Sunday, October 9, 2011

A new beach

Someone at work told me about this beach that you can take your dogs to. She said you can get there by boat or you can walk in.  We wanted to go out on the boat today and we were going to clean up that beach with the trash on it. But there was a "lake wind advisory" so we didnt go out on the boat. I decided to try this new beach. We we drove over their, I guess it took at 20-25 minutes.  When you get there, there are signs everywhere stating "No Parking" and you will be towed.  I knew we could walk in, I just didnt think they wouldnt have parking outside the beach.  First my husband walked in to see if it was worth it.  Then he came back and told me to take the dogs and he would stay with the car. What a drag. First I wouldnt be able to take my time and also I wanted to do stuff together, not by myself.  

The beach was beautiful.  None of my pictures captured how pretty it was. I thought I had changed the settings for different shots but when I got home and brought the pictures up. I had messed a lot of them up.
It was very cloudy so I dont know if that was it. But see how the beach and water are washed out. Ugh!
Guiness isnt in any of the pictures because he just kept acting like a maniac trying to get the waves.  So I didnt let him off leash.

Then my husband called and said the police came and told him he cant even wait out on the road for me. ( its a dead end road).  Ugh. So I was talking to him on the hone and trying to take this picture.  First I cut Miley off.

Then I cut Java off.  So frustrating.  I finally had them both looking at the camera. Looking happy and Miley has her eyes open.  I blew it. Ugh!!  I walked back to the  car after this.

The colors were beautiful and everything.  Darn it!

Here is the video of Java running into the crate.  From some reason she ran into Guiness's crate and I couldn't get her out.  Guiness was in there too.  Good thing he is a good sport especially since he doesn't like the puppy yet. (The video isnt as cute as it seems to me. LOL)


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Very cool beach and the colors are pretty! Too bad that you couldn't just park there - what is the big deal? I hate rules like that but I guess they exist for the people who might be up to no good on a dead end road.

The video is cute! Java loves her crate (well, Guniness's crate) LOL!

Sara said...

Gee, they may allow dogs on the beach, but it sure doesn't seem all that "friendly".

The lighting in those last few shots was perfect! Gorgeous faces on those merlie girls.

Java looks like her favorite game is crate games :)

corbinwooten said...

Don't be silly...the crate video was adorable!!! I love how Java runs in and throws her head back to bark. She's proud of herself, ha!

Sorry to hear about the beach, that is a drag.

Kathy said...

that is so cute with Java running into the crate. The beach is gorgeous too bad there isnt parking esp if it is at a dead end street. Java sure is beautiful!!!!

Priscilla said...

Beautiful beach and gorgeous pictures. I miss the beach too, may be we should visit our favourite beach again when Rosie is home.

Dawn said...

What the heck you can walk on the beach but not park your car? Hope you get to go back by boat! Loved the shots, even the colors!