Thursday, November 3, 2011

Not much

Wow, I havent bogged since Saturday. Sorry about that. I did it in my head. Does that count?  LOL  Sunday we walked the dogs at the State Park.  I havent been there in several months because its just been to hot.  Its not hot anymore. Now Im complaining its to cool. In the morning it been in the 30's. What's up with that??  We suffer through 100 degree heat all summer just so we dont freeze in the winter.  I guess not this year.  Anyway, I tried to get some good pictures.  Every time I try to get all the dogs in  a picture,  its a disaster.

There were lots of people and bikes at the park, so that always irrigating to me. LOL because you know Im the only one who should be at the park.  All the bikes made it hard to take pictures of the dogs. Plus Java just cant "wait'.  She is doing well at home but any place else , forget it.

Work has been horrible.  So many kids lie and fake all the time. It irritating.  Some kid told her mom I refused to let her call her mom or let her go home. Which wasnt true. The mom came in and had some words with me. I pulled up my note and told mom what the student's complaint was. After resting, I sent her to lunch and told her to come back if that didnt help. She never came back.  It wasnt a pleasant conversation.  I just told her "Im sorry, your student didnt tell you the truth".   So then that student came back again that day that mom came in.  Well guess what. None of the phone numbers or email addresses worked for mom. And the student didnt know her phone numbers.  So how was I suppose to call her. Ugh!!  Then some other little boy acting like was having stroke symptoms.  Im trying to figure out if I should call an ambulance.  I trying to reach a parent. Guess what, there was nothing wrong with him.  OMG, What the heck???  Crap like that takes me over the edge.

Then the toilet in Stephanies bathroom leaked and we didnt know it. We  never use that bathroom.  It wasnt until the ceiling down stairs bubbled, that my husband saw it.  The bathroom baseboards are a mess.  I think we may have to pull up the floor. 
At least it didnt leak onto my china cabinet.  The water hit right in front if it on the  carpet. Yes, the new carpet from a couple of years ago. That area is gated off so no dogs go it there. So much for keeping things nice.

I taught the co-op agility class for the club yesterday. The field is nice and the fence and gates are up. But no locks on the gates yet so I used bungee cords to keep the gates closed. That worked well.  I set up a course but it was pretty hard.  It took me several tries to get it right.  Miley self released herself off the a-frame once and when I gave her an negative marker work, "nope". She big stess circled the field.  It was said harsh or anything. Silly dog. After that, she got it then next two times.  I dont know what to do at a trial. I may not mark it, if its going to stress circle and go crazy.  Java came too.  I worked just playing with her on the field. I worked on using food and changing to a toy. Very hard for her.  She likes food alot.  But I want her to be able to use both.
I also downloaded Sylvia Trkmans video on Cik and Cap.   I really just want to teach my dogs to turn tight.  Miley doesnt turn tight at all.  So Im hoping this will help. Im not sure if Im going to use the verbal with it because when I watch the video of her running, it really seems like her dogs are reading her body motion cues. But I  like how it teaches them to drive out of a turn.


Sara said...

OH, the leaves look so pretty, especially since the sun is shining! Gorgeous.

I'm trying to teach cik/cap as well. I have a hard time figuring out which is "cik" and which is "cap". I don't think I'll ever get it. Luckily, my dogs are smarter than me!

Plumbing problems are the worst, aren't they?

Dawn said...

Wow you sure have a lot going on! The park sounds fun even if other people are using it! LOL! The ceiling looks terrible!!! Aside from pulling up the bathroom floor, replacing it and the baseboards, are you going to have to replace the downstairs ceiling too? Such a lot of work, not to mention money! The dogs look great...little Java must be having a blast with a big sister and a big brother!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Very pretty fall park pictures!! The "disaster" one of the dogs is hilarious!

Sorry about the problems at school. It is not right that the kids are coming in and faking illnesses. And then parents being hard to deal with - that's awful. Don't know how you do it.

Sophie said...

This month has been busy for everyone, it seems!

I LOVE that photo of the three shelties; it might not be perfectly posed but I think it really brings out their personalities.

LauraK said...

That first picture is stunning! Looks like it should be in a book or something :) I like Guiness' raised lip in the second photo- what a goofball. He looks thrilled about the whole thing. Hopefully work gets better for you and you get your bathroom fixed- what a drag!

corbinwooten said...

Sorry about all the stress you're under. What do they say? When it rains, it pours.

That's crazy that it's been so cold there. It hasn't even been that cold here yet!

Where did you find the Cik/Cap video? I've wanted to teach that to Lexi, but can't afford Trkman's online classes (they look awesome!)

We need video of Java practicing :)

Diana said...

Ashely, here is the link for the cik and cap video. It wasnt free. It cost 67.00. But I felt like it was worth it. She really explains it well. She also goes thur course examples which is neat. The course map is up on the screen and the vidoe is playing. She tells you where she used it and why. Times she will use it with a big dog but didnt need it withe little dog. She also shows side by side course running with her dog and another dog. So her dog may not be as fast but is shows where she makes up time by getting such tight turns. Here is the link.

I just started training Java on the turning so it will be a while before I have anything to show.

Kathy said...

I LOVE cik/cap and it also teaches a lot of obstacle focus and to drive ahead. YIKES, that ceiling does not look good, ooh will home owners cover something like that? When we had water damage they sent people right out with big fans to make sure everything really dried before mold set in. LOVE, LOVE the last picture, what a beautiful girl.

Kathy said...

PS the Silvia Trkman agility foundation class is almost all tight turns and cik/cap, I had done the video work before and started the work with her puppy class but the foundation class gave some real courses to work on it and some really good tips and hints.

Priscilla said...

That's a gorgeous fall picture and the colours are so beautiful.

I'm so sorry to hear about what you had to go through with those kids, sometimes, we just don't understand why they are at school and their parents seems come from another planet as well.

Love Guiness' look! I think he is trying very hard to give you a smiley :)

I hate leaking, too!!!