Friday, July 22, 2011

Struggling with my camera

Im having a hard time learning to use my new camera.   A lot of my pictures are coming out to dark. Im having to lighten them in the canon program when I open it. Its driving me crazy.  And then when I get the light right, the dogs are blurry.  I guess I have a lot still to learn.  This camera isnt as forgiving as my old camera.

Ive been trying to get an owl shot for months.  The couple of times I seen him but didnt have my good camera.  Last night the owl was right there. He swooped down and got something off the sidewalk. Then sat up in a branch.  I kept trying to get his picture but at 8:30 at night and in the trees there just wasnt enough light.  I kept trying to slow the shutter speed but I couldnt remember and see what button I was looking for. I got this one but still had to lighten it.  I hope I get another chance to get a better picture.
Tomorrow Im off to another trial at that same building.  I really dont have much hope that she will get on the table  but really anything is possible.


Sara said...

I really love the photo of the river, and the one of the butterfly too.

Fingers crossed Miley gets on the table!

Dawn said...

Love the light on the river, and then just signed over the two dogs running, what a great shot that is, and of course I think the owl is very very cool.

Good luck at the trial tomorrow. Yes anything is possible. I believe that completely. Someday she's just going to get on the table like it was something she's always done, and you're going to wonder why and you won't know any more about the why she gets on the table than you knew the why of her not getting on the table.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I like all of your photos! Good luck at this weekend's trial! You gotta believe that Miley will do the table!

Berts Blog said...

well, if those pictures are bad then I am nuts. I think you did great. I especially love the ones with my fourlegged friends in them



Marie said...

I think there is a really good chance of Miley getting on the table this weekend. That is nice that you get to go back to the same building again this weekend. I think that should be in your favor.

My favorite picture is the one of the river. It's just gorgeous, although all the snake pictures you've posted make it hard for me to want to get any closer than just seeing this place in pictures. LOL

Reilly / Bree said...

I think your photos are fantastic - they have a real artistic quality to them.

Priscilla said...

All the pictures are truly beautiful and I love all of them.

Good luck at the trial tomorrow. I always feel that when you hold a positive thinking with you, everything is possible and positive. All the best.