Saturday, October 15, 2011


"What, Is this still not right?"  LOL

I was so looking forward to this weekend.  We were suppose to go to an AKC trial that was just over 2 hours from my house.  I thought I would go because my runs would be in the afternoon and I didnt have to stay in a hotel. I could just drive back and forth.   I also wouldnt have to get up at the crack of dawn to get there in time.  I was feeling so good about going to the trial yesterday when I was at work.  I usually dont feel that way right before a trial. Usually I start worrying about everything we may not be ready for. Like that she hasnt done weave poles since the last trial.  But I wasnt worried at all. It was such a great feeling. Then everything went south.  I see posted on a list that Im on that they changed the running order.  I just couldnt understand how they could do that once it was printed in the premium.   The AKC has huge rules about once the premium is printed, you have to follow it.  Once when our club had a judge change 4 days before the trial started , we had to offer refunds if people wanted it.   I just didnt believe it. So I texted my friend who is in the club and had picked up one of the judges from the airport.  She said she hadnt heard anything but would get back to me.  So around 6 or 7 pm last night I get an email.  It says they moved the trial from undercover on dirt, to no cover on grass. It was now one ring and not two. And they changed the running order. Instead of FAST being first,  they made it last. Ugh!!! So now I need to be their much earlier.  And you know what really burned me up?  They didnt even explain what happened in the email. They didnt say sorry or  why they made the decisions they made.  Now people at the trial felt like everything was handled nicely.  But I think thats because they were already there and were asked their opinion about things. But those of us who hadnt gotten to the trial yet, knew nothing. If you are making huge changes to your trial, you (the trial chair) need to let your customers know what is going on.  And yes Ive been the trial chair for the last 6 trials our club has held so I know whats involved and how much work all this is.  Now I will tell you Im really feeling bad today.  I dont know if its fibromyalgia  pain or if  I have a virus. Im pretty misierable. Ive had a tough week trying to keep the pain undercontrol. If  I take Lyrica twice a day, it makes me so sleepy I cant function but the pain is so much less.  But I have to be able to function. Then today the pain is so bad, I cant function. It really sucks!!  Its a beautiful , sunny day and Im suck here. So that may be adding to my attitude problems about the trial. 

Miley and Java played  1 1/2 hours this morning.  Running around and around the yard.  Java was tried after all that but not Miley.  When Java layed down, Miley brought me the ball to throw for her.  I think Java has given Miley more energy.  How is that possible???

All these pictures were taking early   in the morning and I was inside the house. So they are kinda dark.

This picture was cool. I tried not getting that crate in the picture but it changed the  lighting in the picture to much.
( also I cant get spell checker to work. So Im sure there are misspelled words. Sorry)


Sara said...

Sorry things aren't so good this weekend :(

Looks like Miley had fun staying at home, playing with Java!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

It was a bummer about your trial situation today. I agree that Miley and Java did have a fun time together at home though. Also sorry to hear you are not feeling well - maybe the day spent at home was actually a blessing in disguise.

Priscilla said...

I'm so sorry that you didn't have a good day which things just went wrong. I had such a day too, and that's where my doga quotes came from. It's actually from a good friend of mine, a true yogi.

I can see the smiley face Miley, she looks really happy there. May be Jave really brought some spices to her life.

Sophie said...

Wow, that really sucks! Sounds like they weren't well organised at all at the trial.

Miley and Java look like they have so much fun!

Cedarfield said...

It does seem like if the club has to change the trial that much (running order, two rings to one, footing, cover) that they should have to refund your money if you don't want to or can't attend anymore. It makes it a different trial than the one you originally entered. And they should have at least explained why all these changes were made. Customer service is really important today since there are so many more choices that people have.
I also find it hard to understand how the club doesn't have some kind of written contract with the arena owner about the type and state of the footing that will be available on
the day of the trial and how the footing will be cared
for during the trial. That way these kind of surprises aren't
so apt to occur. I think the same thing happened at another
trial I attended last year (which I had taken off a day of
work, travelled for and paid motel expenses for). The arena
owner didn't provide the kind of footing that had been in
the arena originally and so when the club came to set up
on Thursday they found something very different than they
had originally advertised. It would have been nice to be informed ahead of time so that those of us traveling to the trial could have decided ahead of time if we wanted to cut our losses rather than get there and decide it was too dangerous for our dogs to run on. That's generally not a problem for Devon but can be for big fast dogs who could slip and pull a muscle and take months to recover from.
If I were you, I would send the club a nicely worded letter with my concerns and maybe they'll consider sending out retroactive refunds or partial refunds. After all, BRAC did that when they had a lot of snow at one of the or trials. It created a lot of goodwill which I think is so important when there are so many trials to choose from nowadays.

LauraK said...

What a huge bummer about the trial, sounds like they were very inconsiderate to people's time. Those beautiful girls look like they had a blast playing in the yard though, they didn't know that they were missing a trial :) Hope your pain gets under control, that's never any fun especially when you want to be outside enjoying the weather!

Whenever we've gotten a new puppy with an older dog in the house, they really turn into pups again and gain a bunch of energy. I think puppies are good for everyone, people and dogs alike :)

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

I'd be so agitated about the trial! They gave hardly any notice. What about the people who don't have email or internet? I know almost every agility person does, but there are still a few that rely on regular postal mail. What would've happened if they showed up at the wrong time?

A few months ago, one of the trial sites here pulled out of their contract. It went from an indoor, air conditioned soccer arena to one about an hour further away with no air control. I wasn't entered in that trial anyway but people were furious because they were NOT offered refunds. They either had the option of running in a new location with no air circulation (in July!), or not going and losing their money.

Good luck at the trial if you go. And good luck with the pain. We have a LOT of patients on Lyrica and most of them do say it makes them too sleepy. Could the doctor maybe try a lesser strength or different intervals?

Hope your weekend turns out to be a fun one :)

Dawn said...

So cool that Miley and Java play! And I LOVE the Guiness photo, including the crate!

I wish you felt better...I think staying home was the best thing to do all in all. Hope you're feeling better now!