Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just one little thing

I ran three classes yesterday at the trial.  And one little thing kept us from Qing each run.  I think I have an AKC curse on me. LOL

The night before the trial I did a drop in class at the trial site.  I figured I practiced one more time getting on the table.  She had no problems and no stress. I felt pretty positive about her getting on the table.

Im not sure what to do able the table anymore.  Ive tried everything I can think of to fix it.  Im mean its the same building, same table same everything but its now a trial. Ugh!  So sad. We will never be able to go to AKC nationals or try to even get a MACH because she cant get on the table.  Such a shame because she is a great dog.  This kinda reminds me of the fly swatter at my house.  Evey time I pick it up to kill a fly, Miley runs out the doggie door.  I  have no idea why she is scared of the fly swatter.  Some how she has developed a scary association with it, just like the table. Silly dog.

Next up was jumpers.
That right corner was very tight.  I did a lead out front cross.  Which kept her off the jump right in front but then I was behind.  It doesnt look like it on the video but as she took #6 she was uncertain which way to go.  I was shocked when she went the right way but then she went wide around the broad jump.  (that was in class yesterday too, no problems).  Who would have thought that would have been a problem.  Its funny what people do to keep their dog on course. A good many people did a lead out all the way pass #3 and tried to do a call to heal, their dog still went off course. Weird.   What I wish I had done was a lead out, lateral send  and then FC #5-6.


Last up was T2B.  Everyone who says running their dog is not about the Q's, I dont think is being honest.  Because hardly anyone signed up for T2B. Everyone is trying to get their Q for their MACh.  And how many times have you heard, whats the point of running your second run if you didnt Q in the first run?  Wait, I thought is wasnt about the Q, it was about running with your dog and having fun, right?  So since there werent many people left, everyone running a little dog , worked the big dogs run and vise versa.   This course looks easy right?
This course was deceiving.  #5-6 looked like a straight shot when you walked it. I had planned to fc after the teeter to get her over #4.  Then I was going to run a straight line to the tunnel opening. But after watching a few dogs run and take the off course tunnel, I decided the only I could try was RC after #5 to try to get her in the right tunnel.  The next spot was after the weaves #11-12.  Again when you walked it , it was a straight shot into the tunnel.   But it wasnt, if you werent ahead of your dog, they took the teeter.   I had walked that two ways and went with a FC after the weaves and then RC the tunnel. I knew it would put me behind and hoped it wouldnt bite me.

That was so disappointing dropping the last bar. Ugh!!!  But the sand in the corners is really soft and I think she just didnt get the lift she was expecting when she jumped.  One thing in each run kept us from Qing. LOL


Sara said...

All your runs were beautiful Diana! It must be so frustrating to be sooooo close to those Q's.

Have you thought about trying CPE? They let you start at whatever level you want, and no real table requirements. No MACH, but you do work toward earning something called a "catch".

Lian said...

You and Miley are great! I love watching your runs and it is always inspire me to see how determined you are towards training Miley to get on the table. Maybe it will come, one day. DO not give up. As you said, Miley is a great little dog.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I loved watching your runs! You are staying ahead of Miley and giving her great information early - and she is reading you very well. That rc at the aframe was so pretty!

Too bad we as the person on the agility team want the Qs and titles and ribbons. I want them as much as the next person. But of course it means nothing to the dog. Miley is having the time of her life running those agility courses with you and that is truly all that matters. Maybe there just shouldn't be Qs and titles. Plenty of dogs get the Qs but sometimes I wonder what quality of relationship they really have with their person. My relationship with Ricky means more to me than any Q ever would and I bet you feel the same about Miley. So you are always the winner!

Sara said...

Did you notice how much the judge was clapping for you? Obviously, he thought your runs were great too! That was no polite, golf clap.

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

You guys looked wonderful! I like Blair Kelly. Some people were having a fit at a recent trial because he likes to put broad jumps in Excellent level courses and people just haven't practiced since Novice.

We're trying T2B at our next trial in August. I'm feeling iffy about it. It seems like it's only for speed and nothing else. If border collies spin before every obstacle but run the course in 20 seconds, they'll still win because they don't count refusals.

I agree with you about the Q'ing too. Yes it's about having fun, but still.

Kathy said...

did you see how gorgeous those runs looked, and how fast Miley was running and how much in sync you were? How cool that there was ONLY one thing in each run that kept you from getting a Q, it is getting awfully close ;-) and those were pretty runs. I know this might be a super silly suggestion but what about finding another dog to run too.....just to take some of the pressure off things, I know there are people injured, or with a lot of dogs, or what ever, maybe even a neighbor dog that needs exercise you could play with and just get ready to trial some in novice..., I know with Chloe when we were having a lot of struggles when I had another dog it just made it all seem easier and I was not as worried and it really helped both of us. Who knows it could be a win win for all involved??? I know a lot of people would never want to or consider running another dog, but....maybe just a silly thought... I think you and Miley are really looking good and meshing more all the time and heck it is getting so close...I still think you guys are a fine wine and it is shaping up nice, you gotta look at how many great things you have been doing lately.

Anonymous said...

That T2B run was phenomenal! You made all the right decisions to handle it perfectly for YOUR DOG! I'll bet you would have been right up there for a placement, if not won the class, had that bar not come down.

Dawn said...

I'm holding my breath the whole time I'm watching each video, even though you told us what happened...she's just so FAST!!!! You guys look great, I think you're almost there...the table? Just don't know what is in a dog's head. But the rest is so pretty!

Cedarfield said...

Really nice runs!

I think Miley is probably going to do her little table freak out less and less as you go along. I think you handle it just right, just nicely and calmly insisting that she do the table no matter what.

I should try to dig out the video of Devon's tables in 2009. They were so bad! He'd get on but he'd bark and jump up and bite me on the stomach and once (at Concord no less) I was excused from the ring. Finally I got some good advice to just take a deep breath and relax and smile and not worry about the sit or the down (this was before they changed the rule) but to just wait it out until he decided to go down or to sit and it worked!
Almost all our problems are because of stress, theirs or ours doesn't really matter because we share everything out there, so learning to relax and laugh it off is crucial.