Monday, January 17, 2011

CPA trial day 1

It's been a long day. We got there at 6:30 this morning and left after6:30 at night. They had some international courses that were being run so thats what took so long. Next time I will add more runs so Miley didn't have to wait around so long. ( I started this post Saturday but never finished it)
First we ran PII gamblers. She did well but jumped her a-frame contact, she did stress a tiny bit after the a-frame but she got it together quickly. It's hard to see on the video but the weaves are in the back. I practiced two weave entries and she got the  both. The first one was a rear cross on the flat.

We got the gamble and took 1st.

Next up was team standard.  In team standard you get faults but as long as you dont go off course your still earning points for your team.  Well first off I walk the course wrong.  I was thinking the number one was on the other side of the first jump.  I couldnt ever read #1 right.  Whats up with that?
And then I left out #12-15 in my walk-thur.  Ugh!  I dont know what was wrong with me.  The groups were large so while group A walked team jumpers , team B walked team standard and then we switched rings and walked the other.  Then you ran both.   Anyway they needed help in the ring so I signed up for assit. scribe.  Well, there was no ring crew. They asked me to be ring crew.  And its not like thats a problem but my body is usually screaming with pain when Im at a trial so I was trying to pick a sit down job.  But no problem, I said I would do it.  It was a lot of work.  Running to fix the chute and pick up the bars and be fast too.  The ring captain was very nice and after a while she came out and told me to go do her job as  leash runner and she would do my job.  She told me she wasnt running a dog and she knew I was running in the ring after these dogs ran and wanted me to have energy left.  That was very nice of her.  So while I was being ring crew I realized I had walked the course wrong in both places.  LOL good thing I wasnt first.  I wasnt the only one.  Someone told me a couple of people ran the first jump wrong.
We did stay on course. WhooHoo.  We did have some errors but we still got points. We really have to work on the tunnel under the a-frame and rear crossing that.  Also she took a spill out of the chute.

Next was Team Jumpers.
Man, I really felt like I could run this course.  We were doing well until #12, I sent her and then pulled off to make a front course and she pulled off the jump. I resent her so we were still ok, then she took #14 and went off course over  the backside of #6. She came right back to me and we finished nicely but we got and "E" for our team. Ugh!  (no video)

 Last was Team Gamblers.

In team gamblers you get the most points in the closing gamble.  So all the opening obstacles arent worth that many points.   There were three gambles.  I decided to go for the one with the most points, the white circles. Miley is pretty good about distance and I thought we could do it.   I did tell my partner that if Miley jumped the a-frame contact again I was going to have to mark it and make her do the a-frame again.  And she was ok with it.   We started with the tire to the weaves.  Well when we ran thur the weaves, one of the nails was sticking up 6 inches.  Holly crap!   Now I really needed to change my plan because  I wasnt running her back thur the weaves again which was my plan right before starting the gamble.  Then she jumped on a-frame contact so I said to her "Hey" and made her do it again. She got it the second time.  Of course my whole plan was shot.  Im not even sure what I did.  The buzzer went off.  She took the Circle #1-3 but when she came out of the tunnel she went behind it.  What the heck?? I have no idea why she did this. Then she took an off course jump and we were whistled out.   So we didnt get to many points for our team.   (no video). 
We went back to the hotel and crashed.  Miley went right to sleep and slept all night.  Yea.  I really need to get a white noise machine to block out all the hotel noise.  I thought we might get kicked out Friday night we she kept barking. 
Ill finish out the weekend later today.  It does get better.  No stress circling all weekend!!!!


Sara said...

It gets better? I thought these runs were pretty darn impressive!

I think they should have let you run again if there was a problem with the equipment (nail sticking up).

Can't wait to hear about day 2! Congratulations!

Diana said...

I did tell them to stop at the end of my run and had them fix the nail. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Looks like you guys had a great day 1 and if it only gets better after that then all I can say is WOW! I love that gamblers run - love the rear on the flat weave entry and love the gamble and love the startline.

Hurray for Miley with the no stress circling all weekend!! That is huge!! I'm super happy for you!

OBay Shelties said...

do you have an Iphone? It has a white noise app that we use all the time when we are in hotels. :-)

Diana said...

I have a droid phone but I'll see if they have an app for it. Thanks