Monday, October 24, 2011

Hey Lucy!

Well if you are on facebook you already know how my standard run went on Sunday.   It was our first run. I wasnt nervous.  Im not sure why Miley did what she did.  It started with tire to the dogwalk.   She jumped the dogwalk contact and took the wrong tunnel entrance. OMG , I was so defeated when that happened.  I wasnt expecting her to get on the table but she just acted like I hadnt trained her at all. What the heck???  Then she jumped the a-frame contact, popped out of the weave poles and jumped on and off the table. Did a big circle around the ring and then got on the table.  After that, she was perfect. LOL, the only contact she didnt jump was the teeter. That one was perfect.  So as we were driving home that day I started thinking, running Miley sometimes is like being Charlie Brown and playing football with Lucy.  Sometimes she just pulls the ball out from under you.   And thats exactly what it felt like.  I take what Miley does way to personally.  And I just need to remember that sometimes she is just going to act crazy and just remember that is Miley. 
Both my walk thurs were at the same time.  So I decided to just concentrate on Standard. I only walked jumpers a few times. There were only 6 dogs in open standard so there wasnt much time to worry about jumpers.  It was only a few minutes from standard to jumpers. I just wasnt sure my head was in the game after that crappy standard run.   So here is our run.

I thought maybe I left the poles to early in standard so I  made sure I didnt do that here but she still pulled out.  Ugh. We were so close but yet so far. LOL  I didnt stay for T2B or FAST.  I was just over the whole thing.   Plus my son was with us at the beach and needed to get back to college and I still had to clean the condo.  So leaving wasnt a bad thing. 
So what do I think happened.  With the weave poles, Ive only been practicing 6 poles at home to work entrances.  The last two or three classes we've had its been raining or wet and I didnt want to run weave poles.  So we have done no 12 since our trial 3 weeks ago.  Really I havnt had a full run anywhere except at trials since August.  Most of Sept. she didnt do anything because of the glass in her foot.  Then here its been raining a lot so its been hard to fine dry time to practice expect in my yard.  The new field for the club is suppose to be ready this weekend.  Weve had no place to practice since April.  So maybe she just isnt getting enough practice. Some other things which Im not sure make  a difference or not.  Saturday Miley and Java ran on the beach for a long time.  Im mean a really long time.  I remember thinking that maybe it was to much.  I guess not.  Then Sunday, I had to be at the trial earlier.  The dogs didnt run as much.  Java seemed tired and didnt want to run as much.  She walked weired up the steps.  The night before I checked all her pads because she also walked weird up the steps.  Now it was worse.   When we go to the condo I checked her again. OMG, there was a huge sand spur stuck under her arm.  I dont know how this dog was walking at all. I felt terrible.  I had to hold her down and my husband had to cut it out.  (I was thinking  this would have taken Miley over the edge. Good thing it wasnt her)  She had two more sand spurs . One in her neck and the other over her groin area. Poor dog. Ive never seen sand spurs this big.  I dont know how she got them.  
Anyway maybe Miley needed more "burning off energy" time.  I didnt throw the ball before going in the ring either.  Saturday I also worked Java  before going in the ring with Miley.  The last thing that was different, and I cant imagine this was anything at all. I went next to the ring , before the b-match, the table was right next to the ring gating. I touched the table, said table and when she looked at the table I would say "yes" and give her a cookie.

I took lots of pictures but Im running out of time. So Ill have to post them later.


Sara said...

The one thing we can count on with our dogs...unpredictibility (is that a word?)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sara is right. Miley looked good in the jumpers though - she was reading you well.

I've never heard of sand spurs but they sound painful. Java is a tough puppy!

corbinwooten said...

Have you ever taken Miley to the chiro? I never have, but have a friend whose dog kept popping the weaves and she took him and he was apparently pretty "out" in his back/pelvis. After the adjustment he didn't pop again.

I don't know if that's relevant or not, but I thought it was interesting.

Kathy said...

Well, I figure you gotta embrace the unpredictability of the whole working with another creature aspect of agility,LOL, it is probably what makes when it all goes so great such a rush because you never know

Priscilla said...

I think our dearest pets really know how to make our life so interesting, colourful and yet challenging! :)

Lian said...

Well, I think sometimes we expect too much from our dogs, even an experienced dog may have a "off" day doing something weird in the ring.

The sand spur sounds awful.