Monday, January 17, 2011

CPA trial day #2

Day 2 started early because Miley is always up early.  We were up by 5am.   I think we were at the trial site by 7am.  You probably know that Miley really wants to chase cars.  Ive been working on this problem constantly. Sometimes she does well and other times not so much.   I was getting stuff out of the car and had Miley out already on leash.  I accidentally dropped the leash.  Cars were coming into the parking lot and Miley was already getting excited and watching  them.  When I dropped the leash, I immediately called her ( probably screamed at her because I was so panicked) and she came .  WhooHoo, that was the highlight of the weekend for me.  It could have easily ended in disaster. I was soooo happy , I just couldnt believe that she came. 
On the the trial stuff.  Today started with snooker.  Ugh, I hate snooker.  Im terrible at it. I was just hoping to get some points.  Some is better than none. Which Ive done before.  I took Miley out twice and ran her under this barn type structure. Threw the ball and Frisbee.  Imagine how fast she would be if I didnt have to burn off that energy before we run.  But if I dont do it, she just is too over the top for me. Anyway we didnt get very far in snooker before the whistle blew. We did get some points but not much. We didnt help our team to much. I think we were 2nd to last place at the end of day one.  So now that  crappy snooker run didnt help at all.

Next  up was steeplechase.  I really needed a good run after those bad runs.  And we did have a good run.  We "Q"d and took 3rd.  We had a little bobble after #4 where she didnt seem to know which way to go, but didnt go off course.  That cost us time. Then I handle from a distance at the end which made her a little wide so time there too.

That felt good.  We werent perfect but we are getting closer.  I didnt sign up for Monday so I didnt run the 2nd day which was for money.

Next up was Grand Prix.
The beginning which was chute to the tunnel, you had to be right there otherwise dogs were taking the dogwalk.  And because I really wanted to make sure she got the tunnel, I couldnt get  pass the tunnel to make a front cross in front of #3. ( or maybe I didnt try hard enough. My  husband said I need to learn to run!) Then I had a bad rear cross to the a-frame and she almost missed it and it was ugly.My dog covered for my bad handling, what a dog!! Then we were done when we dropped the bar on #8.  My handling from #11 to #12 didnt go as planned.  I was behind in stead of in front to use a serpentine and sent her over #7 instead of the teeter.  But she didnt stress and came back to me.  There was an ugly  turn into the tunnel. Im not sure why that happened.  Ive watch the video a few times and cant figure it out.

Last up was team pairs.  We both had great runs and it moved us up in the standings. We were 11th but only the top 9 "Q"ed.  It was a good experience and Im glad I did it.  Slightly stressful and I really felt bad when we didnt do well because it hurts the team points.  Oh well, there be another time to do better.
 Here are some pictures I took after her steeplechase run. It was in front of a NC State stadium which was across the street.


Anonymous said...

my gosh, that steeplechase run was pretty. You did a great job with your handling - she is so fast!


Kathy said...

WOW, what a great thing that Miley came to you esp when there were cars to chase, what a good girl, a great way to start a trial. Great job, very nice, the steeple chase run was really pretty. Nice contacts,Miley stayed right with you, you guys looked awesome. Is Miley afraid of the teeter at all -is that why she is rushing to get off or is it she just wants to go on?

Diana said...

Kathy, I think she is just excited and wants to move on. Ill have to fix that too! LOL

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Well you know the thought of a dropped leash in the parking lots scares the crap out of me - good girl Miley for coming to you when you called!!! I hope never to have to find out if Ricky would do the same!

Totally awesome and beautiful steeplechase run!!! And lots of great things in the grand prix too (leave it to husbands to come up with those "you need to learn to run" comments - LOL) I thought you really were running!

Congrats on a fabulous weekend! I think you and Miley did so well together - it was a joy to see!

Johann The Dog said...

Nice runs!!!

Lian said...

Hey, you have some fantastic runs with Miley on the weekend. Congratulations with the Q'd and 1st place. From the video, Miley is looking very good and did very well. Well done!

Sara said...

That's funny that your husband told you that you need to learn how to run...when I watched your first video, I thought to myself, "Wow, she's really running!" LOL. I think my husband told me the same thing, after I came out of the ring having an asthma attack from running what I considered fast.

I am simply in awe of your handling. With speed queen Miley, you have to be able to think so fast. I honestly don't know how you remember the course when you are out there with a dog running at mach speed. Plus, I know a lot of times you're out there running in pain.

Congratulations on your beautiful runs.

Dawn said...

So much fun to watch. She's such a treasure.

Dawn P said...

I love that GP course. Congrats on the great weekend, including the come when called :)

Morganne said...

Awesome steeplechase run! I hated Snooker too but the more I played, the easier it got and now it is one of my favorite classes (up there with Gamblers).

I watched the turn off the dw to the tunnel. It looked simply just like Miley was looking at you when you cued the turn back to the tunnel, she turned and moved towards the tunnel and ran into the sand bag.

Marie said...

I'm glad this trial went so well for you two! I think you had a lot of great things to be really thrilled with. Loved watching you guys run the Steeplechase class.