Saturday, October 8, 2011


Its been a rough week.  I just been so tired. The puppy cant make it thur the night. She usually wakes up barking between 2-4am.  And after taking her out to go the bathroom, and she always goes, I cant go back to sleep.  So then Im up for the day.  4am isnt bad but 2am, I cant make it thur the work day. Im just dragging.
Ive been working on Java on going thur the tunnels.  She likes to go over the tunnels.

Ive been trying to increase drive in her.  She is kinda laid back. So Ive been letting her be a little bad in the house and I think her true personally is coming out.  Like today, she acts like she doesnt know what "sit" means.  LOL  "I dont have to listen to you and you cant make me".  Ive been struggling to get her to understand "wait".  That one she doesnt have at all.  Like in this picture, she is tied to the chair.

I was trying to lure a down. Thats how Ive always taught it to my dogs but she just wasnt getting it. So I clickered it.  That worked.  Im going to try to get in on video. She always has this little back talk when she lies down. I guess she is telling me, "I really dont want to do this but I REALLY want the cookie".  LOL  It cute.

Back to the tunnels.  I really dont want her doing agility unless she is really running.  Breakfast and dinner time she is very excited.  She runs across the room an slams into her crate. (also cute)  So I used her food bowl and dinner time to do tunnels.  Most of the time outside she chases Miley and  she runs beside the tunnels. But the last time they played she was running thur the tunnels.  Whoohooo, now to tap into the drive with me.

I have a ton of pictures.  If you are on facebook youve been suffering thur all my pictures.  Ill try to post different ones here.

Keep your friends close,

and your enemies closer. LOL

I took Miley and Java to the park and river today. It was packed. Ive never seen that many people there.  Tons of people, bikes , dogs  and strollers.  Im glad I didnt take Guiness, he would have been crazy with all the bikes.  Guiness really is crazy sometimes. It was such a pleasent walk with just Miley and Java.  When down at the river, I have to step back into the water to get shots.  And something bit me. I ran out of the water. I thought I got bit by a snake. LOL  I dont know what it was but not a snake.


LauraK said...

Great pictures, especially that last one with the water- how cool is that?!

Love the videos, your pups look like they're all having a fun time zooming together!

Hopefully she starts sleeping through the night so you can get some much needed rest- good thing those puppies are cute, right?!

Sara said...

She's ridiculously cute!

Don't feel bad...Chewy is 7months, and is still only capable of a 2 second "wait" and sometimes completely forgets what "sit" means. Quite embarrassing.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Java is adorable so that has to make up for other things - LOL! Hope she starts sleeping through the night so you can get some rest!

Helen said...

Looks like they're having lots of fun.

Nicole said...

Java is so so so adorable! great photos!!

Lian said...

Puppy is hard work Diana but all worth it. Java is so happy and Miley is so happy too. It's so lovely to see them playing and chasing each other! My puppies like to jump over the tunnel too. I wonder why? But it's so cute!

Priscilla said...

Java is really really cute, a little sweetie pie that you have. Hopefully she will sleep a bit more at night soon so you can have a better rest. Oh, by the way, I always love your pictures, they are beautiful!

Sophie said...

Lola repeatedly forgot 'sit' as she was growing--it's only now that I know and she knows she knows what it means and she has to do it. :)

Using meal kibble is a great way of tapping into drive - and a fantastic way of getting a stubborn pup to realise that if they wanna eat, they have to do as you say!

That last photo is just priceless.

Kathy said...

Puppies are hard, LOL, I always forget how tired puppies and babies can make you esp when they are not making it through the night. She sure is adorable though!!!