Saturday, October 22, 2011


Went to a trial this weekend.  We had a great day.   I would love to load some of the pictures I took of the dogs on the beach but the Internet is acting weird and I cant.  Sad.   Anyway, I only entered Exc JWW and T2B.   I also wanted to do the b-match to work on Miley's table.   We didnt Q in JWW or T2B.  In T2B we were the fastest but she dropped a bar. Ugh.  In JWW I again worried about sending her off course and over handled it. I caused a refusal.  She was coming out of the tunnel and there was a discrimination between the weaves and a jump. I called her to me after the tunnel and then got a refusal into the weaves because she was unsure and came back to me. But otherwise great run.    So here is the exciting news.   We did the b-match and she got on the table all 4 times without a single problem.  I wanted to reward her , so I petted her.  You can see in the video how much she enjoyed the touching. LOL silly dog. 

Anyway, how exciting is that.  So she gets on the first time, and I almost fainted.  So I thought, put her thur the tunnel and try it again. See what happens.  She got on again. Whoohoo!!  The second run we made mistakes going to the table and she still got on. WOW!!!  Im so excited to see  if it continues tomorrow. So why do I think she got on? I have not idea.  I have been running Java to the table at home and making Miley sit in a crate an watch.  But Ive tried doing that with Guiness and it made no effect. But Guiness didnt come to trials. 


corbinwooten said...

Diana, I am so happy for you and Miley! I know how hard you have worked on the table...awesome job! What a good girl, Miley! Pet her for me (well, she probably wouldn't like that, or care about it, lol!)

She didn't seem stressed about the table at all.

Overall she looked great. I love the RC to the chute, really nice.

Random, but do you ever feel like running Miley is totally chaotic? I always seem to feel like that with Lexi. I wonder if it truly is, or if I'm just not used to thinking that fast since she runs so quickly.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

That is so great Diana!! Fingers crossed that Miley just hops right up on the table tomorrow too!

LOL on the petting!! Ricky does exactly the same thing. He is thinking what is with this touching? Just give me some food if you want to reward me!

loralei913 said...

Wahoo! So happy for you! And yeah, I was gonna say she didn't look very pleased with the touching and petting lol!

Dawn said...

Man she loves to run doesn't she. She is all primed to run while she's on that table...doesn't want you touching her to interfere with her take off! But whoo hoo she GOT on the table! Maybe having Java there made her stop and think that you might just run the 'new girl' and not her anymore if she didn't straighten out! LOL!

Lian said...

WOW! Superb!
Good Luck today!
Hope Miley continue to tabling!

Sara said...

That was awesome Diana!

"Stop touching me're embarrassing me." :)

Good luck today!

Priscilla said...

I'm so happy for you and Miley and all fingers and paws crossed that Miley will do well tomorrow.

She is a good girl, so wonderful!

Sophie said...

Such a fast dog! Way to go on all your table success! :)