Thursday, July 7, 2011


I woke up to Roxy vomiting at 6am.  She drank some water and vomited again.  I got up and she had diarrhea twice during the night.   She was just laying around.  She would leave my room.  Didnt even come out for the 8,000/day breakfast.  Everyone was so excited. Barking and spinning.  But Roxy didnt even come see what was going on.  (How can dogs be so excited about kibble that is exactly the same everyday??)  So at 8:30 I just walked into the vet and asked if they would see her.  Ive never done this before. Ive always had an appt . I didnt want to be rude but I was really worried.   I had to wait an hour and a half but as soon as they saw her they were concerned.  He said she was dehydrated. I told him I was worred I gave her pancreatitis because I gave her a few pieces of steak the night before as a treat.  He told me that was on the top of his list. Ugh, I felt terrible. He also said it could be Hemorrhagic gastritis.  He would draw blood on her and call me in an hour.  They would also give her fluids. 

I started to drive on to the trial. It would take me about 4 hours to get there.  If he called me in hour and it was pancratitis, I would turn around and go home.  But when he call he said all her blood work was normal except her albumin was low but that could be from vomiting.  They would  hydrated her  and my husband could pick her up at 4:30. The vet said they gave her enough fluids for a 12lb dog. Roxy weighs 4lbs.  I hope he was just kidding. Tonight my husband said she is just sleeping.  She has an IV that takes up her whole leg.  He said she isnt happy.  It could be the IV or that she was probably freaked about being at the vet all day.  My husband takes her back in the morning to be rechecked.

I made it to the trial. I was 1/2hour early but  the guy in charge said we could get started. And he let me put Miley's crate up in the crating area.  So I striped off the crating area, helped unload the truck, put up the ring gating, put equipment together and course build the first course of the day tomorrow.  Man I was beat. But of course Miley wasnt.  So after checking into the hotel I found a great park. It was huge.  To bad its about 10 miles from my hotel.  It had walking/hiking path, bike paths, golf course, lake, ponds, a pool, and kids play grounds.  The paths went on forever. 

This bird wouldnt look my way , so I never saw its face.  Too bad.

 Im having a hard time loading pictures.  Anyway, Miley is finally sleeping. She been driving me crazy.  Barking in the hotel room. We walked an hour and a  half but that didnt seem to help. Played ball too, but she just kept barking. I guess she finally gave up. Tomorrow is an early start.  Walking the ring starts at 7:20 and judging starts at 7:40.  I think we finish between 7-8pm. Long days.


Berts Blog said...

OK so now we are getting a little worried about Roxy. My Vickie says this must be really hard for you to have to leave her but it is good that your husband is with her.

WE will keep sending "get Well" vibes.

Good luck in the trial tomorrow


Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Wow! You've had a busy day. I'm sorry to hear about Roxy. I hope it works out well.

Good luck this weekend!

Sara said...

Have a good trial day. I hope Roxy gets a good report from the vet.

Im glad Im not the only one with insane dogs at meal time.

Dawn said...

Hoping Roxy is feeling more like herself today. Glad the blood work was normal. Have fun at the trial and try not to stress too much!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

hope roxy had a good night and hope you and miley did too! good luck today!

Reilly / Bree said...

I hope Roxy is starting to feel better - it would be hard being away from her.

Jules said...

I am glad Roxy is doing okay. Good luck at the trial!

Elayne said...

Good luck at your trial and I hope poor little Roxy is better soon. It's so hard when they're sick and can't tell you what's wrong.

Kathy said...

I am sending good thoughts for Roxy, hopefully the hydration helps her feel all better and good luck at the trial,sounds like you had a wild day!