Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day one

The first trial day went well.  I was very worried about covering the first rings of the day because no one had signed up. But it worked out. Lots of club members came and covered. So everything went well.
Miley had some nice runs.  I didnt run her in standard. Really she hasnt done much in the last month and I didnt want her to over do it. She ran Exc. FAST first.  She ran great, although she self released on the dogwalk.  Only two dogs in the class Qed and Miley was one of them. WhooHoo.


Next up  was JWW. Im glad I scratched Standard because I was suppose to be in both rings at the same time.  We had a beautiful jumpers run but she dropped the first bar. Ugh!  Dont you just hate when that happens.

After the trial we held a B-match.  We were trying to raise money to pay for the new tunnels and chutes that the AKC is requiring. Our tunnels are 6 inch pitch and they are requiring 4 inch pitch.   The b-match took a long time.  I think about 4 hours. But its nice to practice in the ring.  I ran Miley twice but only did like two obstacles then the table.  This first time was terrible. As soon as she got to the table she stressed, big circles around the ring but she finally got on.  My plan was if she got right on, run out and reward with this can dog food she loves.  So I tried again, did a jump to table.  Stress again, big circles around the ring but then got on. Ugh!  I felt like I needed to keep trying. I didnt want to reward big circles before the table.  So I tried one more time and she got on the first time. We ran out and rewarded. I ran  back in, chute to the table. She got right on. Whoohoo.  They we did another run about 1 hour or so later.   That time she got right on both times.  I only did like two obstacles to the table.  I'll probably try to run her in standard today. Will see. It depends on how she is acting.
Then after all that, Java's litter mate Elise was at the trial. They had a great time playing chase. I got tons of pictures. I wont post to many of them. Most of them I posted on FB. Elise  is much smaller then Java. Like two inches shorter and her legs are very thin and petite. Thanks for all your comments on her size. The breeder felt that she would be 15-15 1/2 inches.  So as long as she stays under 16 inches, Im good with that. But if she goes over, that is just life.


Dawn said...

So fun to watch Miley run! The jumpers it was just 'boing boing boing' over all those jumps! The first bar? Maybe she had scooted so close she didn't give herself enough space to jump!

Sara said...

Wow Diana! Those runs were gorgeous! You were both running so in sync.

Good luck with your standard today. Fingers crossed the table gods are on your side :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Beautiful runs!!! Both really gorgeous! Congratulations and I am glad that Miley is feeling good and her pad seems healed! Hope today goes smoothly too!

corbinwooten said...

Miley looked great at the trial! Naughty girl for self-releasing at the DW, though!! I know you must have worked hard to get some of those nice turns you had.

I'm glad you were able to get her on the table and jackpot her.

Good luck today!

Sophie said...

Well done on the Q!!

Those playing photos are awesome. Elise and Java are such a cutie pair!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Aw the puppies!! Miley did really well and seemed to be enjoying herself.

Helen said...

Those were some nice runs!!!