Sunday, November 30, 2008

Any suggestions??

Guiness always gets this tuff of hair that grows in front of his ear out to the side near the bottom. Its very bushy looking. Today I cut it but it just doesnt look right. Ive tried to follow a book but it just doesnt show me what I need. Any one know how to cut the hair that grows in front of the ear. These pictures are all done after I cut the hair. I dont think its right. Any suggestions? thanks

Its still raining!!!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Its raining

Well, I'm depressed. I came back from my mom's house on Friday just so I could go to a class up in North Carolina on Saturday afternoon. Its been raining since Friday. We drove up from Savannah in the rain last night and I woke up this morning to rain. I was for sure it was raining in North Carolina. When I emailed "m" to ask her she said she hadn't canceled the class but there was a 70 % chance of rain. So I didn't go. And they must not have gotten any rain because the class wasn't canceled. It was a 2 hour class on Gamblers. Shoot. I really want to go to that class. I signed up for my first ever USDAA trial at the end of December and I entered Gamblers. O'well Ill just do the best I can. And if I crash and burn, I'm sure I wont be the first person. HA!!

Ive posted a couple of pictures that I took over Thanksgiving in Savannah. Miley is actually tied to the tree in case she decided to case a car. But she didnt try to leave once during any of the picture taking. I took the dogs to this park that I always see going to my parents house. It looks so nice. A walking trial , some ponds, tennis courts and playground equipment. But guess what. We started walking the trial there are big signs posted. "No Pets". Wow, a public park and no pets. I don't think Ive ever seen that before. Maybe if the allowed pets they wouldn't have all those geese and pigeons pooping all over the place. My poor husband then had to listen to me rant for the next 20 minutes. ( He says it was longer). I ended up taking the dogs to these baseball park which we couldn't walk inside , but I got a few good pictures. ( The trees are still colorful there).

I worked Miley inside the house today. I put the contact board on the steps and she got the 2o/2o every time. Then I brought the weaves in the house, just 3 poles. But Miley just couldn't get an entry and wasn't driving. She was probably wondering what these poles were doing in the house. So we did go outside in the rain and train the weave poles. I didn't want to have a bad session in her brain. It was much more successful outside.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving

Today is my husband's 50th birthday. He was actually born on Thanksgiving too!! Happy Birthday Lou. And Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

By george I think she got it!

I took Miley to the practice field today. We had a great practice. She only chased car twice. Twice probably sounds bad to you, but there were lots of cars. So I felt good about it. I have to catch her early because once she off for the chase I cant call her off.
She ran a great practice. She even made this weave pole entrance. (picture above) She came out of the tunnel ( coming at you ) and had to get into the poles closest to you. she made it in both times I ran that sequence. And we did some contact training. She does well getting into the 2o/2o when not running the whole dogwalk. But when I would have her run the whole thing she would get to the bottom and stop just before doing a 2o/2o. Then I would say touch again and she would go into a 2o/2o. So I didn't reward that. Then after not rewarding that I ran her across the whole dogwalk. She ran full out and then went into a perfect 2o/2o. Yea, big party!!!! And I didn't do the dogwalk again. I also was able to reward with food and toys during practice. Yea, me!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Freestyle class

Sunday night I went to the new freestyle class . This time there will only be 4 classes but they are 1 1/2 hours long. I did remember to bring the soft crate to put Guiness in. He was very excited to be there and kept barking when we were warming them up. But putting him in his crate when he wasn't working really helped to stop the barking. He barked maybe a couple of times when he was in there but that was it. There were two young girls from the last class and a couple of new people. We worked on teaching circles around cones and poles. We worked on nose touches to the hand and the target stick. Ive been trying to work on things since the last class just not those things. What I really, really need to teach Guiness is to heel on the right side. He just goes ahead of me then turns around and faces me. By then he is so out of place I cant get him to circle on my right side and then keep walking. So that is my goal for the next two weeks. Will see if I stick to it. Guiness was tried when we got home. ( see above picture)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Weave troubles

So Ive been having weave problems. Saturday and Sunday she just couldn't make the entry or was popping out. Sometimes she would jump in half way down the line. Sometimes I think she didn't get in because she wasn't collecting but other times I'm not sure what was going on. So on Sunday I put some of the poles slanted to see if that would help. Nope, same problems. The first video is of the 12 weave bad practice. The second video is of the 6 weave and 9 weave practice.
So today I took the weaves down to 6 poles straight up. No problems. Not once. I didn't put all of them on here. The last time she runs I added 3 more poles to make 9. Still no problem. So Ill stick with that for a while.
I used food with the weaves. I also did some 2o/2o training. Its going pretty well. I made the mistake of trying to get her running and then run her over the a-frame. She didn't stop. She will stop going all the way over except if she has a running start. Then we took a break. Next I got a toy out to play. We played and than ran some short courses. She did great and seemed happy. Then only problem is I couldn't get her to come into me to set up. But I just went with it. So over all we had a great practice. After the last two days, I needed a great practice.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another walk.

I took the dogs to the forest again today. It was a slower paced walk than yesterday. None of the pictures turned out as good as I thought they would. Especially the ones on the rocks. It was hard to get out there. I had to climb down the embankment and then lift the dogs down. When I was taking the pictures it seemed really cool. But Miley is really washed out looking. O'well better luck next time. I also fell on my walk. There are lots of leaves and my foot got caught on a root. I couldn't stop my forward momentum and fell. Its funny that falling seemed to happen in slow motion. I had time to think, "hold on to the dogs leashes and protect the camera". The camera was around my neck but inside my jacket. So I hit on my knees and arms. The dogs came back to me with this look like , "now what are you doing". I was fine, but I ripped a hole in my pants at the shin. I'm hoping to go to the practice field with Miley today but will see if I have the energy. I also start the freestyle class with Guiness today. Yea!
If anyone know what I could have done with the camera so that Miley wasnt so washed out in the first 2 pictures. Please let me know. Thanks

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weird day

Today started off early. I woke up at 5am and I'm not sure why. Did the dogs wake me up? I don't know but probably. So when I woke up then the dogs wouldn't let me go back to sleep. So up I was. Usually I walk the dogs but since it was 24 degrees out, I don't think so. At 9am I took the dogs to the park for a walk, now it was 33 degrees. I got a few good pictures but I didn't have much time because I needed to be home by 10:30 to take my son to work. We are down one car because it is at the airport. My husband is in Costa Rica. So to get back home in time I had to start jogging. If you know me, I don't jog anywhere. But I found a few short cuts in the woods and made it home in time. Later that day I decided to go to the clubs practice agility field. On Saturday morning there are a group of girls that use the field. I decided to go around 2pm. That should be late enough and they should be done. When I got there, there were a bunch of cars ,people sitting around eating and some walking a course. So I asked if there was a seminar going on. They said no. I told them who I was and that I had come to use the practice field. I was wondering if they just started or what. No one could really tell me anything. Some of the people I know from the agility committee. One person when I asked them about what was going on ( was it a seminar or class) she told me it was a party and she didn't know anything but she was invited. So I took that as I wasn't invited and to go home. Now none of this is a big deal except that I drove 40 minutes to get there. You would think the club would post something so we know that we cant use the field. ( The field that I pay a yearly fee to use) So now I was really mad. I just wanted to work my dog. While I was driving home I called someone that I hadn't seen since March and asked if I could use her yard. She has a very big yard and teaches classes. She said I was more than welcome to come use the yard. So I did.

We were terrible. Miley couldn't do the weave poles if her life depended on it. I'm not sure what was wrong. I had 12 set up and she would get in half way down the poles. What????? Now this person's yard had a gentle slope. What that the problem. I don't know. I took the weaves down to 6. She still couldn't do it. They were in a little bit of a hole so I moved them over. That helped at first and then getting in farther down the line started again. Ugh!! We did have a couple of successful weaves at the end of practice so at least we ended on a positive note. We did some contacts. She was 90 % successful with the contacts. I don't know if I was slow or what. But I wasn't giving her the information she needed. She kept coming into me and not taking jumps right in front of her. I do think that trying to run up the gentle slope was giving us problems. I was hard to keep you same speed and I think that pulled Miley off of things. That may have been some of it not sure why else we were so off. I hope it gets better.

Last , Stephanie went into work today at 4pm and they said she wasn't working. No one called her. When she looked at the schedule, she has no hours for the next two weeks. She called the owner and he said he didn't know why. Last time she didn't have any hours they called her that week and told her she had to come to work right now or she was fired. I called and told them she was in the car right now going to get the battery replaced in the car. It had to be jump started 3 times that day. She said she didn't care, if Stephanie didn't come in she was fired. I was thinking, what kind of place is this. I called the owner who wouldn't take my call so I had to tell the person who answered the phone why I was calling. I told him what the problem was and they said he would call me. He didn't. But Stephanie did go to work that night after getting the car fixed. They apologized to her. So after what happened today , she gave her 2 week notice. Its there loss. She was a hard worker and always went in when the called and needed an extra person. So that is my weird day.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Waiting patiently for some

Here is Roxy waiting patiently while Guiness eats a treat. She never eats her own, she waits for Guiness to leave his. Doesnt always work.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008


Tonight after I finished my parent duties I got home about 5pm. There was less than an hour of daylight left. I still needed to make dinner and I wanted to work Miley. So I put the chicken on the grill and the water on the stove and went in the back yard with Miley. I had a ball type of toy that is made of fleece. I really had her playing and we did some agility. She was flying. I cant say she was very accurate but I wasn't really following a planned course. She had so much more enthusiasm and speed. It was great. I'm really going to try and keep with doing more toy stuff with agility. I can only do it in short 2 minute sessions which worked great since I was grilling chicken at the same time. In the past if I worked a few minutes to long I got the feeling she thought something was wrong because she wasn't getting food as a reward. And as soon as I bring food out, she no longer wants to play with the toy. I also had her work the board later in the evening. I didn't use a target. I just waited to see what she would do. I'm not sure why but when I was on the right side of the board, no matter what my position, she go into the correct 2o/2o position at the end of the board. When I was on the left , she had problems coming off the side of the board. So I guess I must be working the right side more than the left. But hey, as least there is progress. So that made me happy. Yea!!

I took the picture above this weekend. It looks ok small. When I tried to make it bigger for my blog header, Miley was blurry. So it will have to be small. The leaves probably wont be as colorful next weekend so I wont be able to take the picture again.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Am I tired?

I took Miley to the training field today. She chased to many cars. Something else I'm going to have to work on. I worked the double box with rear crosses. For some reason we are not together . I must be late with my cues so she is just doing what she wants. I get the feeling that since I'm not telling her soon enough what to do, she just making up a course. I set up a jumpers course that I saw on someones blog. I didn't know the correct measurement but just set it up how I thought is should be. We did ok.

The problem I had was coming off jump #5 to #6. She would take jump 5 and then go into the tunnel. I was just using a shoulder pull. I guess that wasn't enough of a cue. She did really well doing the weave poles. No pop outs. I'm going to work hard on using more toy play and less food. I think the food is slowing her down. So between the food and the car chasing she wasn't very focused.

we also worked on the 2o/2o board. Lots of work to do there. Hmmmmmm. Is there a theme here?

Was Miley tired? Nooooooo!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Long week

Its been a long week. It started out with me being sick. I woke up Monday morning with my throat hurting so bad. It hurt to swallow and talk. It was as bad as the time I had mono. I went to work thinking I could find someone to cover for me at least half the day and I could make it thur the morning so the school would not be without a nurse. Mistake! There was no one to cover. I called all the subs and no one could do it. So then I felt like I couldn't leave. I did make it to the doctor, but my strep test was negative. She said my throat looked bad with pus on my tonsils. She gave me a z-pack. By the time I got home after work, I just wanted to lie on the floor and die. Every part of my body hurt. I didn't go to work the next day. I told them when I left at the end of the day Monday, I wasn't coming Tuesday. They would have to find someone. After about 36 hours I felt so much better.
Thursday I had a job interview. It was still in the same district just at a middle school. I'm currently the school nurse at an elementary school. The interview went ok. It was short maybe 15 minutes. They asked me about my nursing back ground. what were my strengths, my weaknesses and 3 words to describe myself. The current school nurse asked me what I thought the health needs were for kids in the 6 th grade? I just couldn't think. So I said stuff about continuing to encourage medical care. That when kids get older we tend not to take them for yearly physicals like when they were younger. To encourage vaccines that aren't required by the school. Like tetanus/pertussis vaccines and meningitis. And help with vision and dental care. I wish I had said something more about eating healthy and exercise. O'well I did the best I could.
I took Stephanie to the urologist for follow up care with the kidney stone. I told her to drink before we get there because they are going to want a urine specimen. She didn't do it, and couldn't pee. I don't know why teenagers can never listen. The last time I went to a urologist everything was done in the office. I saw the doctor, had and IVP and cysto and was done. But not this office. I should have asked. Now next week she goes to the hospital for the IVP and then the next week we return to the doctor. The problem with all this is I have to take off from work. Ive already used 2 1/2 days and I only get 5 sick days for the year. Don't they know that kids don't just get sick in the summer. Ugh!!
Today Stephanie went to New York city. Its her birthday present. She will be 16 on the 19th of November. My sister was going to NYC on business and decided to take her kids. So her cousin asked if Stephanie could come. I told Stephanie it would be her birthday present. She was so excited. Last night I kept telling her to get her bag packed. "I will, I will". So this morning my husband knocks on her bedroom door at 4am and Stephanie says she is awake. Well, Stephanie sometimes talks in her sleep. So when I went up there at 4:30 she was still sleeping. It went down hill from there. They were leaving the house by 5 am to drive to Charlotte. ( she had to take a direct flight because of her age and there were none in Columbia) O yea, did she have her stuff packed? No ! And like I said, it went down hill from there. But she made the flight and now is in NYC. She already called and is having a great time. She crazy, she wants to live there. Not my cup of tea but it maybe hers.
Its been raining for several days. So between me being sick and the rain, not much training going on. Miley has been beside herself. Today it did stop raining but everything was very wet. We took the dogs to the state park to walk that spider women trail. There were lots of leaves covering the paths so it was hard to keep on the trail. I listen to my husband and we got lost for a while. We were still on a trail, just not the right one. My husband has no sense of direction and I don't know why I listened to him. So finally I said we were turning around and going back to where we were and I knew the trail. We finally made it back to the right trail and were able to get back to the car. It was a very long walk. Even Miley was tired. She came home and slept, she never does that. We maybe able to do some agility tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Miley's 2o/2o and rear crosses

Ive been having a very hard time with the 2o/2o board. Miley just doesn't get it if I just stand there and vary my position. So I decided not to use it any more. I'm going to just train her on the contacts. Its not like I don't have the contacts in my yard. So this video is of me and Miley doing the 2o/2o. I did put a clear target at the end of the dogwalk. The only time I baited it was the very last run because we were starting all the way at the other end and I wanted to make sure she stopped. Anyone can give me their opinion of what I'm doing and what you think. I know on the last run , one of her back legs was off the side of the dogwalk.

The next thing Ive been working on is rear crosses. I haven't been very successful with them when there is more than on in a row. I think I've messed up my dog by having to many failures and it has slowed her down. I worked today on putting her in a sit and then stepping behind her to check for a head turn . I wanted to make sure she was reading the rear cross. And she did it correct every time both ways. But when I ran her in the yard she would get the first rear cross but not the second. I think I made her unsure of herself because she kept head checking me. And then when I had her run a straight line of jumps, I beat her to the end. Not good. So after that we did a lot of play and running just a couple of obstacles with lots of rewards. I'm not going to work on the rear cross stuff for a while and give it a break. I want to get her confidence back up. How dumb am I????????

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dogs and kids will make you a liar

Yesterday I drove up to North Carolina to take some rescue shelties to their foster home in Winston - Salem. Because I was going so far I decided to take a lesson. I picked the shelties up from the kennel at 8am. Miley growled a couple of times when I put them in the crates but then settle down. We handed off the shelties at 10:30 and went to our lesson.

So first I showed "M" our board work for the 2o/2o. I told "M" that Miley was doing really well.( lie number one)
Well, Miley acted like she had never seen the board before. Didn't get into the 2o/2o position one time on her own. It looked like I hadn't practiced once since the last time she saw us. So "m" said I need to start taking the board other places and practice with it so Miley will start doing the board every where and not just at home.
Next I told "M" that she keeps popping out of the weave poles. ( lie number 2) So we ran the 12 poles three times. She didn't pop out once. So much for that. So then we worked on distance. Which was ok unless I pulled off to do a FC when she was 3 poles from the end. Then she would pop out of the weaves. So things to work on. Distance of me from the poles. Doing crosses at the poles. Getting her to wrap tight with a FC out of the last pole. Sending her into the poles with me standing still. And me slowing down while she is running the poles.
We worked on rear crosses and threadles. My timing is very late. I need to cue very early. Miley is looking 2 obstacles ahead and I need to cue very early. She said if my cue feels uncomfortably early, then its probably on time. I need to put markers on the ground where the dog is going to be when I give the cue. I will work on video taping and cuing and then go from there.
I thought this was interesting and I hope she doesn't mind me putting it on here. Many people have problems with their dogs breaking their start line stay. She said one of her dogs kept breaking their start line. Right before she was going to release her the dog would blow by. She said she watched hours of video trying to figure out what she was doing that was cuing her dog. She finally saw it. When she would walk out to lead out, right before she was going to say "ok" to release the dog , she would push her glasses up. The dog cued on that knowing that she was going to release him right after she pushed up her glasses. I thought that was fascinating that the dog picked that up. You just never know what little thing you are doing that the dog picks up on.

Oh yea, and kids will make you a liar: As soon as you say, "my kids never does that, or my kid would never do that" gues what? Ha!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

So sad

My daughter came home from school today very upset. She says school is horrible. They canceled the pep rally because of "racial tensions". She said that is specifically what they said over the intercom on why they were cancelling the pep rally. So my daughter goes on to talk about what is happening at school. ( now this is through my daughter so you may need to take is down a level) She said that a lot of the black kids at school have been running through the hallways yelling and screaming "Obama". They get in your face yelling "Obama" and will run into you and they yell it again in your face. She also states that there have been numerous fights breaking out when this happens. The fights are between black and white kids. How very sad.


Yesterday and they day before we worked on 12 weave poles. She kept popping out around half way through. I could see her head come up and start to look at me and out she popped. So that's must be caused by my training of rewarding at my side after 6 poles. Ugh!!! Yesterday we had problems with popping out around the 9th and 10 th pole. But I was now throwing the tug/bait bag when she is finishing the weaves. I think some of the problem is just practice but I think all the leaves in the back yard were a problem to. When they are on the metal base she slipped a couple of times which wrecked her rhythm. I rake some and made my son mow the back yard to mulch the leaves. My other problem is the bases of the weaves. They are metal bases with three poles that you lay down end to end. My backyard isn't flat , so sometimes I think her little feet get caught on the side pieces. I never had this problem with Guiness. Its not like the pieces are sticking way up or anything but probably just enough to cause her a problem. ( at least I think). I do have 6 stick in the ground poles, so I switched to 6 of those and 6 of the others and she did much better. Maybe I should buy 6 more stick in the ground poles. The only problem with the stick in the ground ones is they give a little when the dogs goes through them. And I thought that at the trial when she hit that pole so hard it was because she was use to the poles giving, so I haven't been using them.

I'm still practicing the 2o/2o. I thought she was really getting it but then yesterday we had a failure. She hasn't been on the dogwalk except the bottom since starting this. When I ran her through a sequence yesterday I had taken the cone off the bottom of the dogwalk to use it for something else and forgot to put it back. So when I ran the sequence I must of cued her wrong or she just wanted to run and she ran the dogwalk. Never stop or even slowed down, right off the bottom of the dogwalk into a tunnel that was off to the side of the yard to dry out. That was very disappointing and shows how much more work I have to do.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pick me up

This is what Roxy does when I sit at the computer. And it makes you want to pick her up. But then what happens? Miley will come over to check things out and then Roxy starts thinking she is the "special one". Roxy starts growling and then Miley starts barking and I have to put Roxy down before a fight ensues. So Ive told Roxy ( not that she understands me) that I cant pick her up at the computer any more because of her behavior. Chihuahuas very quickly think they are the king of the castle. Any extra special attention and they think they are king or queen. I think that is why the get that ankle biter wrap. But they are small and it so easy to pick them up and carry them places. You just have to remember you wouldn't carry your other dogs around huh?
Well we didn't get the fence problem fixed. Every time my husband threw a shovel of dirt in the hole the dog next door dug it out. So then my husband put some brick in the hole and Miley decided to start digging another hole. So the solution we came up with was to put bricks in part of the hole. That way they could still have contact but Roxy cant get under the fence.
This morning Miley decided that she was going on her morning walk no matter what. She doesn't understand what the problem is but no one has been doing their job. She wasn't going to let me out the door with out her. She proceeded to bang against the gate and bark to let me know that she was ready to go. So when she calmed down a bit we went.

My daughter slept all night so maybe things are looking up.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Back to the doctor - and targets

So poor Stephanie woke up at 2am with severe pain. I gave her the pain medication and 5 minutes later the phenergan. But within 30 minutes she vomited everything and was miserable. Crying in pain. So off the the ER we go. This time things didn't move quickly. Its hard to sit with your kid when they are crying and vomiting and asking you why you aren't helping them. I did try to get them to take her back but they told me they were very busy. I understand that you are not going to die from a kidney stone but you probably wish you could when its happening. And as a parent you want to help your kid and you feel like you are failing them when you are not helping. It was horrible. After about 30 minutes in the waiting room the pain started to get better and about 1 hour later she was sleeping on and off. It took over 2 hours to be seen. And while waiting those 2 hours animal planet was on the TV. Now normally I like animal planet. But what was showing was a program about cannibalism. It was terrible. Especially when the male monkeys attacked this mother monkey and killed her baby . I was already upset and this wasn't helping. They finally called Stephanie back and when we got back there they had made a mistake. We had to go back to the waiting room. Well I wasn't sitting near the stupid TV again. So I went to the other side so I couldn't see or hear the TV. The cleaning guy was mopping the floor and asked me not to sit here. I just told him I wasn't sitting over there anymore with that stupid tv show on. And we sat down. Well she finally got seen and we got every thing under control. The doctor also told me to give motrin 3 times a day to help keep the pain under control. The problem is that she goes from no pain to extreme pain then vomiting. So I'm hoping tonight will be better.

Also, I wanted to talk about targets. A couple of people have stated how they wean their targets. Some make the targets smaller and smaller. Some use clear targets. I will tell you how I was taught to use targets. Use the white lid. You show the dog the food on the target, take the dog back and release to the target. Once the dog understands his job then you don't always bait the target. If you bait the target , you show the dog so he knows its there. If you didn't show him a baited target then he shouldn't expect a treat. You never lie to the dog. When the dog understands his job then he should be able to run the course with the target lids out and run pass all the lids out there unless you baited one and showed him. So as you fade the targets you shouldn't have to make them smaller or use clear ones. You gradually wean baiting them and then eventually remove them. ( I hope I'm making sense)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sick Kid

Well after staying up late to watch the USDAA nationals, I woke up at 5:30 to my daughter vomiting. I gave her some phenergan and she went back to sleep. At 8am she was up again vomiting. Then she was saying her stomach was hurting. I figured it was hurting because she was vomiting, but then I decided to go back in and ask more questions. I asked where is was hurting. It was her right lower quadrant. And it wasn't hurting just a little, it was a lot. So I checked for rebound tenderness which usually a sign of appendicitis. But she didn't have that. ( Rebound tenderness is when you press down on the abdominal area and when the pressure is coming up the person complains of more pain then when you were pushing down) I was still thinking appendicitis. So I told her we were going to the hospital. We went to the urgent care that is like a day hospital. They took her back right away. I't seemed like forever and when your kid is rolling in pain your want to go into the hallway and scream at everyone to hurry up. Dont worry I didnt do that. I know everyone was doing their best. They put an IV in her and gave her demeral and phenergan. She finally started feeling better but 10 minutes later they wanted her to drink 500 cc of barium contrast. Just what every vomiting person wants to do. It was a slow go and of course she wanted to know why I was being so mean to her. ( and I felt mean too) But I told her she had to drink it so we could find out what was wrong with her. She actually did better than I thought she would. I think it took her about 1 1/2 hours to get it down, but she did. Well the good news was she didn't have an appendicitis, but she had a kidney stone. So after about 6 hours we got to come home and she has been sleeping ever since. I have been waking her to make her drink, but at least its not barium. I didn't get much else done. I did manage to watch so more live viewing of nationals and it wasn't 11pm at night.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Do you think this could be a problem?

This is what the dogs have done on one side of the fence. I'm not sure who started the hole, but both side have contributed. I didn't realize it had become so big. I think Roxy could just walk right under the fence. Not good. So this will be the project of the day. I'm sure all dogs will be sad but its time to fix the hole. (Lucky it isn't the mean beagle side)