Friday, January 7, 2011

So Happy

I took Miley to the rehab vet yesterday to have her checked. I had made the appt. after she dropped those 3 bars in that first gamblers run at the last trial, I was worried. She didnt drop any more bars the next 7 runs but I just wanted to make sure. So I drove up after work yesterday. Miely wasnt happy to be there. She hid under the chair. It cracks me up because she always seems so confident to me except when she is at the vet. Anyway her appt went great. She showed no signs of any problems. No muscle tenderness or soreness. WhooHoo! I was so happy , I could have kissed the vet, but I didnt. LOL ( for my husband, the vet is a lady). After that I decided to go to an agility class that is always on Thursdays. It was outside but surprising it wasnt to cold. Of course I had two pairs of pants on so Im sure that helped. Miley was her crazy self but she hadnt done anything all day and it was now 7pm at night. The course map is below. The distances arent correct, I just cant judge that type of stuff.

I dont know what to tell you about this course except everyone ran it really well, except me.  But thats ok, I was just happy to be running.   Miley did go off course after the number 15 tunnel. She took that jump and went over the dogwalk. Of course I stopped running even though Meagan told me to go with her.  She came around and got right on the table.  "Good Girl"!  Now go figure that out. LOL   The only thing that I realized when I was almost home, yea I had almost 2 hours to think about things, was that I ran the course wrong. I kept setting her up on the other side of #1.  Im not sure why I did that or why no one said , "Diana, you are on the wrong side of the jump"  LOL.  Maybe they did and I was just so happy, I didnt listen to anyone. LOL
Ive been reading everyones goals for the new year and if they met their goals from last year.  I know I had goals for last year but the only one I remember is to get her Open Standard title.  Well we all know how that went.  That title is probably a pipe dream.   Hmm wonder where that saying came from?   I havent had the guts to go read my goals from last year yet.   So this year I dont really have any concrete goals.  I just want to keep my dog healthy and to learn to be a team on course.  Once we become a team at trials then I can start focusing on other things. 

Work has been really crappy and hard to get thur, just in case  you were interested.  Parents always seem to be mad about something. Thank God its Friday!!


Lian said...

So Glad Miley is ok. I know sometimes we worried too much if we see our dog twitch.

The course looked like an interesting one to run.

Sara said...

You sound happy in your post today, and I love your goals. I'm so glad Miley has a clean bill of health.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

So happy that Miley had a great check up and is totally fine!!

I like your goals too and I'm going to make them our goals as well!

Sorry work is crappy - I don't know how you deal with all the parents - hang in there!

I was curious about "pipe dream" after you mentioned it so here's what it says in Wikipedia:

"A pipe dream is a fantastic hope or plan that is generally regarded as being nearly impossible to achieve, originating in the 19th century as an allusion to the dreams experienced by smokers of opium pipes."

So I doubt your goal to get Miley's OA was actually a pipe dream - LOL!

Diana said...

LOL, thanks Ricky . Thats funny! Diana

Jules said...

GREAT to hear Miley is aok.

Patti and DeBoys said...

We are so happy to hear that Miley is back on course even if its the wrong direction :). We thought we were the only dogs that has a backward handler, two left feet or is it two right feet (mom hasn't quit learned her left from her right) LOL

Happy Blogging
-- DeBoys and Mom

Priscilla said...

That's great news on Miley!!
So nice to read a happy post by you. I'm glad you're happy :)

Dawn said...

Happy Happy! :)

Marie said...

Well, I have to say that the good thing about always being late in reading everyone's posts is getting to read all the comments.

I have to totally agree that you and Miley getting her OA, is NOT a pipe dream. LOL

So glad to hear that her vet check went so well, and that you had such a good time at agility.

Kathy said...

Ok, you and I should make a little club of people that have that elusive open standard title as our goal for this year! It feels like a pie in the sky goal for us too, the way things have gone, but, hey....we should attack that goal!! What software do you use to draw your courses? Your tunnels and weaves look way different then CCRD, unless you are doing tricky things Idont know about, LOL.

Diana said...

Kathy, the course design is a program call "iMap". It's for iPhones and iPads. I took the iPad with me and just drew the course right on it. It's not as advanced as "clean runs course designer" but works great for class.

Kathy said...

Wow, that is really neat, that would be so handy to have at class or seminars.