Monday, October 3, 2011

Trial update

Lets see.  Saturday didnt go very well run wise.   Our jumpers run I really messed up.  I got lost twice and finally had to stop, I think at jump 7, and regroup.  After that it was beautiful. Then Standard, it was tunnel jump jump tunnel.  Easy right? Well Im not sure what happened but Miley was unsure if she should take that second tunnel. Then tried to take the wrong entrance, I finally got her in the right entrance and she came shooting out and off course thur the tire.  She did get right on the table. I seem to have a better chance at getting her on the table if its in the corner.  If its out in the open, forget it.  Then next was T2B. We had a very nice run.  We came in second. I think we lost first by 1.3 seconds.
It doesnt look fast on the video but I know the other dogs are fast dogs so it had to be fast. I think my time was 29.39. I didnt run FAST which was the last class of the day.

Lots of my friends have puppies right now. So a bunch of us got together at one of there RVs to let them all play. My husband took Java up there and he said it was crazy. I was trying to take some pictures for a friend of mine. She has yorkies and needed to send some pictures in of her dogs. But her camera didnt take high enough resolution pictures so she asked if I would take them.  She had to show 8 yorkies working. She put up ring gating and did an obedience sit stay.  Im not sure the pictures are what she wanted. I felt like they werent good enough. But she looked at them and said they were. Then they picked one dog to show working rally. That was a close up and that one I really liked.
So when I got to the puppy play time, Java seemed kinda done with the whole thing. Unless it was just me showing up which changed her attitude to playing. We didnt stay long because I was beat.

Sunday I had to walk jumpers and standard at the same time.  Thats always difficult for me.  I feel like I cant concentrate on the walk thur that I want very well.   First we ran Standard. It was a beautiful run but she wouldnt get on the table.  Everything else  awesome. So disappointing about the table.  I had someone filming but we just got the end of the run of me running out of the ring.  Im not sure what the problem is with filming. Open the door, press the red button. Thats it. I hope Im not messing up filming peoples runs too. It seems so easy but I guess not.  My jumpers run didnt get tape either because of the same type of problem. But the lady knew it and told me she messed it up.  My jumpers run, I messed up.  I was so worried about her going off course into the tunnel that I called her name. But she was with me and didnt even look at the tunnel. So when I called her name , it pulled her off the jump. Ugh, trust your dog. She knows her job. LOL
Thank goodness that is done.  I have  paperwork to tie up but basically its finish.


Lian said...

WOW! Fantastic for your trial result! Miley is awesome! Congratulations!!
The puppies photos really crack me up!

Sara said...

Overall it sounds like you had a successful weekend! Interesting about the table being in the corner. Maybe when she has to stop in the middle of the course, it is too stimulating for her to concentrate?

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congrats on running another very successful trial - so impressive! I would be a basket case but you do it all so well! Sounds like Miley had a good time and did well too!

tervnmal said...

Once again I am playing blog catch-up. Hugs to Miley and Java is stinking adorable!

Kathy said...

Congrats on a good trial, Miley and Java look so cute together! Adorable!

Dawn said...

No way would I be able to do more than one run a day period. Couldn't concentrate on more than one. Glad Java had fun...wish you didn't have to work so hard and could just enjoy the day with your dogs!

Sophie said...

Wow, sounds like a CRAZY weekend. Interesting thing to have noticed with Miley!