went to an AKC trial this weekend. I only entered one day to save money.  I drove the 3 hours up on Saturday morning. It was an indoor trial but around the trial site was a mud pit. Its been raining a lot. You couldnt park behind the building because it was so muddy you would get stuck. They had a tractor available if you got stuck.
Anyway after driving 3 hours I was alrady tired. Man I feel old. LOL  First up was Java's opens jww run. But right before I was suppose to run , I was to walk Miley's Excellent standard run. I only walked in 1 1/2 times. I want to concentrate on Java's run.  My goal was not to pull her off jumps.


I wasnt far enough pass #7 to push to 8. Then she popped the last pole. I couldnt decided if I should make her weave again or keep going so then she missed that jump after the weaves.

Next up Miley's standard run. She took off to early and landed on the #3 jump, then didnt stop on the teeter, than going to the table her head exploded. She didnt even try to get on. She ran around the ring, and I left the ring with her. Im not posting the video. Not that expected her to be perfect but I wasnt expecting this. Ugh.
Java had an ok run. She jumped on and off the table but got right back on. Inside I was freaking out. But I think it could be a result of last weekend when she held on to the table at all cost. It wasnt rubberized and she burned her pad. So Im sure she was thinking, "Im not doing that crap again".  Then we got the wrong tunnel entrance. I didnt see one dog get it but I didnt watch everyone so Im sure someone must have gotten it. Very nice dogwalk and she got the weaves all on her own. But I wasnt where I wanted to be and you could see I didnt know what to do for a few seconds.

Then Mileys Excellent JWW run.

This started out so nice.  Then I was worried about  being to far ahead ( which would cause her to take off early and drop a bar) and slowed down around #10. Then She didnt know where to go and went off course. Ugh, not a good plan on my part.

Next up T2B.
She dropped a bar and then I blocked the jump after the a-frame so she went around it. (Ugh!) But otherwise very nice run.  When she came down the aframe all this drool was coming out of her mouth. Silly dog.

Last they were offering a new class to try. It was free to enter. I dont know what this new class is all about. They called it Excellent jumpers C.

I put both my dogs in thinking I could work on Java's weave pole problem. I think I just made it worse. Three times she popped the poles and ran into the tunnel. Ugh. Then Miley's run was going good until she ran into the tunnel after the weave too. LOL, I guess some more things to work on.  I left at 6pm and drove the 3 hours home. I was beat when I got home. I didnt even take anything out of the car except for the dogs.
I woke up today and felt terrible. I did try to work Java's weaves this even and now she is popping even worse. Oh goodie. LOL
I did find out  I won a raffle. They had several things offered to make money for world team something. So I bought a few tickets. I won something with a dog bowel, leash , toys and a few other things in the package. Someone is going to give it to me the next time I see them. So at least I got something out of the weekend.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cold, Windy, Crazy

I had entered an outdoor trial in Savannah this weekend.  I only entered Java on Saturday, two runs that were back to back. (It was a one ring trial).  Then I entered Miley on Sunday, back to back runs.  I didnt enter much because I was worried about weather.  If I didnt run, I didnt want to loose a lot of money.  I was planning on driving down Friday after work but I was to tired.  So I went down Saturday morning. Not a problem because I didnt think I would run until at least 10:30am.   When I left Columbia is was cold and raining.  I got to Savannah and it was beautiful and sunny. Wow, what a surprise.  It was really nice out. Great!!   Except my runs didnt happen until after 12:00 and now the weather had gone south.   It was cloudy, looked like rain, cold and the wind was blowing like crazy.  In the briefing , the judge  said, if the jump or jump stanchions fall over, just keep running and take the jump as if it was correct unless it seem unsafe for your dog. She didnt want people stopping and telling her jump or jump bar was down. She said we would worry about it when the run was over.  Ok, no biggie. I walked the course and was ready to go. I was the first dog on the line.
Right before I was getting ready to run the double stanchions fell over, the wings of the jump before the double fell over and the poles around the broad jump fell onto the broad jump. OMG. And the teeter was moving on its own. Now Im nervous. I dont want my dog to get hurt.  I had to ask someone else to video because all my friends were missing.  So I run. She gets the dogwalk contact, hits the table and almost slides off. Some how hangs on but sliding all the way around and now facing the opposite way she got on. I now realize the contacts arent rubberized. Ugh!  I then go table, weave poles. Wow thats a hard entry. But we get it on the second try and go one. We finish the course without anything falling over. Whoohoo. The judges comes up to me and say, that was a great run but you ran the course wrong. I didnt do jump 7 and 8 after the table. ( thats why the entry to the weave poles were so hard. LOL)  Oh well.  The person taping my run closed the app on the ipad instead of hitting record and couldnt get it back open. So I couldnt see the dogwalk contact and thats all I really cared about.

There were only 4 dogs in Novice standard and open jww was next up. So the next run happened right away. This time I was determined to run correctly.

I did run correctly but I have got to remember to support the jumps. How many times do I have to pull her off the jumps before I will remember this????

She got the weave pole entry. And she went on at the end with me falling behind.  I left after this. It started raining when I was driving to my parents. 
The next morning it was freezing and windy. I bagged Miley's runs. It wouldnt have been bad if the wind hadnt been blowing.  Plus the non-rubberized contacts had me worried. Java had burned her pad and I think it was from the table. So I didnt want to chance it with Miley. O'yea, I saw three people slip and fall Saturday and I was done half way through the day. So it just seemed like the right thing to do. I probably wont enter this trial again. The last two times I went the weather has been cold and windy.  Plus the non-rubberized contacts.....

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What the freak?

No matter how many times I try to fix the videos blogger keeps changing it back. So weird. I checked all the videos before posting them and they were right. After reading Ashely's comment, I went on my ipad and all the videos were the same run of Miley. WTH???  Then I went to my computer and tried three times to put the correct video first and it would post it, the change it to Java's video. Ugh. I cant seem to fix it now. So how ever they are posted they are posted. You can always go to youtube and watch them if you are really interested. LOL  My youtube name is "doglimp".    Sorry, Ill try again later.

Im just going to add Miley first standard run here. This is saturday , Miley first run of the day, Excellent standard A.

Miley is a Masters dog

Can you believe it? We finally got our three excellent A jumpers Q's.  It only took us 3 1/2 years.  Maybe we are finally coming together as a team.  And even more exciting Miley got on the table on both her runs this weekend , so we Qed.  We get to be in Masters for standard too!  I just cant believe it. I really didnt think that would ever  happen.   We no longer have to be at the bottom of the running order for the 12 inch dogs.  They put the excellent A dogs at the bottom of the running order.  It was so annoying.  Every once in a while a club wouldnt do that but most of the time they did.
So now we can work on double Q's. OMG, Im still in shock.  Maybe , just maybe some day we will get the 4 double Qs to go to nationals.  (dont worry, I know next weekend will be a whole new ball game and things can go backwards).

It was freezing on Saturday morning. I drove up that morning. When I got inside the building it was freezing and I as well dressed.  I went into the ring for the briefing. I guess the dirt footing was good and the judges made the club redo the dirt. So They had to bring in the big farm equipment  and it left the diesel smell in the building so they had to open the big bay doors to air it out. So all the heat was lost. Holy cow my toes were frozen. Even after my walk thur. I wasnt sure I was going to be able to stay being this cold but soon the sun came out and warmed things up.
Its funny, when you look at a course map, it looks ok. Then you go walk the course and see all the off course traps and think, Hmm not sure I can keep her off of that. LOL That off course jump after the weaves, got a lot of people. Hardly any of the 8 inch dogs Qed. My only thought going into the ring was if she didnt get on the table, I was going to pull her. (the theme for the weekend was me being worried my dog was going to leave the startline when I took her leash off. You will see what I mean if you feel like watching the videos. )

Its funny, when you look at a course map, it looks ok. Then you go walk the course and see all the off course traps and think, Hmm not sure I can keep her off of that. LOL  That  off course jump after the weaves, got a lot of people. Hardly any of the 8 inch dogs Qed.   My only thought going into the ring was if she didnt get on the table, I was going to pull her. (the theme for the weekend was me being worried my dog was going to leave the startline when I took her leash off. You will see what I mean if you feel like watching the videos. )

I couldnt believe it, not only did she get on the table but we Qed. LOL   I was so happy , I didnt care what else happen this weekend.

Java's first time in open jumpers. I wasnt sure what was going to happen with the weaves but I wasnt going to worry about it. I was planning on front crossing after 4 but I just couldnt get there and then my rear cross was late and she missed the jump. Otherwise a very nice run.


We were on course and no dropped bars!!!  Two Q's in a row today. Whoohoo!!

I messed this up alot. I thought she got the dogwalk contact but the judge called it. Oh well.

Last up was T2B.
So this course didnt look bad but jumps 7 and 17 were side by side. I wasnt sure how I was going to keep Miley from swinging wide over the #17 jump after 6, then the off course trap after 8.  I wasnt feeling confident and didnt even let my friend tape me because I just didnt think it was going to go well. ( plus what were the chances of us Qing 3 times in one day) Then I figured she would go wide out of that tunnel and miss the jump.  But Heck No!  She was freaking awesome!!!  We Qed and took 1st place!!!  LOL, that will teach me.
3 Q's in one day, holy crap. I usually cant get one Q all weekend. LOL
I really thought about going home after this. How could tomorrow be better and what if is worse and I end on a bad note?   LOL  But I decieded to stay mostly so I could practice with Java. I really wanted her to get her dogwalk contact on Sunday. My hotel was nice. But why or why do people not pick up after their dogs????  I even picked up other peoples dog poop trying to aviod me stepping in it in the dark when I will probably have to walk the dogs. Nope, didnt help, I still stepped in it. Ugh!!!

Sunday was cold in the morning too but the building wasnt cold  inside. So that really helped.

Lots of off courses again after the weaves.  Most people front crossed after 6. I just didnt like that. I felt I would be pushing that line and Miley would think we were going to 16. So I just did an off arm cue and then rear crossed the weaves. Worked great.  I  was thinking that with the table in the middle of the ring, this would freak Miley out. But she got right on. I think I almost fainted. I was shocked to say the least.  LOL, we Qed again. Whoohoo Miley.  The only sad part is, I have no idea why she decided to get on the table this weekend.

I messed this run up too. I dont know why I cant remember the Java isnt Miley. She wont fly off course like Miley. I was so worried that after 10 she was going to take #3, that I pulled her off 10. Ugh. Her weaves were messed up but that's ok. We finished nicely.

Of course Novice standard and excellent jumpers were at the same time. Ugh. I was stressed. I really wanted to concentrate on Java's run. So I went over to the gate and asked if I could move up. ( they were getting ready to walk novice standard and I was at the bottom of the 12's with Miley) So they told me I had to run right now. Well I hadnt put her over the practice jump at all. But I ran.
I didnt get this on tape either. I didnt have time to go tell the person that I had moved up.  I was worried that Miley would take #3 after  #6, so I really ran ahead pass the double #7, well I was to far head and Miley took off early and drop the bars. Ugh. But we stayed on course and she was freaking flying.   Awesome dog!!!

Last up Novice standard.
Almost everyone was gone by now. I couldnt find anyone to tape my run. I asked several people but they said no they couldnt.  Oh well. 
She went right after the dogwalk. I wasnt sure why but someone told me I pushed into her so she thought I wanted her to turn right.  Otherwise great run.  I was so a happy. Then I found out a friend had taped it with her phone. Whoohoo, how great was that!!  I thought she had left for the day. LOL

Not sure we will ever have a weekend like this again but thats ok. It was just awesome!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hard playing dogs!

Someone at the trial said, "you can tell you have hard working dogs". I just laughed and thought to myself, "hard playing dogs".   (She was talking about how dirty they were)

Friday, February 8, 2013


LOL, just kidding. Its 60 degrees.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Whats been up

On Wednesday I went to see a rhumatologist. I had been before about 6 or 8 years ago. My regular doctor wanted to me to  go just to make sure we didnt miss something.  This lady was nice but I got the feeling she didnt think I was that painful. She said my trigger points were sore but usually people jump off the table when she presses on them. But she also thought that maybe some of the medication was masking the pain.  Anyway she wants to change some of my medications so see if that will help. Then see me back in 3 weeks and then change the type of exercise Im doing. She isnt impress with me just walking and hiking and then the short sprinting with agility. I thought I was doing pretty good.  Anyway, the change of medication has made me feel sick to my stomach for the last 5 days. I keep thinking it will get better but it hasnt. Im not sure I cant stick with the change even though my pain is better. Changing nausea for pain its a good compromise to me. Plus its effecting my sleep which isnt good either. Ugh!

Its been really cold in the morning. I hate cold weather. I know we arent cold like the people in the north but Im ready for Spring. The water has been really high at the park. Im not sure why.
That one rock you see is the rocks I usually take the dogs out onto when talking pictures. All the other rocks are covered.  The water looks pretty cool with the mist coming off of it but my pictures never seem to capture how beautiful it is.

Guiness was sick with diarrhea all week. No excessive amounts , just every time he went is was loose. Then I would come home from work and have a mess to clean up. At least he goes on the one rug I cant pull outside and wash with the hose. Friday I finally got to come home without that smell hitting you when you open the door. 

I been working the dogs at the field a few times a week. I feel like Im not making progress. Java cant seem to do a pinwheel without me really pushing her. So we've been working that. Also I feel like she keeps missing her dogwalk contact or just barely hitting top feet in. So yesterday I video taped it. I rewarded all of them even though I wasnt sure. Then when I got home she had hit them all. And not just front feet, but all feet. I wonder why I cant see it.