Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good Try

This course was posted on Facebook by Greg Fontaine.  I thought I would set it up and try it. LOL  I taught the beginner class last night. It was the last 6 week session. So before class, I thought I would try this course.  I thought I would have trouble with the beginning but that was a  piece of cake.  I did a lead out to just before #2 toward the outside wing. I did a call to heel type thing and the just post turned her over the jump and then RC #3.  Try to guess where my problem was?   If you said the tunnel entrance , you are correct.  So this is my biggest problem. Figuring out what works best to run my dog thur a course. I just cant seem to do what my dog needs until it doesnt work and I have to figure out something else. But why cant I figure that out the first time I run her.  How long will it take for me to get it???
Anyway, I first FC after #5 then with her still to my right I put her over #6 and #7. But I really had to stay there at #7 to get her to take it. I did a FC as she took #7, so she was on my left. Then I had to run like heck up the line trying to get there to show her the correct tunnel entrance.  She dropped the bar at # 8 several times.  Then when I really tried to beat her up that same line, she crashed that same #8 jump.  A bad crash, head over heels.  Im sure I wasnt running that fast but she could tell I was really pushing and thats when Miley will start taking off early to try and catch up to me. Ugh!! Why did I do that.  She seemed ok. So of course I had to rethink what the heck I was doing there.   So I decided to post turn her over #7 which now put me on her left coming up that line and easily got the correct tunnel entrance. No dropped bars, no crashed jumps and it was much easier for me too!  BUT why couldnt I see that before crashing the jumps and almost killing my poor dog??? Well if you made it thur all that , congrats to you!! LOL  It was hot last night. I think 90 degrees. So after figuring that out I had to hose Miley down to cool her off. Then she laid down. Wow, Miley never lays down.  So I sat down and waited for the class to show up.  When they started coming in, every person said, "Wow, Miley is laying down".  LOL Yep, she was hot.

Sometime life is like this picture:


Sara said...

That's a tough course!

Hopefully all this problem solving we have to do with our dogs keeps our brains active so we don't end up with mental senility.

Or maybe all of it will make us go insane. LOL.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Once again Sara's comment cracks me up but she is so right!

This agility stuff with a fast dog is a lot of trial and error. I think you do great with Miley!

Morganne said...

Looks like a fun course! I set up tough sequences and practice many different ways to handle them. Sometimes my first choice is the best but often times not. That is how we learn - trial and error. For this course with my dog I would have done a LOPush and Send to #3. For the #5-#9, I think I would FC landing side of 5 like you did but then would have done a send to #7 turning my dog to the outside and then set the line (with my dog on my left) to #9. I would have to make sure I maintained eye contact while passing by the first tunnel entrance.
If I race Summit or get too far ahead, he crashes bars too.

Kathy said...

love the picture and the comment and Sara is so right.

Berts Blog said...

I Just love your blog. What great pictures, what great adventures. What good looking dogs. Amazing dolphin shots.

Cant wait to see more and more


Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

That course looks HARD! I can't imagine trying to run it with a dog Layla's size. I like tight, technical courses, but that's way too advanced for me lol. I don't even know how I'd get her from 1 to 2!

That's so funny about Miley laying down. I didn't know it was such an occasion lol. I can't hose Layla down. Since she has so much fur and such a woolly undercoat, it would take forever to really soak her to her skin, and then it would make her much too heavy. It's a shame.

I loved the dolphin pictures too, I haven't ever seen a wild dolphin!

Marie said...

Love the picture! The thought of 90 degree weather just blows my mind. We had snow again today. I don't know if winter is ever going to end...