Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday Summary

Well the trial is all done.  Everything  went very well, at least I think it did. No major problems , so thats always a positive.   We still didnt get any "Q"s , LOL.  So what is the positive.  She was really listening to me so I pulled her off jumps.

Open standard was first.  Again, Ann was watching to see if she noticed anything.  And Miley got right  on the table , no problem.   Well I hope the positive table vibes continue.  The last few times  she has come out of a chute, Ive sent her off course. I really wanted to stay on course because it was chute , jump , table. I cued to early and pulled her off the jump. Ugh!

Who know why Miley decided to get on the table.  I have anther trial this coming weekend. I only entered standard once, will see if she gets on. Keep your fingers crossed.

Next up was Exc. JWW.  I thought I had a pretty good chance on this one. But after watching people run, I knew it was going to be tough.
The off course tunnel entrance after #6 doesnt look that close on the course map but it sure seemed closed when you walked it.  I really wanted to keep her out of that wrong tunnel entrance , well I did alright and pulled her right off jump #6.  LOL  Then I tried to do a lateral send to jump #9, and pulled her off that too.  And I dont know what happened at jump #14. She pulled to the side and I figured she was just going to miss it and it didnt really matter at this point. I dont know how she did it, but she pulled in and got the jump. I probably shut my eyes for a second, thinking she was going to crash the wing, but she didnt.   It really was a crazy run.

I have a few more trial chair duties to do. Like count worker coupons so I know how many were used to eat, how many I have left over and then we know how much can come back for money off their runs for next time.  I have to put the judges fees , like how many runs times how much money they charge, hotel fees , food and rental cars.  And I still have to put the judges stuff in for the Fall trial with the AKC.   Oh, yea and I have to send in the report to the AKC for this trial. Then Im done. LOL


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sounds like everything went well with the running of the trial - congratulations on doing it again!! Miley doing the table three times in a row was totally awesome!! And Qs or not, she is really listening to you and that is wonderful!

Dawn said...

Whoooo hooooo1!!!! TABLE!!

Kathy said...

You know that sounds all positive to me, the table, Miley listening you feeling good about the whole thing. I think next weekend you need to watch Miley's tape of her getting on that table so nicely, watching it a bunch of times will help you visualize and remember how it felt, that could not hurt, but you have to be tickled pink at the whole table thing, that is so much better then any Q or double Q you could have gotten.

Sara said...

Diana! That last table was absolutely gorgeous. She doesn't look stressed at all to me. She's looking right at you, and she didn't seem to hesitate about getting on.

I admire the fact that you stuck to your plan all weekend and left the ring after every successful table.

I agree with Kathy, the table accomplishment is way better than a Q! After all, hardle any words start with the letter "q", but think about how many times a day you say the word "table"!!! That in itself shows its importance(ok, I haven't had my coffee yet and am making no sense, LOL).

Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

Wow Diana, you really put a lot of effort into your trials! I know there is much work to do to make a trial come off successful, and you have Miley to run too. . . It's really cool you do so much!

Miley looked like she had a blast, I love to see a dog eager to run and having fun. Of course I know so little about it, but she looked great to this beginner!;)) I'm glad she is getting over her issue with the table!:))

Marie said...

I am so thrilled that you and Miley have made such progress with the table lately! Congratulations! I'm also glad that the trial went pretty smoothly as far as your trial chair duties go too.

Amy Wood said...

Glad to hear everything went well at the trial. Miley looks really good out there!