Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Some rain

I took the dogs to the park tonight. It started raining.  We need rain. Everything is very dry. But when I got back to my house, just a few sprinkles.

Yesterday we drove to my mom house.  I didnt take any dogs. It was weird being there without dogs.   I kept expecting a dog to follow me to the bathroom and up and down the stairs but it didnt happen.  We got up really early this morning and drove 2 more hours to Jacksonville Airport.  Stephanie was leaving from that airport. She is going on  a mission trip to Puerto Rico for a month.  Im so worried about her. I talked to her a lot about safety and staying safe.   Im a worrier.  After getting her thur security , was stayed and ate a Cinabon .  Ummm,it was good.  Then we started home.  It took us 4 1/2 hours to get home.  It was so good to get here.  Then my husband told me Casey Anthony was found not guilty.  I thought he was kidding.  He tends to do that.  He says things with such a straight face it takes you a minute to figure out he is kidding. But he wasnt kidding this time. I just cant believe it.  I didnt think they would find her guilty of  murder but jeez she had custody of her 3 yr old kid and didnt report her missing for over a month.  Plus the duct tape found on the kids head was from their home.  Isnt that at least neglect or abandonment?  This has put me in such a bad mood, I cant stand to be around myself. LOL


Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Pat is FURIOUS about Casey Anthony. He's so mad you'd think he was personally involved. I think it's ridiculous. She obviously did something. If she didn't kill her, why didn't she report her missing? It's really bad.

Sara said...

I didn't follow the case much, but it does seem like she should be held liable for something. There are some sick individuals in this world.

Dawn said...

I hope Stephanie enjoys her mission. She'll learn a lot and see a lot, and really appreciate her own home by the time she comes back!

Love the wet Miley pictures...wish you had gotten a little more rain at home though!

I agree, the Anthony case was just wrong..but I think the prosecutor just didn't get the job done. I think that what goes around comes around and somewhere, sometime, she'll have to pay for not being a responsible parent. I hope.

Anonymous said...

I was in a bad mood as well after the verdict. I can't believe they couldn't at least charge her with neglect? or something. The whole family seems wacky. Well, you can bet she is getting book offers, appearance offers, etc. Its just awful.


Kathy said...

that whole verdict really made me confused, I was just so suprised and shocked. I feel so bad for that baby and I hope Casey does not have more children....
Stephanie is a SMART young lady I bet she will do great, you raised some good kids and she knows what to do, what a fun opportunity, but it is so hard not to worry ;-).
Love the misty pictures!