Thursday, July 28, 2011

Monster land.

The river was so high that all the green stuff is now all up in the trees.  Scary looking.

Miley is probably tired of all the picture taking.  Guiness didnt come because he just couldnt handle the walking today. He had already walked once. So its just Miley.

Someone I use to work with was there with her son's border collie. I asked her if I could take pictures of him in the water and she said yes.   I wont post any pictures of his face because I didnt ask her permission.

The good news was I walked down the path with them and Miley wasnt nervous or anything around this big black dog.  Of course the dog could care less about her, so that probably helped.


Berts Blog said...

Oh Miley, those trees are spooky. I bet it felt spooky and silent and wonderful all at the same time.

And oh my, your human does take the best pictures of you..

Yes you are the model and it would be almost impossible not to get a good picture of you.

Still, She does a Stupendous job.


onecollie said...

cool & creepy all at the same time !
Love the picture of Miley in the water

Sara said...

All I can think of is...Return of the Swamp Thing. Although, it is quite beautiful.

The river looks like a great way to stay cool.

Dawn said...

Love that fourth one...

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I like the green stuff in the trees - very cool! Your photos turned out great!

Wish I could get Ricky into water like Miley - he needs it to cool off in all this heat!

Priscilla said...

Amazing pictures and Miley is so beautiful!

Those pictures of the river and plants made me think of some Narnia kind of movies!

Kathy said...

very cool!

Anonymous said...

Your green stuff is still green. After all the flooding this year, the fences and stuff that got covered in water, look like that, but now it's dried into this weird film. It's definitely not pretty anymore. I should take pictures of it. It's not something you see everyday in a high desert like we live in. LOL