Friday, October 29, 2010

More Beach Pictures

It was very windy right on the beach.  The other two pictures were taken on the island but not on the beach, so no wind.
Thanks for everyone's kind words. I really appreciate it. Im feeling much better.  They had increased my fibromyalgia medication about 2 months ago and I realized when I went to call the doctor for a refill, thats when I stared feeling like I couldnt deal with anything.  So they decreased my medication and I feel much better.  So that must have been it.  Guiness is doing better.  I think the 1 1/2 tabs of medication was put him a little over the top with excitement.  I felt like he was on the edge of going from excitement to aggression when playing with the other dogs.  At least he is playing again.  I hadnt realize he has stopped doing that since Miley wasnt allowed to play.  So I made a decision on my own to give in 1 1/4 tabs, and so far so good.  I'll call the doctor back next week and talk to him about it.
Miley is all done with heated ultrasound and me driving to Charlotte every week. Yea!!  She seems ok.  Weve done a few low jumps and tunnels.  And some table sends.  Im kinda scared to run her and that she might get hurt. But I guess thats normal. I know the key is to take it slow.  So thats my plan. Something weird  has happened.  She is now going out to the garage to get in the car on her own. I know you are probably thinking , whats the big deal.  But Miley hates the car.  Every time we need to go some where I have to catch her. She wont come near me and lots of times I would have to trap her.  Ive tried everything to get her to like the car.  So what changed?  I have no idea.  Maybe all that time of not getting to go anywhere, made her want to go. I dont know but it sure does make things easier.  One morning she even got into the garage when I was getting ready to go to work.  I didnt even know she had done that. I felt something near my leg and I look down and there is Miley. She was ready to go.  I sure hope things stay this way. Its only taken 3 1/2 years.  I guess I have a long way to go  for her to get  over her table issue.


Patti and DeBoys said...

Just a thought...without going back and reading about what Miley was doing when she got any chance did your table issue start when you realized she was hurt?

Reason for me asking is when I realized that Brutus was refusing to jump up onto things even go up the A frame at 9 months old, is when I found out that his hips where hurting. So, after his physical recovery from his surgeries, we are still working on his mental recovery.

So, just maybe Miley has associated the table as the 'Source of Pain'????

Diana said...

I thought about that Patti except she has gotton on the table at a trial since July of 09. I dont think she has been injuried for a year. At least I hope not. But I do think there is something there that has a huge negative for her. I just wish I knew what it was. Diana

Kathy said...

Breeze is afraid of the noises in the car, any little rattling, she loves to go places but she gets in the car and hides her head and shakes the whole way, and it is worse if she is crated in the back because of the clings of the crates and the stuff on top of them, must be hard to be a dog and be afraid of something and not able to say what the deal is!!!
So glad you are feeling better, I for one really care about you and really appreciate having you in my life even if it is on the net-you are one of the things I look forward to in the morning logging on and seeing what you are up to and getting your comments.
Glad Guiness is feeling better, that adjusting meds is hard, ....Skyler has his thyroid meds and was looking so good, but all of a ssudden he s a GRUMP and peeing in the house, ughghghghgh, he goes after the other dogs and has been a real poop about me needing to groom him-I am wondering if his meds are not right and need to be checked again, if it is not one thing it is another.
ILOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture colors with Miley and that pink-is it Pampas grass??? You need that in your yard just because it looks pretty with Miley and her coloring!---Kathy

Sara said...

Diana, I'm so glad that you are feeling better.

Oreo got better about going in the car during rehab too. Now I worry about him getting in the garage when the door is open. I never had to worry about that before. Dogs!

Anonymous said...

Diana, Hannah doesn't like the car either. Usually I have to either just walk her down or lure her to get her to come to me when we are leaving to go somewhere. I hope she gets over it someday too. Glad you are feeling better.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better, Diana! We were so worried about you!

Miley looks beautiful in all her photos! We know what you mean when you say you are scared to run her. Just do it though. We can't live life worrying so much! (Ha, I need to take my own advice for sure!). Miley was born to do agility! Maybe the table issue will be resolved sooner than you think. Have you tried anything from that Nov. Clean Run article yet?

Also glad Guiness is better - sounds like it was a good idea to change his dosage a little.

Kathy said...

did you check out the table retraining article in Clean Run this month. I used that technique with a dog in my class last year that was terrified of the teeter and it worked really neat, wonder if that might have any ideas for Miley since she obviously has associated something bad with the table.

Dawn said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I've been thinking about you.

Love the photos of your pup. Purple is a good color for her! :)

Maybe all those weekly trips to Charlotte, though hard on you, were good for Miley in that she got over the car fear! And if she enjoys car rides now, all the better, but I'd be careful that she's not in the garage when you're backing out! That would be scary!!