Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Up date on Zoey's training.

Since I havent posted much here, you dont know that Ive been struggling with Zoey;s training.  When we go to agility trails or practice with groups, she wants to chase other dogs. She cant focus on me, just the dogs running.  I dont know  how I lost all control of my dog.  Ive always let my dogs play chase with each other and its never been a problem but its a problem for Zoey.  She cant figure out when its ok to play chase and when its time to work. And I guess I didnt realize it was a problem until it was way out of control.
Here she is at a B-match in August.  You can see what a problem I have. So until I have this fixed, I cant trial her.  I cant take a chance of her running after another a dog.

 Ive been doing a lot of Susan Garrett's stuff, because she works on relationship building and getting the dog to focus on you.  Ive finally found a solution to getting her not to bark and run the fence line , with the big dogs behind my house. All the garden fencing with stakes, that Ive put in, she just climbs. Even when I put in multiple layers of it.  So I found this metal fencing that comes in sections. Slowly , Ive been putting it down the  fence line, of where I join the neighbors yard.  It keeps her about 5 feet off their fence.  And it seems to be working.  She also doesnt get to just be outside  on her own much. That way she cant self-reward herself with bad behavior.
I working on getting a running A-frame with box method.  Im ok with a 2o/2o but she is creeping so much on the a-frame, I decided to try this with her. I didnt have good success with it , with Miley. But we will see ...

We also finally have weave poles. I started to really work hard on them after we got back from my trip out West.  She is finally getting them.

Her wanting to chase dogs is a  HUGE problem and Im not sure I will be able to work through it or she will ever be able to trial.  But we will see.
In other news, the girl I job shared with quit a week before we went back to work. So now Im working full time until the next person can start and its been rough. We must have a lot more kids this year with illness than last year, because Im drowning with paperwork.  Ive work the last 2 weekends just trying to get caught up on paperwork. And Im still not there. I need a break.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eclipse and Weave poles

My goal is to start blogging again.  It helps me keep track of training and just life in general.
Yesterday was the Eclipse. In Columbia, SC we were in an area that would have a total eclipse for about 2 1/2 minutes.  Many people traveled to Columbia to see it.  All hotels were sold out. Crazy , huh?
I did buy the glasses, which was stressful since there were lots of people selling fake ones. How scary is that??  Fake glasses that could burn your eyes so you will have black spots for the rest of your life.   I didnt buy the filter for my camera because I didnt think I would care that much about the eclipse but then when it came, I wish I had the filter. That figures.
These pictures where taken with my cell phone. I cut one of the glasses we had and put the filter from the glasses over the camera lens. I did have to change the setting on my phone to "Pro" and change the shutter speed.

Now these arent great but it gives you an idea of what we were seeing when we looked up into the sun.

Then night came. I video taped it.  This was  off my back deck. You can see into my neighbors yard and their TV must be on.

Night only last 2 1/2 minutes but it was cool.  I didnt notice my dogs acting any different.   Then it was over and we all went back to our lives. LOL

Ive been finally working on getting Zoey's weave poles done. So since I got back from my trip, Ive been working hard and Ive almost have the poles closed.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Zoey's first trial

This picture was taken here in Columbia , but I like to have pictures with my post.

So Zoey is now 16 months old.  She is finally running in agility, so now Ive lost my startline. She also cant control herself , in that she wants to chase dogs that are running in the ring.   When I go to trials, Ive  been working her at the practice jump and Ive been able to keep control of her.   But  not this weekend.
This weekend was a small UKI trial.  They sometimes offer nursery class for dogs 16 to 18 months. There are no weaves, teeter or spread jumps. They can also enter speedstakes.  So I entered Zoey in those 2 classes.  It was a one ring trial, which is where I will be with Zoey, so she doesnt jump the ring gating and chase the other dog running in the other ring.
 The first time she ran in the nursery class, everyone took a break. There were no dogs around. So she stayed with me. You will see in the video, she was over the top and kept bark and jumping up at me and trying to get me. She doesnt normally do this when we practice.  I only see this when we go to a new place or  she is over the top excited.  So I have to be careful with how much excitement I build into her when trying to get her to run.
The second run she did much better. Before her run, we tried to practice at the practice jump. She took off, running down the ring gating, after the dog that was in the ring. Ack!!!  I had to call her name twice, and she did come back, but I was freaked for a second that she was leaving for good.   I didnt take the leash off at the practice jump anymore.  I used a long line and put the bar on the ground and practice her staying with me.   She did well after that.   So on her second run she left the startline to go see a dog that was outside the ring but came back to me  when called.  Otherwise, she did really well.  I have to remember she is a baby dog and needs more support, especially when coming out of the tunnel, to make sure she takes the jumps.
The next day, we practice a lot more at the practice jump, with the long line on, to make sure  she understood what is expected of her.  We did the nursery class again.  She did well, except she wouldnt come to me at the end of the run. As soon as she saw me with the leash and I called her, she just dead stopped.  She had figured it out. Fun is over. Ugh!!.  So I acted like I was leaving the ring, and she blew by me and ran out of the ring.  Great.  So now I called her, she stopped and had to think about if she was going to come to me or not.  She did finally come to me.  So , I have lots of things to work on.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Zoey Update


Zoey likes to sleep outside. None of my other dogs do this. They always want to be around me. But  not Zoey. She will even sleep out there when its raining.

We had a light snow dusting earlier this January. I keep meaning to blog, but then it doesnt happen.

Then a few days later is was in the 70's , so I took the dogs to the lake.

  Lots of turtles.
Saw my first bald eagle in South Carolina.

Zoey went to the top of this dirt wall thing and then jumped off, to the ground. Ugh, scared the crap out of me.

This wasnt her jumping from the top. This was another picture.

No matter how much I tried I couldnt get the picture of her out of the shade.

Zoey is really slow when running agility. She is fast when chasing my dogs especially around the agility field and through the tunnels. But as soon as she starts agility , she is slow.
So Im keeping video, trying to time it and see if I can get her moving faster.
Dec 23rd

Jan 1st

Then I signed up for a "Cone work" class. Its suppose to help with speed and teach turns too.

Thats all for now. Im sure there is more but I cant think of anything right now.