Sunday, April 17, 2011

Still Q-less

Today was kinda a crazy day.   I left home at 5:30am not knowing if the weather was going to hold.  They were calling for severe weather.  They started the trail an hour earlier to try and beat it.  It was windy and cloudy but no rain at the beginning of the day.  Our first run was gamblers.  Im not sure why but it was a wild run.
Everything was going great until the a-frame and she jumped the contact. Ugh!  I should have turned her around and made her do it again. But I decided I would add it in later. Then when she was going for the teeter she slid right off the side.  I could hear her nails trying to hang on but she couldnt.  That time I did put her right back on.  Then tunnel, dogwalk and jump. The the buzzer went off. Ugh, I wasnt where I wanted to be and handled the first jump into the gamble poorly and made her drop the bar. But otherwise the gamble was good.  It doenst sound to crazy of a run but it felt like it.  Then several people came up to me asking me where I got Miley.  That always cracks me up. Here I feel like we have a crappy run but people are interested in Miley.  LOL.  And of course I obsessed about the run for the next hour and what I should or shouldnt have done. Thats always helpful.

Next of us was Grand Prix.
I front crossed after #2 and #3.  Worked great.  Several people were excused from the ring for training in the ring. When then sent there dog to #2 their dog when the wrong way after the jump so they put them over the jump again ( I guess to set the line) and the judge called that training in the ring.  I had walked#7 to #8 two ways.  A lateral send with a pull to the weaves or a front cross after #7.  When I was watching the dogs run, the people who tried to pull, the dogs almost took the #16 jump and then had a crappy approach to the weaves. And the dogs weren't that fast. So I figured that wasnt a good choice for us.  So I decided the front cross.  I was late and caused her to drop the bar. Ugh!!  Everything else went off well.  We also FC after the weaves.  She got all her contacts, the teeter and her weaves. WhooHoo!   No dogs in championship or Preferred in any jump ht. qualified.  Most dogs dropped the bar before the a-frame.  It was a weird angled jump.  The judge got a round of applause after everyone was done running and no one "Q"ed.  LOL

Next was pairs.  I didnt have a partner and they changed things around several times after I walked the course to give me a partner.  I ran with a dog in the 22 ht. class.  We did the first half of the course because they other person didnt want to do the weaves.
 This was the only run of the day that Miley didnt push at the start line.  I serped  #4,5 and six which I was worried about. I always seem to get behind in a serp and then it doesnt work. But it worked beautiful and I was so excited. My half was great.  The other person had lots of problems and went off course.  But I screwed up enough course on my own, whats one more. LOL  Plus my half was clean. whooHoo!
But this time, its 4 or 4:30pm.  Im exhausted.  I had worked multiple classes as ring crew and help build a couple of courses. I was thinking , this isnt worth working this hard to run my dog. One course we had to reset the a-frame after each dog ran. Ugh!  Now it was snooker. I have no snooker "Q"s.  I really felt like I could run this one. LOL famous last words.   I didnt even have the energy to warm Miley up. Not good.

I took that first red jump on the right, then to #5, then the next red jump and RC to the  7b and & 7a. Then, that back red jump and  I was trying to bring her around that jump . I was thinking, OMG we got to the third red  jump, and then she back jump the red jump. Ugh!  Whistled off.   Crap, I was disappointed.  At this point it was really, really windy.  It had been a windy day but now the wind gust where knocking over the jump wings , not just taking down bars.  After my run, a tent that had been staked down, blew into the ring. That was scary.  People were moving their cars because trees were making popping noise.  So I decided that I was to tired to run Steeplechase. It was now 5 pm and I just can't believe how tried I was. 
Its now Sunday morning and its still really windy.  Im not sure if Ill go all day.  It may just be this windy at the beach and once you get inland, it calms down.


Sara said...

Good lucky today. It was really windy here yesterday too.

It sounds like you're having fun!

Kathy said...

Wow, that sounds like a wild trial-and geeze, no one Q'd that one run? Yikes, guess that says a lot about how hard it must have been. I kept thinking of you guys when the news was talking about the weather in your neck of the woods.

Morganne said...

Great write-up! With my big dog, I would have definitely FC'd #7 and the RC'd the weaves. I can't imagine pulling a long-strided or fast dog from 7-8.

17-19 looked challenging!

Kristine said...

Wow, what a nutty trial. Good to know I am not the only one who goes over and over mistakes long after a run. "How could I have done better? Where did things go wrong? If only I had..." That can be more exhausting than the runs themselves!

Even if there were no Qs it sounds like it was a fun day by the end! Isn't that ultimately why we do it?