Sunday, June 30, 2013

Trial happenings.

Went to an outdoor trial this weekend.  It was at a horse farm where  I took this picture.  When I see this picture it reminds me of Jerry Van Dyke and this lip sync thing he did on "Yes Dear".  I located it on youtube. Its very funny if you havent seen it.

It was hot as heck on Friday. Even though the trial  was undercover. You would just be sitting there and sweat was just pouring out of your body. Never mind after you ran your dog. I was thinking of leaving in the middle of the day and going back to the hotel because I was so miserable.  I finally went in my car and turned on the A/C for an hour. That made me feel so much better.   The lady sitting next to me at the trial told me she felt like she was going to pass out. I let her use my dog fans (Ryobi fans) to cool off. Then a storm came through and the wind blew which felt great. The only bad thing was the dogs with thunder phobia's had a hard  time. Some  had to leave the ring because they just couldnt cope.   Friday we had some good runs, Saturday not so good. Ill talk more about it tomorrow.
I did win a couple of things at the raffle.

Funny, the things I only put one ticket in I won. A t-shirt and a basket. The basket had a leash, picture above, and chocolate in it too.  I gave the leash to a friend who likes skull stuff. The raffle stuff I put lots of tickets in, I didnt win. That figures. LOL They were raffling off a teeter and I put a lot of tickets in that one (I have a friend who wants a teeter). But I didnt win that. Oh well.
Ill talk more about the trial tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trial update and Dogwalks

Im still working on Java's running dogwalk.  She did get one rear foot in this weekend.  So Ive been working some more on it. The distressing part is when I watch the video, she had hits that I didnt reward at all. Ugh!!  Why cant I see it????  I will post a little video. She  has a huge leap on the third time, runs it again and has a beautiful hit. I thought she missed and didnt reward. How much am I confusing my dog? She jumps and doesnt get rewarded and then hits an doesnt get reward. Poor Java.

Im not going to post all the video from the trial. We, or rather I had a tough time. LOL  I think I might have myself psychic out.  I was thinking, every time Ive run ISC AKC courses, which are  harder,Ive Qed. (Except that one time when Miley left the start line right after I took off her leash, she went around the first jump, came back to me. I set her up and lead out. And the judged NQed us for training in the ring.But the run was perfect)  Im starting to think its in my head. I go to the line not expecting to Q just so I dont get disappointed.  Probably not the right frame of mind. And then since Java was running second, I front crossed twice and cut her off making sure we stayed on course. Then when I watched the video, I felt bad about cutting her off. She barked at me both times and was really slow and took half the course to speed back up. I didnt work this hard to get speed, to now slow her down. She is faster than Miley and my timing is off.  So the next day I decided to blind cross her. I messed them both up. She was just faster than I expected. So more work to do.

I made this video with most of the mistakes removed. Funny, I still watch it thinking about the mistakes.  I left the last video in where I cut Java off twice.

I listen to a bunch of Post Cast from Bad Dog Agility, they are free, on the way to the trial. One talked about 2o/2o and how we mess up our dogs contacts.  So even though I was aware of it, I still released Miley before she hit the dirt, or she released herself. The second day, I tried to do better but she still self released the teeter. So I will need to be stricter about that. I watched dog after dog, not do a 2o/2o, which it looks like they are suppose to, and the owner released them. No wonder our dogs get to a trial and are confused. We confuse them. Do this at home, but at a trial its ok to do it this way.  Then the dog doesnt know what to do and  you get leaps over the contact.

Masters JWW
Miley went off course.I feel like I cued this correctly. I was at #6 when she was taking jump 5. She just kept on going. Not sure why. I guess I should have called her but it didnt occur to me. I think I tend to be really quit on course and my friend said I need to talk to Miley more.

 Open JWW
This was the course where  I forced the front crosses.

Master Standard
The judge forgot to put weave poles in the course and I guess no one caught it. So we had course changes at the last minute. Worked well.  Miley just didnt read anything I was doing.
Open jww
I tried to lead out from the chute, but she came with me and didnt take the chute. I to send her again. Missed the dogwalk contact, wrong tunnel entrance. Dropped bar on triple. But she stayed in her weave poles all weekend!!!

They usually only removed one obstacle between Masters and open. Made such easy course changes and kept everything moving.

Master Standard

The beginning was tough and we got through it. Then she stressed at the table. I could feel it as we were approaching the table. Not sure why but I knew she wasnt going to stay on. She ran around the ring, I just stood there trying to decided if I should leave the ring. When she came around, I told her, "get on the table" and she got right on.  LOL  Afterwards someone came up to me and said, "man she got through all the hard stuff and then left the table. Then came around got right on and said, ok Im ready."   I wonder if it had to do with her self releasing the teeter right before the table.

Open Standard.
Beautiful turn over 8 to the teeter. I was worried, she tends not to read the RC to the left as good as to the right. Dogs were going wide and trying to take the a-frame but she read it beautiful!!  Beautiful turn at 12 too!!
Master JWW
I couldnt decided what to do.  After her wide turns out of the tunnel yesterday I felt like I needed to be right by the tunnel to get her going the right way. But that would put me behind going down the line and she could go off course. I decided to stay by the tunnel and she went off course down the line. I again should have called her. Ugh!!
Open JWW
I was planning two blind crosses. One between 2 and 3. I never made it and had to RC which she turned to tight. Then I was late on my RC between 7 and 8, so she missed 8.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The park and ducks

I went to an AKC trial this weekend. Lots of ups and downs. Im not ready to talk about it right now. So instead here are some pictures from the park they have there. They weather wasnt bad. Its the first time it wasnt so oppressively hot.  Rained on and off both days. The nats were terrible, flying in your face constantly. (It made me freaking crazy).

  You probably dont remember but last year this was the bridge that looked kinda bad and I was unsure if I should cross it. Well, now its worse and you can no longer go that way.

There is the path that has water flow over it to a small waterfall. Its not deep. Miley didnt want to get her feet wet. The pictures are blurry, sorry but you will get the point.

Java was ok getting her feet wet.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Owls

I saw three owls today. I missed the first one. This was the second one.

This owl, the third one, was very active. Usually they just sit there and look at me. Be he moved around. Went to three different tress and still stayed close.  Most of my shots were blurry but a few turned out. He continued even with the dogs barking at the bike that went by.

This one cracked me up. He was grooming. Maybe he thought if he looked scary I would go away.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


 Im pretty sure this owl thinks Im annoying. LOL  I cropped this picture trying to see if that was fuzz on his head, any maybe he is a young owl.

The mosquitoes at the park are huge this year.  As soon as you stop they fly all around your face, buzzing and making me crazy.

They water level has been to high to bring the dogs thur the river except for yesterday but there were a bunch of boy scouts all playing in the river so we couldnt go down there. Miley was freaky for the first few days back at the park. She walked behind me and just didnt want to walk. But today she was back to normal.

Ive been working thur Daisy Peels Blind cross class.  Its  a self study class, so you can work at your own pace. A good thing about the class is it isnt just teaching me about blind crosses, Im learning other things Im doing wrong with my handling.   Like if Im in my dogs way when she is coming into  to me over the jump, she drops the bar. I know that seem logical to anyone reading this but it took me a while to figure out why she kept dropping the bar. Then once I figured it out and then watched  Daisy do the sequence, I new see it!!  LOL,   Then the next weeks sequences, Im still working on, I couldnt figure out why my dogs were missing the last jump. They both got it the first time, but missed it the next time. Hmmm....

So what I think Im doing wrong , is driving to far into the  #4 jump.  I must have just got lucky the first time with each dog.  When I watch Daisy's video, she is way passed that jump by the time her dog takes it and is already showing him/her the next jump.   Its been raining, so hopefully, I can try it again soon and see what happens.

I was going to change Java to a 2o/2o from a running contact. But she started getting confused.  She would just stop and stand there on the down ramp. So I decided to just go back and work my running contacts again.  She is hitting deep enough for AKC but not USDAA.  I set my dogwalk back up along the fence.   I could never put it there before because of the beagal next door. Our dogs fence fought.   But they put him to sleep. So now I can have the dogwalk there. (He was really in bad shape. His back legs kept giving out when he walked and he had these tumors hanging on his body in several different places. Some were bleeding.)  So now instead of the dogwalk being right in the middle of the yard, where the most space  is, I can have jumps and tunnels.  The dogwalk doesnt have as much room off the end but enough to work on it.

My husband got a new job. So now he works farther away and doesnt come home every night. I think we are going to have to move because I dont want to live this way. The thought of getting this house ready to be put on the market is over whelming.  Its kinda lonely especially since Im off work for summer and Im not teaching any dog classes.(its to hot)  My son is here and hasnt been able to  find a job.  I have my fingers crossed that the AT&T job might come through.
Stephanie is doing well. She was hired by Coastal Carolina University to work part-time doing graphic design work. She did all the items for the freshman orientation (pamphlets, t-shirts, invitations, magnets ect..)  She is also working as an orientation leader for freshman. She seems happy.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

USDAA SE Regionals

Well we went to South East Regionals this pass weekend.  We had the most Q's ever just not in the important classes. LOL

I actually got to leave work early on Friday  for the first time ever. Im not sure why they did that but I was happy.  So I got to Perry at 5pm instead of 9pm like I thought I would.  I got to set my stuff up and let the dogs play a little in the fields.   I stayed with a friend, at her house, which was nice. The only weird thing was Java just kept whining. Usually she does that if she has to go outside but I took her out multiple times and she didnt go.  Finally at 2:30am I just put ear plugs in my ears. Then at 3:30am, Miley starts jumping on my back. I took her outside , she had to go. So we finally slept from 3:30 to 5:30. 
I had to be there early to get Java measured.  She is still under 16 inches. Yay!!  She got a CMJ measurement so because she is within an inch of the cut off she needs one more measurement at 3 years old.  But we are good until she is three.

I dont remember the order of the classes.
Miley ran Speedjumping. I knew the weave pole entry was going to be tough for her because she has been having trouble getting onside weaves lately.

So we missed the weave pole entry but thats only time, no faults.  We ended up in 10th place. Those slow a-frames are killing us time wise.  But we were good enough to move on to the finals.

I think next was Java's gamblers run.  I couldnt find a course map.  I had someone taping but she forgot to pay attention and missed filming most of the run. Of course it was an awesome run. Java was on fire. She Qed and took first place.

Then I think was Java's standard run.

Right before this run, Java kept whining again. I just dont know what is wrong with this dog. Well right after the run, I take her outside, and she barely made it outside before she pooped. Oops, I felt bad. Poor dog had to go to the bathroom and I made her run the course.
I wanted to blind cross the a-frame to the tunnel. I was late and she didnt read the blind , so she missed the tunnel. (funny thing, she did better in practice then Miley on the blinds. But Miley read the blinds this weekend and Java didnt)

Java's dogwalk contacts were bad all weekend.  She leap them all. Not sure why he didnt call this one, maybe because we already NQed.

This didnt go to well for Miley and I.  She jumped the a-frame contact and then crashed the #5jumps. (it looked bad)  But the ending was nice. Since I had already blown it I wasn going to try this blind cross. I sent her to #13 and then ran to blind her coming out of the tunnel. I did it too!!

Last up Master Challengers. Not sure why I entered this.

She broke her startline, and I let her run. Im not sure why I let her continue on. It didnt even occur to me until 2am when I woke up with a headache, what she had done. Even when some lady came up to  to me after my run and said "your dog was naughty", I thought that was weird. Why did she say that to me?  LOL  So because she broke, I was behind and we went off course. Ugh! 

Some where in the day I was working Advance /PII standard.  I was leash running and ring crew. I keep hearing them call "Miley".  Finally I lean over the fence and look at the board. Yup, its Miley and I signed up to run. I didnt realized I had signed up for this class. So I tell the gate Steward that I didnt realize I was running the class and just scratch me off. She said, "no, go get your dog and Ill move you to the bottom". (there were only 6 - 12 inch dogs). I told her it was ok but she insisted. So I went and got Miley. We ran and the freaking dog was  perfect. We didnt walk the course or anything. LOL go figure.  

The next night Java slept. Yay!!!  No whining. I did wake up with a headache at 2am.  But after taking some Motrin, I went back to sleep.

This day was just conflicts for me all day. Every single time I was in a tournament class, I was running in the other ring at the exact same time. Ugh. I know they are ok with conflicts but it causes me stress. No matter how much I try to wish it away. I had to  have people hold my one dog and then switch dogs  to go in the next ring.  Plus my headache was back and I had to take Imitrex. I dont know if you have ever had to take that but it makes me nauseous and makes my arms and legs feel weird. I cant explain it, its just a weird feeling. And I was having an upset stomach too. None of this was the reason I screwed up my runs, that was just me. I was either late or  I didnt cue my dog. Ugh.  I had my husband watching the live feed and then forgot to tell him when I was  going to be up soon.  Poor guy.

Miley was up in standard PII first. I figured this was a throw away run. I could fix her start line or jumped contacts if needed.

The freaking dog was perfect again. Two standard Qs in one weekend. It took us 4 years to get 3 PI standards Q's and now two in one weekend. Go figure. LOL

Javas run in standard and Mileys run here were at the same time. I messed up by not calling Miley coming out of the  #9  tunnel, plus my motion pushed her wide.  I should have called her name and been down the line more. Ugh. I was so upset with myself.

Next Grand Prix.

 I didnt trust leaving my dog in the weaves , so I waited and then I was to far behind and she went off course after #7. Ugh!  I should have trusted her.

This is just a combined video of my messed up runs from Sunday on Miley.

I messed up Java's snooker run.  I blinded the tunnel and she came to the wrong side. Tweet!

Last up were the jumpers runs. Java in starters and Miley in PII.  Java had an awesome run!!
I felt like I really needed to front cross after the #11 tunnel. I didnt think a pull would be a strong enough cue.   When I sent her to the tunnel, I felt like I had more than enough time to make the cross but I didnt.  She Qed. Whoohoo Java!

Last up was Miley's PII jumpers run.

Again she was wide coming out of the tunnel even with me calling her name. She zoomed around the ring (stressed) , came back, got back on course and Qed. LOL, only Miley.   

So Miley got  4 Qs this weekend. Unheard of for us. Whoohoo!!  Java got two.  I'm thinking of putting a stop on Java's running dogwalk. Its just to hard to maintain.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Learning agility

So Ive been frustrated at trying to run my dogs in agility. I always make mistakes.  I dont see things when walking the course that I should. I can only seem to see maybe one or two ways to walk the course. Im trying to work on that.
This week I bought Kathy Keats "The Art of Reading Agility Courses".  It was really helpful to me. Probably most of you know all the stuff in there but not me. In the ebook there are links to youtube and its a video of her showing you on paper how and where your dog is going. So its like you are in class and leaning with the teacher at the board.  I really wish she had more sequences in the book that she goes through. I think it did help me but I have a long way to go.
Then I also signed up for Daisy Peels Blind Cross Skills and  Drills. It was a class but she isnt teaching the class again. But what she did, if you signed up, you get access to all the vidoes and class work, to work through on your own. You can summit video for a small fee for her to review if  you want.  I watch the first video and practice more foundation work than what was on the video, "Look Back".  

Wordless Wednesday (sorta)

There were 5 on the log and the little one said, Roll over, Roll over.
So they all rolled over and one fell off...

..there where 4 on the the log and the little one said, Roll over , Roll over
So they all rolled over and one fell off
There was three on the log and the little one said , Roll over , Roll over...

So they all rolled over and one fell off, there were two on the log and little one said, Roll over, Roll over....

So they all rolled over and one fell off. There was one on the log and the little one said "good night".

Monday, June 3, 2013

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fun at the park.

I was planning on going to a UKI trial today. They had day of show entries and they allow training in the ring. But Ive been sick since Wednesday. Sore throat and achy. I felt so bad Wednesday, I just had to leave work with no real notice.  I went to a co-worker and just  said, with tears in my eyes,"I have to go home, Im feeling really bad".  I went home and laid on the couch the entire day and didnt move. Ugh. I felt a little better on Thursday but not much. Friday I did make it to work and stopped at the doctor on the way home. I woke up at 4am this morning because I felt so bad, my body hurting to much to keep laying in the bed. Ugh.  So I didnt go to the UKI trial. bummer.  I started antibiotics this morning. Will see if that helps.   So at 7:30 I dragged myself to the park. My poor dogs havent done anything in 3 days.

When I got to the next section of the path this is what I saw.
  The sign just says caution and the gate is moved open.  A little sign on the fence says the park trail is closed May 29-31st.  Well, today is June 1st , so I figured it was open, except to bikes maybe.  Here is what you first see when you start the path.

But the rest of the path was complete. This must have been the last section they were working on.  I walked the dogs all the way down, tried to go out to the field. But there was some guy on a bike , with his dog off leash. So we turn and walked back down the path.  I decided to stop at the river because the dogs seemed hot.

This picture looks awesome on my computer but looses something when I load it to FB or the blog.

Guiness is so happy here( here as in this area of the park). I think because its the only time I let him off leash.

"Are you guys coming?  Whats taking you so long?"

Shallow here but deep in the middle.

"What, I see something. Really, its over there."

I missed so many good shots because my lens isnt fast enough in shade. This was the best out of the series and its blurry. Ugh. Some day, Some day.

This probably doesnt look like much. But to get this shot, I have to send my dogs around the waters edge and up onto the rocks away from me.  (Im standing in the water)  And get all three of them to go  do it at the same time, and then stay there.  LOL. No small challenge.

Here is another one. Because I release them, give them treats and then send them again.

Then I see this.

I thought is was a snake curled up in a hole right on the waters edge. I was freaked out. I threw treats to get the dogs away from where I was and then we high tailed it out of there.

When I got home and blew up the picture, I think its a golf ball. LOL Those little bumps looked like scales to me at the time. 

Man that water is so cold, my ankles and feet hurt walking down the path until they warmed up.

In agility news..... Next weekend is USDAA regionals.   I decided to go because Miley has a bye in Grand Prix.   No real expectations.   I was hoping to practice blind crosses today that the UKI trial but cant do that since I didnt go.  I really want to start doing some blind crosses so I stop turning in the wrong spot and getting my feet caught under me.  I ordered Daisy's Peels blind cross video, I think its called "looking back".  I never knew there were several different types of blind crosses. Then Ive been working on the foundation work for doing blind crosses and  both my dogs nail that stuff. So will see if I do any blind crosses next weekend.