Friday, July 1, 2011

Water and class

On Wednesday and Thursday I went up for classes with Meagan.  On Wednesday it was a drills and skills class.  And wait for it, Miley was tired after this one hour class.  Shocking, thats never happened.
We worked in groups of twos and rotated thur the drills.  So you were working almost constantly.

On the tunnel drill, if I wasnt quick enough she would take the tunnel after #2.

The next day I drove up with some other people from Columbia.  That was nice, to have people to talk to.  The both run very cute , fast Yorkies.   So three Yorkies were in Miley crate and Miley was in Guiness crate.  Miley was probably wondering what the heck was going on.
We ran the course in both the novice and Masters class.  In novice there were only 6 poles. We we added 12 poles, Miley kept leaving the poles early. Meagan thought it was that jump in front of the weaves causing this. As soon as she moved it over, Miley did all the poles.  So something to work on.  I may add a jump after the poles when doing the weave challenge this week.

We did another course but I can really remember it.
Then we did this course.
This one, Miley took the  #11 off course tunnel after jumping #15.  That happened when I FC in front of #14.  First I RC #16 but she went really wide around #17 and #18.  So then we changed it to the FC after #14. 

My dogs are doing much better crossing the river.  I just have to get them started and they will cross on their  own.

Miley doesnt like it when its this deep. Plus there is a current. You cant see it but she'll start turning sideways sometimes.

"I made it!!"

Ok, lets play ball!!

"Maybe if I close my eyes, she wont notice that I was missing"


I took Roxy and Mickey to the vet for their yearly.  Holy crap that was a lot of money.  They did blood work and Mickey needs a phenobarb level.  So I get a call. Mickey's Alt Phos was slightly  high. Roxy's  ALT was slightly high and her BUN was elevated.  You know whats weird.  Three of my dogs have had slightly high BUNs this year. What the heck?  They have water at all times. Multiple water bowels.  I wonder if the lab needs to recalculate their machines. Anyway, they want Roxy to take Sam-e milk thistle for 10days and then recheck her levels.  Its a huge pill that she only takes half. So Im having to half it again to get it down her. (she is taking the whole dose, I'm just breaking down smaller for her)


Sara said...

Bloodwork can be so frustrating at times. Seems as though my dogs always have a "slightly" high level of something, even though they are acting perfectly fine. Even myself, one draw, I had a very high level of iron in my blood, so my doctor had me go in for genetic testing to see if I had the marker for hemochromatosis. No gene, and my iron level was completely normal. What the heck?

I hope Roxy's levels go down after 10 days.

Dawn said...

What the heck indeed! My brother was just diagnosed with hemochromatosis last year. We had never heard of it before! Very frustrating disease.

Anyway...I was thinking that no way would Katie walk across a river. Ever. Even on a leash! Miley is so brave!

Kathy said...

that is weird about the blood levels, it will be interesting to see what the recheck will show. Looks like a great class. Looks like some fun stuff to work on. I added in a jump after the weaves because cricket does so much curling back, so I want her focusing forward a little more and not being so eager to get out of the poles when we do 12 anticipating her reward ;-).

Lian said...

Oh God! That doesn't sound very good for the dogs! I hope they are ok. Can the heat affected them, you think?

Anonymous said...

That's one of the things that I hate about having so many dogs. The vet bills can be horrendous. I keep wondering why that never seemed to cross my mind as we were getting the dogs. LOL

Anyway, I hope you're able to get the pills to a manageable size for Roxy to take.