Wednesday, January 13, 2016

California Trip, Wednesday

Wednesday we decided to go back down to San Francisco  because it was going to be the only sunny day of the trip. We wanted to see San Francisco in the sunshine. This picture above, I think was taken at the end of Tuesday , when it wasnt raining.  It looks really nice on my computer but of course when you load it to your blog it seems to loose something.

We got there early but not early enough to see the sunrise. We stopped at this park that is high up and over looks the Golden Gate Bridge.

We road our bikes down that road under the bridge on Sunday.

 There is a beach down there. It was high tide right now so we decided to come back later tonight to go down to that beach.

We left here and went to another park, I think it was called Crissy Field. This is where we took the picture below.

Then my daughter was to see the Full House , house. So we went there.

I guess these home owners got tired of being the  "Full House" house and painted it, to loose the effect.  My daughter was very upset.

Then we went to the park where the film the opening scene.

 We parked here in the white car. Lou is talking to a guy who worked on several shows, can remember which ones. (Not a actor)

Some nice guy , who lived on the street, first asked us if we spoke English. LOL  Then told us to turn our wheels the way the rest of the cars have their wheels. The parking police come buy all the time and write 80.00 tickets for people who dont have their wheels turned in.

Then we went over to the this beach and there is a restaurant called the Cliff House. I wanted to eat lunch there.

The Cliff House is that white building to the right.  Isnt this beautiful.
What you cant see to the right, inside the rock area, is a guy taking a bath with the sand and then sometimes water. Not sure if he was living there.  And then later and another guy went to the bathroom near the rocks.

No sure what this wind mill is about. But its neat looking.

Then we had more time, so we hiked up this hill.

This is another park, I guess.

This is what is at the top of the hill.

Cool looking trees.

Then on the other side of the road, it another park or maybe its all the same park. Who knows.

After this park, we went to eat in the Cliff House.

I cant remember what we did after this.

Then we went back to the park above the Golden Gate Bridge. We tried to walk down the the beach, but it was getting dark and we turned around. (I think it was getting dark there starting at 4:30pm.)

You can see the beach down there.

We stayed here until sunset. So did a lot of other people.  The place was packed!!!  Lou dropped me and Stephanie off and went off to another area.

 I saw this guy walk up this "path", and it didnt look to hard. So I had Stephanie and I walk up it. Ooops, it was steep. We shouldnt have done it. Lucky we didnt fall.

I took this picture from the car, while we were waiting in a huge line to leave the park.  The line moved up one car, but we didnt move because I was trying to take the picture. The person behind us got pissed and started hooking the horn. You couldnt go anywhere, there was still a huge line. There was one car length in front of us. What is wrong with people. Ugh!!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

California, Tuesday of trip

Tuesday we decided to go see the big redwood trees. You know the huge trees. Ive always wanted to see them. We got up early and drive about 2 1/2 hours up the the Avenue of the Giants.

Here was the sunrise that morning We had hopes of sunshine.  ( I took this from the car , on the way up to the Redwood forest)

On the way there, we saw a sign for the "Drive through tree". So we stopped at this place.

It cost money but not very much. I think $5.00.

It was a tight fit and we had a small car. When we were getting ready to leave, this person with a truck came up.  I really didnt think they could get through. We didnt stick around to watch.

Yes, it was raining again.

Then we went on to the Avenue of the Giants.  This place was beautiful and impressive.  So quiet.  I really wanted to go hiking through the trials but my family didnt seem to want to.

See how little the cars are.

None of the pictures I can take, can actually show you how amazing this place is.

If you watch for the the guy in the road on the left of the road, at 23 seconds. It will give you some perspective of how big the trees are.

Stephanie wanted to sit down next to this one tree , for a picture. Good thing she looked before sitting.

Dont do this, its probably how I got a tick. 

The Avenue of the Giants is 30miles, but we didnt go all the way to the end because we wanted to go to the coast. There was a beach there called the Glass beach. And we wanted to see it.  So several more hours in the car to the coast. The road there is twisty and vomit inducing. So if you have any chance of getting car sick, take Dramamine.  Twenty miles of hair pin turns and 360 degree turns. Yes turns that folded back on themselves.  Turns so severe that the GPS thought you were making a turn. So thought that you were done with this road but nope, just a severe turn.
Anyway we finally get through it, we come out to Hwy 1. The senic  highway everyone talks about. Its in a lot of movies.

Yup, this is what we see.  Great, all this way and all this money, flying to California, and this is it????  I was so upset. 

We keep stopping at different places, hoping to see the beautiful coastline. Ugh!!  Nope fog and rain. 

This beach looked cool and I saw a path to get down to it. My family thought I was crazy but the finally agreed.

I think this picture was worth going down there.  The beach reminded me of the black beaches in Hawaii .

Another rain storm coming in.

We finally make it to the Glass beach.

This place must be so pretty when its sunny. The sun was trying to come out. So I took off my rain gear. Mistake!!

This is the beach. Its made from trash that people use to dump here many, many years ago. Of course you cant do that anymore.  And the waves and the sand, have crushed and polished all the glass.

This picture is Stephanie's picture that she shared with me.  Now you can really see the stones/glass.
 You aren't suppose to take any of the rocks with you. But of course we saw people leaving with bags of sand. So Im sure, in not to much longer, there wont be a glass beach for anyone else to enjoy.

 Then the storm came back and we started for the car.
 The only wild life we saw. Well, my husband saw some elk on thew way up to see the Redwood trees. Then I saw another one and asked him to stop , so I could get a picture. He said, "No , there were be lots more to see and you can get a better picture". Yea, we didnt see anymore elk.  LOL
There were suppose to be seals at the beach but I guess the weather was to bad for them.
 We ran to the car and all got soaked. So we road home, for several hours , all wet.

The ride back to the hotel was rough. This time, instead of 20 miles of twisty road, it was almost 50 miles.  The road we were suppose to  turn onto, after the twisty road, was closed due to flooding.  Ugh. We were all  not happy campers.