Sunday, July 3, 2011

Time to leave the nest

Yesterday I tried to run agility. OMG, its hot and humid here. Even at 8am in the morning. 
I set up this course and couldnt run it. LOL, that figures.  My confidence is really plummeting.

Im not sure if the distances are correct.  First problem, I couldnt leave her at the weaves.  What the heck?  Ive been leaving her at the weaves, even at trials.  Im not sure why, but every time I tried to leave to get to #12, she would leave the weaves. I had to put a target out to keep her in.  Next problem was trying to beat her out of the tunnel, #13. Once I had the target but the weaves, I came to the inside of the jump #12, but when I tried to just say tunnel and send, she would take the a-frame.  Then if I stayed to make sure she got the tunnel, I couldnt beat her out and she didnt know where to go after the tunnel. Ugh!  Not a very successful morning.

We went out on the lake this moring.  Its just so hot out right now, if we dont go first thing in the morning, its not happening.   There were lots of people out too.  All camping on the islands that I usually use to swim my dogs.  I have about 8 spots I like, all in use.  Great.  So we found a new one, its really close to the one that is my favorite.  I think I like this one better.  It has a steep incline off the small beach and I thought it would keep the dogs contained. Im not worried about Miley leaving, but Guiness will.  Well, next thing I know, I cant find Miley.  Then I look up.

Oh, brother.  I guess it kept Guiness contained but not Miley.  But Miley, I dont, think will run away.

I couldnt get Guiness to get in this picture. He didnt want to stand so close to the water. LOL

I only swam Miley, because Guiness didnt really want to swim.  Then I thought Miley wasnt extending her right rear leg out fully. So I got goggles  and watched underwater. Not the clearest view but I could see she was extending both back legs the same.  She just  seemed to be holding her right leg closer to her body before extending it, the the left leg.  Im not sure if that means anything.  It kinda reminded me when you see a picture of a dog jumping a bar and the one leg is hanging down more then the other as they take the bar.

Then there were these geese following the boat.  We dont feed the geese but someone must have been.

I dont know if you can see this or not, but the mama if feeding the baby bird.

Then one is going fishing;
And I missed the shot of him catching the fish. My camera is to slow. It was "busy". Ugh!

And its time for these babies to leave the nest. They are huge. Almost as big as the mom.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

fantastic osprey photos! they are so cool!

Lian said...

Thanks for posting the course map. I think I will struggle from #7 to #8. I don't think I will be able to beat Sizzle to it and he will take the tunnel instead of the A Frame.

Love the photos!

Sara said...

Love the color of the soil on that ledge. The red/orange is really cool. Our dirt is all brown :) I think Miley saw the ledge as a giant a-frame to conquer.

You got somegreat bird shots. Were you using a telephoto lens?

Diana said...

Sara, yes I used a 70-300 lens.

Jules said...

Diana, you always get fabulous wildlife shots. I would be in heaven having the opportunity to see those birds up close.

11-12-13 did look a bit tough to me. I would love to see what it looks like in person.

Dawn said...

Love the color of the soil too...reminds me of Alabama... great shots of the birds and the dog...and really interesting one of Miley swimming...

Kathy said...

Beautiful pictures, hey I am thinking it is just not a good idea to train in the heat when no one is really into it ;-), just seems counterproductive and bad for the ego lately, ;-), maybe that is just my perspective because it is hotter then heck the last week, but...