Saturday, July 23, 2011

Trial Update

I woke up this morning and drove the 3 1/2 hours here.  First up was Open standard.

I think the open standard course was harder than excellent.  The excellent started the same (1 and 2). Then the did the pinwheel back into the tunnel and over the dogwalk. The the aframe  to the table.   We had the pinwheel after the aframe. I was so freaked out by this. How silly is that?  I kept trying to figure out how to keep Miley off the  tunnel after #7.  Do I do a lateral send and then front cross or do a rear cross after #6.   I debated all the way to the start line. Not a good idea.  I went with the lateral send  but I pulled off too soon and pulled her off the jump.  LOL, that figures. 

So her table was much better than I expected.  I know you probably think Im crazy but she just didnt feel as stressed  and crazy to me.   I was thinking if she did the same thing that she did on Wednesday we would go home after today. But she kept me with just a little bit of hope. LOL  Anyway, someone came and told me we Qed.  I didnt believe him.  How could that be possible.  But I guess in open you can have one off course, one refusal and one table fault.  It still wasnt a pretty run but right now, Ill take what I can get.  And this judge didnt give us a refusal when Miley ran around the ring.

Next was Exc. JWW.

Pretty straight forward.  I saw lots of dogs missed jumps.  I guess we all thought it was to easy and let up on our handling. LOL  Well Miley missed her weave pole entry.  OMG, Its been months since she missed a weave pole entry at a trial.  Then after my run someone told me I should have been whistled off for training in the ring because I resent her into the tunnel. O'well, live and learn. To many rules.

We were done by 2:30 so I took Miley to the park.  Its freaking hot outside.  We only stayed about an hour. Thats all both of us could take.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congrats on your open std Q!! Good girl Miley for coming back to you and getting on the table! I liked your jww - Miley was really flying. Looks to me like she resent herself to the tunnel not your fault so maybe that's why you weren't whistled off.

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Congratulations on your Q!!

I don't consider that to be training in the ring. It didn't look like you even "intentionally" put her back in the tunnel. And I don't think many judges would have considered that training in the ring either.

Sara said...

I thought the table was beautiful. She is not circling as wide or frantically as she had in the past. The fact that she can cut off the circling, return to you, and regain her composure is amazing. I think she is really close to having it all click in her brain..."get on table, then I get to go run and play again!"

This heat is getting really annoying. I'm so looking forward to our night in the 50's tonight. HOpe it cools down for you too.

Dawn said...

Still looks like she's have so much fun! Glad you Q'd

Priscilla said...

Good girl Miley!!!

Really enjoy looking at your pictures, they are beautiful.

Kathy said...

EXCELLENT, CONGRATS! Beautiful pictures

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the Q! I agree, it looks like the times that Miley does start to circle the table now, she is able to recover and continue nicely. I think that's good progress.

Also, I definitely didn't think you sent her to the tunnel. I thought it looked like she just took it on her own, as she came back to the weaves.

Anonymous said...

the table trouble is definately getting better! Congrats on the Open Standard Q. I agree it looks as if she went back into the tunnel on her own.