Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Plan

So after last weekend and my dog totally loosing her mind in standard, I have a new plan.  I think that I looked confident at the b-match when walking to the line and leading out. But when at the trial, I dont think I look as confident. I dont trust my dog to do her job which is maybe why Im having trouble.
So here is  a video of lead outs from last weekend. I ended with our T2B video. I felt like I was confident in that one and we did well except for the dropped bar.

After this trial I wasnt going to do AKC anymore.  Whats the point if she wont get on the table.   But I have a new plan.  Im going to use my AKC standard runs to work on me.  Im going to work on looking confident when leading out. If she breaks, then we leave.  I will mark a missed contact.  I will take chances that I normally wouldnt take.  AKC standard will be training runs.    The other new thing Im doing is not carry treats with me when I train.  Now if Im training a specific skill , then I will . Or if she struggles with something, I will go get treats to help her learn what I want. But for just running something I think she can do, no treats.   Reward with a "good girl" if she holds her contacts ect.  We'll see what happens.  Miley is a dog who likes everything the same all the time. So I need to make things from training and trialing more the same.

Today we spent the day out at the clubs new agility field working to get it ready.  We moved the contacts onto the field. We had to take the shed apart because it was missing pieces, moved it inside the fence area and put it back together.  The fence is still being build but the post are in.  Then we moved all the equipment inside the fence too.  Made new jumps, wobble boards and planks.  And painted the pump house for the field. There is a huge pond, river or lake behind the field but there is an alligator in there. So we had a pump put in to pump water up to the field so we can cool dogs off.

This is Britany, she paint the pump house and put the dog paws on it. It turned out cute.

 Here is the new field. Nice and big.
I was the first one to use the field. Here is our run.  Miley self released the first time over the dogwalk, so I made her come back.  I have no treats and the next time I said "good girl" when she got it.


Catalina said...

OMG! I have agility field envy! That is a great place to train. Except for the alligator part LOL!

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Sara said...

That field is awesome!

I'm really envious of that green yard is under 6 inches of snow right now!

You always come up with good plans. I think our dogs recognize change way more than we even think.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Your new field is great!! Your plan sounds excellent - Miley seemed to do really well with a "good girl" on the DW contact. I agree that the dogs like for training and trialing to feel the same - it is tough to do - but I know you can!

Priscilla said...

Your field is really beautiful. You're always so organised and well-planned. I hope everything works out well.

corbinwooten said...

What a beautiful field--so nice! And glad you got to have the inaugural run! :)

Just a thought--but one thing that Jenn helped us with on contact was rewards. Her rule is that if your dog misses it you mark it somehow, then take the dog back to the beginning of the obstacle and do it again. If they get it the second time, they get a somewhat positive reinforcement (maybe a "that's it" or a less excited "good girl" etc...) The next time they go over that obstacle (maybe in sequence this time) and if they get it they either get a reward (treat/toy) or just a much more positive verbal marker. Just a thought--it's been working really well with Lexi.

Anonymous said...

Confidence is huge. I noticed that with my friend who got her MACH Friday. She had been so down for the last two months trying to get those last 2 QQ's. The morning of trials she was jittery, panicky, angry. When I messaged her asking how a trial went one weekend when I couldn't be there, she replied very tersely, very unlike her. We couldn't help her relax no matter what we did.

Friday morning she was different. I can't even explain how. She was just confident. She had a huge smile on her face before she even went in the ring. And it showed. She got her QQ and made it look easy, even shocking the crowd by layering a jump in her opening.

What I mean to say is that mental management is huge in this sport. And it makes a big difference.

Enjoy that new field! Can't wait til my yard is usable again... I got 6" of snow last night, down to 3" now, hoping its gone tomorrow.

Kathy said...

that field is really fantastic and you are such a great trainer to be looking at all the things and analyzing it all, really great thoughts on the training for sure!!!!

Sophie said...

Good luck with the new plan--and the new field!

Lian said...

I am glad that you always look back and found new plans to help yourself and Miley to improve. Self confident is very important and I am sure you will walk in the next trial full of confident.

I am soooooo jealous about your new field! I so wish I have a training like that. Enjoy!