Monday, July 30, 2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Class and stuff

Im teaching a class for our club. Its a 6 week class on basic foundation skills. Like sit, down and walking loose leash.  ( No sure I should be teaching loose leash walking. Hopefully none of them see me at the park. LOL)   So I took the puppy with me.  He was very nervous when we first got there. Kinda whinny. He wouldnt takes treats. I was worried and thought I missed the boat on socializing the dog.  But Sheltie rescue doesnt want to taking puppies out until they are fully vaccinated and since I dont own this puppy I have to do what they say. But after being in the building about 15-20 minutes he got much better and was able to take treats. I used in him the class as a demo dog.  He did great. 
His crying in the crate when in the car as stopped now. He has been riding everyday and not crying since Monday. So that is a relief. The crying at night has gotten much better too.  Anywhere from 5 minutes ot 15 minutes of crying and then he goes to sleep.  I feel the night crying is his biggest problem right now. I want to try to work through this because I dont want him return to rescue because they couldnt handle it. And this dog can scream.  They lady who had him when I was on vacation said , the first time he let out a scream all her dogs ran for cover. LOL

I went up to Meagans for a foundation class with Java. And to take a 30 minute lesson with her after class. Java is doing well.  Im having trouble teaching her to "wait".  I think Ive wrecked that word. I think Java thinks "wait" means "go".  LOL  So Meagan gave me things to work on to teach her to stay in her place. Im also having problems with her taking jumps when we are running.  When we just walk past jumps she will take them. She will offer taking jumps all the time, so I know they have been rewarded enough. But as soon as I start running , she chases me and doesnt take the jumps. LOL. I havent been able to fix it. So Meagan worked with me on this too.
I took Miley and Java to the building yesterday and worked on jumping. I wanted to slow motion Miley taking jumps so see what she is doing. She kept dropping a bar on this one jump at home.  I didnt see anything there but when I watched the tape, the first time she took the jump was very weird. And she looks like she it taking off early  on all the sequences too.  Here is Miley taking the jump  three different times. Then there is Java at our lesson taking a small sequence. Its funny, I felt like she was really running fast but when I watch the tape it doesnt look like that.

I dont know why but every time I go to a class with Meagan, the next day I feel terrible. It happens every time so thats why I dont do it when Im working. Weird huh?  Its only 1 1/2 hour drive up and then 1 1/2 hours back. Its an easy drive. I have no idea why it takes it out of me.

I put in for a trial thats about 2 hours, that is a close trial for us ,  from my house in August. I sent my stuff in back in June. I was so excited because school was starting late enough that I could enter. I usually miss this trial because Ive already started work.  They always have a b-match the day before the trial. So I sent all my stuff in. B-match on Wednesday and then the trial Thursday and Friday. Thursday was the only day they are doing Time to Beat.  But I just found out that I have to work registration for school and its on that Wednesday and Thursday. Darn it!!!  Lucky I found out 2 days before the trial closed. So I pulled my entry for Thursday and the b-match. Then put on for Saturday. O'Well I guess thats how things go sometimes.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

He's Back!

Spike came back to us on Sunday.  Another Sheltie Rescue person watched him while we were on vacation.  She said if fit right in at her house. He played with the grand kids and rode in the car without a problem.  I put him in the car today and he screamed half way to the park. ( I think she let him ride in her lap in the car).  The dogs ride in crates in my car. He is a fun and happy puppy but my dogs hate him. And more so now that he was gone and came back. Even Java is getting tired of him.  Its a good thing Miley didnt react to Java the way she does to this puppy or Java would have been returned. His biggest problem is sleeping in a crate at night.  Sunday night he did ok. Only cried for 10 minutes. But last night, ugh wasnt good. I think my mistake is letting him take naps where ever he lies down during the day. Today, I will put him in a crate or x-pen every time he goes to sleep.

This morning we took him to the river. He needs to burn off some energy so he will be more tired at night. Its just so freaking hot, none of the dogs want to go outside to run or play. He loved the water. Ahhh a dog after my own heart. LOL He walked on leash really well too.

 I did find out today that there are several more applications for the last few puppies so hopefully someone will pick this fun boy.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

A week at the beach

We had a great week  with wonderful weather. Not crazy hot weather. You know hot but not over 100 degrees.  It only rained at night and never during the day.  It was always windy on the beach so you didnt get to hot and it kept the bugs away.  Lou's friend , that he has known since second grade, and his wife came down.  Thank goodness too. The microwave was broken and we needed to replace it. I couldnt have helped Lou with this. It was just to heavy.  Then his friend painted the walls in the living room/dining room area. Which I would have had to do. Then they refinished the coffee table and end table, which I also was suppose to do. Whoohoo, I made out like a bandit. LOL. We had a really nice time and the dogs didnt drive them crazy.
The only negative was Java being in heat. She really didnt want to play with Miley at all. A few times they played for about one minute at at time maybe twice while we were out.

(sorry if you are in facebook and saw these pictures already)

The clouds were really cool.
Storms were out at sea but never came into shore.

The dolphins were out everyday. But I got the best shots the first day.

This lady came up to talk to me while I was taking pictures. She starts telling me how crowed Kiawah is and some other stuff. I was at the Beachwalker park that was on Kiawah. (Just FYI for anyone close by, they do allow dogs on this beach. It cost $8 to get in. Its a really nice beach and if you walk the 2 miles to the end at low tide you can see the dolphins)  So this lady is talking and I was just saying things like, "uh hu" and "yea" while listening to her. You know what she says?  "Can I talk". Like I was talking so much she couldnt say what she wanted. If you know me, you know I usually dont talk that much. This took me by surprise. So I didnt say anything the rest of the time she talked. She told me all the places she has been and that she is an artist who travels the world ect...  That the own a place in the Bahamas. I thought, they why are you here? LOL  The lady asking if she could talk just struck me as too funny.

 This big dead sting ray was on the beach on the way back to my car. Man, he had some big bites taken out of him.
I put my shoe there so you could see how big this guy must have been. Sorry its gross.

Guiness got to be off leash for the first time in 5 years. 5 years ago he was lost at the beach for 2 1/2 days. We found him on a marsh island that is surrounded by the river. The person who called about  a dog being in the marsh was nice and took us by boat to go get him. He didnt come to us, so I put him on a "wait" while my husband went an got him. (Sometimes dogs run when then have been lost for a while because they are in such a panic mode).  So I havent trusted letting off leash at the beach since them. I only let him off twice  while we were there and it was at the very end of the island where I felt I had control. He stayed very close by. LOL
I needed to open the lens more on this picture. I thought it got the effect I wanted. I looked ok on the tiny camera screen but when I put it on the computer his color came thur a little. I was trying to get a silhouette.

While taking these pictures this morning I was standing in the water. I stepped back and fell into the deep part. I put my camera up in the air quickly to keep it out of the water but my phone and keys were in my pocket. I couldnt get out because it was not just sand in this area mud was mixed in  and I kept slipping. I called to my husband. He was wondering why I was sitting in the water. (I was standing).  I finally fell forward onto my knees on the little incline in the water. Then used my knees to go up the bank to the flatter area. So my phone was under water for a while and isnt working as of now. Ive had it in rice since we got back to the condo. I think its done for. But my key fob is ok.  And I saved my camera. 

Look all three dogs looking at me , on a wait, and Miley has her eyes open. LOL

Hermit crabs!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Well we finally made it to the beach. My husband is all better and Stephanie is too.  We got to the beach on my birthday.  The condo wasnt cleaned correctly. Mold all in the shower which shows they havent been cleaning it. Plus an open shampoo bottle in there which really means they havent been cleaning. But then you go walk on the beach with your husband and dogs and everything is better.

The wifi at the condo isnt working. I keep getting bumped off.  So if I dont comment on anyones blog thats why.  I was going over to the beachwalker park today to see if I could get some dolphin pictures but when I got there they dont open until 9am. So now Im at the shopping area between Seabrook and Kiawah using their wifi.  Its kinda slow so Im not sure how many pictures I can load.
Java is in heat and not a happy camper.  Its a lot different then last time. Last time I didnt really see any change in her. But this time she doesnt really want to play. She will chase Miley for about one minute and then she is done. So I have gotten a few pictures but I better hope Im good because there wont be a second chase at the shot.  The other thing, she wont jump into her crate in the car and its not that high. So Im having to lift her. Sometimes she wont jump into the chair she likes to sleep in. These two things have me worried. But she is eating and drinking ok.  I hope that is just from being in heat.
(dont worry, I only let java off leash when there is no one around. We go all the way to the end of the island and cross the little rivers. People dont tend to go out that far. Im being safe with her)

Monday we woke up to rain. But is soon stopped and it formed a beautiful rainbow.

 The wifi is really slow, so thats all for now.

Friday, July 13, 2012

This week can be over now.

This has been a long week. My husband has been really sick all week. He seemed better yesterday and I went to visit my mom for the day in Savannah.  But last night he woke up at 1am with a severe headache. He took lots of medication but nothing seemed to help. He was even vomiting. At 11:30am I decided he was going back to the doctor. He was scaring me.  His headache finally got better at 2pm. So almost 12 hours and multiple doses of medication. He appt with the doctor was at 4:30.  No change in that department but we agreed if he gets another severe headache we will go to the ER and get a head CT. The only weird thing was he has a heart murmur , which he has never had before. So he will get an ECHO in about a week or so to check it out.  We were suppose to go on vacation tomorrow but  that isnt happening.  I dont want to go until he has a few good days in a row.

The puppy went to someone else house tonight so we could go on  vacation. He didnt want to go and I felt bad.  Poor puppy.  But maybe we can get some rest.  Since his sister left he no longer sleeps through the night. But I dont think that is it. He climbed out of the x-pen the first night so I put him in a crate and he hates that. So he screams like Ive never heard a puppy scream. Ugh. So now we wake up to screaming several times a night. Crap, Im to old for this.

  And Java is now in heat. She was just in heat at 8 months, now again at 13 months. At first I was thinking she was getting sick because she wouldnt play chase with Miley and just wanted to lie next to me. But then I saw Guiness sniffing her butt, sorry, and then the next day, bleeding.  Ugh. She was also really mean to Miley a few times. One time I had to pull her off of Miley. And then Miley was scared of her for an hour. So I guess after this is over Im getting Java fixed.  I  wonder if removing a dogs ovaries effects them like it does women.  You know, decrease bone density and decrease muscle mass. Thats the only reason I was leaving her intact ( to help prevent injuries) probably a dumb reason huh.  Especially since I dont have any proof that that it helps with keeping muscle mass and bone density.

Stephanie went for her follow up appt. this morning for her wisdom teeth. She now has a rash on her legs. Looks like an allergic reaction rash. ( different then the rash my husband has had) So the doctor thought it was still related to the  antibiotic. She hasnt taken it since Sunday.  He told her to start benadryl again. She took it twice today and now the rash is spreading and getting worse. So she went back to the doctor. They started her on some other medication. I told her she was  just going to have to wait it out. ( Ive spent  a lot of time at the doctors this week)

These pictures were taken at the Ann Braue seminar I went to a few weeks ago. This was while Ann was helping me with Miley's 2o/2o.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Run for my money

Its probably a good thing this puppy didnt go to a home yet.  I found some things out about him. I put him in the car yesterday to take to the vet. OMG, did he scream bloody murder.  I thought I was going to loose my mind. I even put a Kong with peanut butter in the crate with him. I know when I stopped at the stop lights people thought I was killing him. I couldnt even stop at a fast food place to get something to eat at the drive through he was screaming so much. He was fine in the vets office. It was a long wait because they were short a vet. He sat in my lap the whole time. He was so calm I even cut his nails while I was waiting.  But screamed all the way home. So I guess its car rides everyday for a while.  I took him this morning to drop some boxes of stuff at Goodwill and he only screamed until I got out of the subdivision , then he was quiet the rest of the time. So there is hope.  Yesterday I also put a collar on him. He didnt mind that but when I went to hold the collar so Guiness could come in the back door, Guiness hates the puppy, the puppy started screaming like I was choking him. So we have been playing lots of collar games.  He is getting better.   I just think he thinks he can do what ever he wants and when he cant he throws a temper tantrum. LOl  Silly puppy. 
A couple of days ago I turned on the sprinkler to water some drys spots on the lawn. The puppy started running through the sprinkler and biting the water. It was very cute.

He is still a great puppy but he needs to go to someone who has energy and wants to play. But he also needs rules.  Some dogs can just be dogs and you can let them be. But some need rules or they think they control the house. He just needs rules.  He is still very cute!!

I did get a note from the people who adopted the girl puppy. They are very happy. They said  the transition has been easier then the had thought it was going to be. That she lets them know when she had to use the bathroom so accidents have been minimal. And that she is sweet and smart. So Im so glad they picked her.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012

One down, one to go.

Three adopters came to look at all the puppies yesterday. I think there were 5 puppies to choose from.  Two people were there just to look at Spike (pictured above). But he didnt want to be held. Every time someone picked him up, he struggled to get away. So that really put people off.   He really is a cute puppy but busy. He like to run and play.  When he first wakes up and I carry him outside, so he doesnt pee before he makes it outside, he struggles wildly. I put him down and he takes off running and playing. Then stops to pee. LOL.  He is a fun dog but very active.  He needs to go to a home where people want an active dog. Like someone who likes to hike or something.  
The female puppy I had did get adopted. They were one of the people here to see Spike. I think the female puppy is a better fit for them. I talked with them and told them about the two puppies.  She just seemed more of what they were looking for.   I did tell them she is a little noise sensitive. Like when a lawn mower starts she heads for the house. You can call her and she would turn around and come back to you. Sometimes I just let her run into the house. She would go in but then come right back out again. So I think that is a good sign. But I told them they need to work on it to make sure it doesnt get worse.   Its funy, all the puppies that were mostly black got adopted. They seemed calmer and wanted to be held and hugged.  The other puppies have a lot of white in them and all of them are very active. 

I had to laugh. Twice when I left the house to go do something yesterday, I came back and my husband was holding the puppy. He wants to make sure this puppy gets adopted next time. LOL

At least Spike still has Java to play with.

Last week was a rough week for me. I just didnt feel good. I have been having headaches everyday. Nothing would get rid of them but migraine medication even though they didnt feel as bad as a migraine.  Maybe its sinus stuff. I may have to break down and go to the doctor.  The bad part was I didnt spend much time with any of the dogs or the puppies. It may have been why Spike was so wild on Saturday. There were some days I didnt even walk my dogs. Poor dogs.   So Im still having headache but I dont feel bad anymore. So I did walk the dogs yesterday and today. And I work on Java's running contacts.  Im starting to teach turns. As you do this your straight exits off the running dogwalk can go down hill. Which happened. But it will get better. Ive also started on Java's weave poles. Those were my two goals for the summer. And since I dont have much summer left before going to work, I better get started.
Stephanie got her wisdom teeth out Thursday.  I let her change her appt from July 30th to the 5th because that worked better for her. We didnt realize she was off of work the week of July 4th when we made the original appt. So we changed it at the last minute. If we were thinking we could have gotten a Monday appt, but we didnt call soon enough. Anyway she has done pretty well most of the time. Then she starts feeling bad again.  She has to go back to work today. She is a camp counsler at a sleep away camp. I hope she will be ok. 
I was suppose to go to a USDAA trial this weekend but that all fell through with Stephanie's wisdom teeth stuff. I really wanted to test my theory on Miley's contacts again. But it will have to wait until next month.

I took this yesterday morning.