Monday, February 8, 2016

California Trip, Thursday (the last day)

So Im finally getting around to finishing up my post from our California trip.  (sorry)
So I woke up Thursday morning , December 24th, with a bad migraine. It was about 4am.  Its not unusual for me to get a migraine, so I took my migraine medication along with  800 mg of Motrin. This usually knocks my headache out and in about  1 1/2 hours and then Im good to go. But 2 hours later and I still felt really bad. It was more than just the headache.  So I took Tylenol too.  Even though I felt nauseous, I decided to try to go down and eat some breakfast.   We go to get on the elevator and my side was hurting really bad. It felt like someone punched me in the ribs.  As I was telling my husband and daughter this, I lifted up my shirt and saw a rash, a small red spot and a black spot in the middle. Now if you are older, and have lost your near vision like me, I couldnt see it very well and I was thinking I had shingles. It was in the correct area, right along where that nerve runs. But my daughter said it was a tick. Great.  So we went back to the room and tried to remove the tick.

I know you wanted to see my side with the tick in it. This might have been after we tried to remove it and we pulled the body off and its head was stuck in me.  Great.   So now we needed to find a doctor. Because  A) the head was stick in me and B) I felt horrible and it must be from this tick.  Im not sure how I got it.  I took a shower every day.  The only thing I could think of, is maybe it was on my rain gear and I used my rain gear everyday.  So it must have got to me that way.  I figured I picked it up in the redwood forest.
We did try to eat breakfast but I felt to sick to eat. So when the urgent care opened, we went on over.  My temp was only 99.2 but I think if I hadnt taken all that Motrin and Tylenol , I might have had a fever.  They numbed me up with lidocaine and it took a lot of effort for the guy to pull that dumb tick out.  They did give me a 10 day course of Doxy, since I felt so bad.
Great start to our last day there and we needed to go back down to San Francisco that night and check into another hotel near the airport. Our flight out Christmas day was at 6am.
I was still feeling really bad. Good thing I pack a couple of pain killers. I brought them just in case someone got hurt. I took one of those. Boy did that help. I dont think I could have gone sight seeing , without it.
So we decided to go see a winery, since we were in wine country.  We chose to see a winery that looked like a castle.  All the pictures looked cool, so off we went.  The rain continued on and off that day. It was cold too. But we did have periods of sunshine too.

This is called Castello Winery.  It was first build by the owner, so he could look out from his home and see a castle, just like his home country. But then people kept wanting to visit it, so he decided to open it and make it a small winery.

They do not sell any of their wine at stores. You can only buy it directly from them.

 First you get a tour of the castle. It was very interesting. He had all the stones and everything imported from Italy. They didnt use cement between the stones. They used the same ingredients they would have used many years ago when they built the real castles.

 For $10,000 you can buy our own keg of wine.

They made the castle a real castle , so there was  a torture chamber.  And the history channel came and filmed a documentary there.
There is a big dinning room that  a part of the movie "Bedtimes Stories" was film  in.  I think you can rent out the castle for weddings and parties. Im sure it must be pricey.  After you finish the tour, you get to do your wine tasting.  I didnt really want to taste any wine but its part of the tour and  you still have to pay. So Stephanie and Lou split my share.

It was fun and Im glad we went. We did buy 6 or 8 bottle of wine to bring home to friends and family.  As we drove back to San Francisco, we pasted winery after winery.   It was already dark when we got to the next hotel.  Nothing exciting.  The person in the room next to us was very noisy. At 2am there was a knock on their door and the person said, "Room Service".  Stephanie thought maybe the person was doing some role playing. LOL  They were very noisy. Of course we had to get up at 3:30am, to get ready to leave for the airport.
Nothing to exciting happened. We got home around 5pm, in time to celebrate Christmas with my son.

This was the view from our hotel room that night.  You can see the rain coming.

As of Jan 31st, this is what my tick bit still looks like. Im not sure why it wont heal.  I opened it up, on Jan 31st and clean it out. I think maybe the guy didnt get all t he tick out. It looks a little better now.