Sunday, January 30, 2011

The park and stuff

Today is warm. Yea!  I think it was like 55 degrees this morning.  We went to the hiking park and had a very nice walk. Both the dogs seemed very happy.

Yesterday Stephanie and I toured Coastal Carolina University.  It was a really nice day for that too. Very sunny. Today isnt sunny. 

We had a very nice visit and learn lots.  I was very impressed considering I didnt have high expectations going in.  The only thing I didnt like was in your second year there, you have to move to different housing. The housing is considered  "on campus" but its about 1/2 a mile from campus and its apartments. It cost more to live there. It will add 2,000.00 a year  more to your room and board when they make you move there. Hmmm, I dont like that to much.  Also I think you may not study to as much that far from campus.  On Friday we are suppose to visit another college.


Sara said...

Glad you finally got some warm weather! We did too...its 35! Really, that feels warm!

Stephanie always looks so happy in her photos. I hope she finds a college she likes, that is also somewhat wallet friendly. They really get you on the room & board.

Ludo van Doggy said...

Looks like a lovely park. It's hard choosing a uni/college. So many things to consider!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I'm glad you are finally getting some nicer weather too! The sun is out here right now - unbelievable!

Must be very difficult to find the right college and the right price too. I don't envy you but hope you and Stephanie find something she really likes!

Love the first photo of Miley and Guiness!

Kathy said...

Thats a bummer about the second year houseing, they must want to reserve the closer units for the younger students to keep a closer eye on them? Hummm. We are supposed to have cold front and some rain and icy condidtions coming in, and I am bummed, we have had some of the nicest weather the last few weeks and I was beginning to take that for granted, but, guess it is over with now ;-)

Sam said...

Do you mind sending some of that nice weather here? We really need to melt some of this snow before the next storm comes!

Stinks about the extra cost of housing for Stephanie. College is just so darn expensive, isn't it?

Priscilla said...

So glad that you finally had some good weather and sunlights and you had a good day touring the school.

No more free education nowadays. The college and housing is getting so expensive these days. Rosie is going to do her college / uni in three years' time and I'm wondering how much it would be increased by that time.

Hope you and Stephanie find what you both like soon!

Dawn said...

Well you guys deserve some decent weather, you've had an awful winter! Love the pictures of the dogs. You take such wonderful photos!

I always thought it would be cool to take my child university visiting. But Katie says she doesn't want to go to college. Oh well.