Thursday, October 13, 2011

Catching up

Last night I went to teach an agility class.  We worked the "J" exercise in the Alphabet drills book.  Miley struggled.  The novice dogs in the class did so much better than Miley. Hmmm.  There are 4 jumps that are close together in a pinwheel fashion.  She kept missing the fourth jump by going wide. Ugh.  Then she kept dropping bars like crazy.  What the heck??  I dont think she is hurt, at least I havent seen any signs. Then last night she took a flying leap in our room. I bet she jumped 5 feet high.  She cleared the dog bed, the hope chest and was flying 2 feet above the bed as she came up. And our bed is high off the ground. The only thing I can think of is the "J" drill you are suppose to start the bars low and work them up to competition height.  But I didnt do that because you know, I know better. I dont need to listen to the instructor in the book because I know better. LOL. So I had the bars at full height. Well, I hope thats all it was.
I took Java with me to class.  We worked crate games and she did well. We also worked on retrained recalls. She was awesome.  Really trying to get to me. whoohoo!!

Here are some cute videos of Java that I already posted on facebook.

I cant believe she stay on this tunnel.  Its been raining so its wet.



Sara said...

Awww, love the one ear up, one ear down photos! My favorite ear combo :)

I've never done the alphabet drills. They sound interesting.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I also love the one ear up and one down look that Java is sporting!

corbinwooten said...

The picture of Java and Miley close up is PERFECT! Nice one! Would you say they are truly friends now?

And secondly, do you recommend the alphabet book? I'm always looking for short sequences to work on in the yard and was thinking of getting this one.

Priscilla said...

Hey, Eva has that kind of ears too!

Love the video, Jave is so cute and brave too.

Helen said...

Wow, she had good balance, maybe log rolling is her sport, LOL

Diana said...

Ashely, Miley and Java get along better than I could have hope for. Everyone once in a while Miley trys to correct Java but otherwise they get along great.

I didnt order the Alphabet book. The other person teaching the class had it. It was interesting. The set up and what you were teaching. It really opened my eyes to what Miley needed to work on. I really didnt think she would have a problem at all. Fooled me.

Sophie said...

Such cuties! Java's face is so hilariously long for such a little pup at the moment!