Monday, April 18, 2011


Went back to the trial on Sunday.  When I walked the dogs at 4am it was still really windy but by 7am, the wind was gone.  Miley chased Guiness on the beach for about 30 minutes before we left.  She thinks Guiness is playing but he is just acting like a maniac about the waves  and the birds.

"Hey, Im not a manic!"

After that, I left for the trial.  It was a beautiful morning. I decided I wasnt going to work as hard as yesterday. I dont know how all these people do it.  I only worked two classes.   Anyway first up was Adv Jumpers.
The beginning was very tight and I was worried about sending her off course.

I added this picture so you could see how close everything was. I walked it several different ways
  and decide on a slight lead out between #1 and #2, with my dog on my left.  I then FC at #3- #4. I thought if I post turn and Im late, she will go off course to #2.  It worked great and then I RC #5.  Whoohoo, we made it through.  I RC #8,#10, and #15.  My RC at #10 was to tight and she pulled in  after taking the jump and went to the tunnel. So we missed  jump #11.  Crap. I should have RC on the flat after  #10.  Still a great run.  Someone came up to me and said it looked so good, he stopped talking to watch me run.  LOL , that was nice.

Next up was gamblers.  I figured out if I got this run, it would be our title.  They had some cool  title ribbons and I  wanted one. LOL

This was my plan. The only thing I changed was  after #10 weaves, I put her over the teeter again. And she fell off.  Crap!  Im not sure why.  Was it my entry, Im not sure.  But the buzzer rang just then. I decided not to panic like yesterday. Miley is fast and I knew I had more than enough time. So I sent her on over the jump and thur the tunnel and then out over the gamble jump. She went over the a-frame and held her 2o/2o until I released her. Whoohooo, we did it.  And she held her start line without scooting.
I dont know if I told you this but Ann B. told me she felt her startline and her table were related. Fix her startline and will have fix her table.   Its hard to get her to the excited level of when you put her at the start of a trial. But I had been practicing with her at the trial with her ball.  She gets pretty excited about that and had a couple of failures. So maybe thats why she was doing better or if running her on the beach helped.

Not a very good picture of Miley but you can see the title ribbon.

Last up was novice standard.  I told the judge I was going to leave if she got on the table.  It was a short course to the table.  Jump, DW, tunnel ,teeter jump table.  But what about that teeter she just fell off of. I dont know. I brushed it off with a broom before the class. Im not sure if that was the problem or not. Then in class before mine, a dog fell off the dogwalk.  Ugh!  I tried to handle very carefully . I really expected Miley to pass the teeter. But she didnt.  And she got right on the table. WhooHoo!!!  After the count, we ran out of the ring and she got her special treat. Canned dog food. She thinks thats the greatest. LOL
I was sooooo happy. It felt great. And she held her start line too!!!

"Im the happiest dog in the world!"


Lian said...

Fantastic!! Congratulations!! What awesome ribbons!! Now, what is Miley's title? I am so happy for you and Miley!

Morganne said...

Woohoo!!! Congratulations on the title and the table!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I'm so happy too!!! What an awesome trial for you guys! No one deserves the success more than you. Congratulations on the table and on the new gambler's title - I love the title ribbon!

Sam said...

I'm so happy for you guys - the Q, the title, the table success.. agility feels so amazing when things come together and go right!!

Rocket Roxie said...

Wow those pics are FABULOUS!
Looks like you guys did GREAT!!!
Those walk pics are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Seems like it is all coming together for Miley! Super good stuff!


Kathy said...

CONGRATS how fantastic but it has been easy to see things coming together for you and Miley lately. That is so interesting because that is what I have always heard that the table and start line are pretty much one in the same.

Dawn said...

I'm so happy for you!!! Table, start lines, AND a title!!! And she's just flying high in that last picture!

Nicki said...

Congrats! That's awesome. It's a really cool ribbon-I'd want one too! Hard work and patience sure pays off-if I've learned nothing else from dogs I've sure learned that!

Priscilla said...

Sooooo happy for both of you!!!!

Miley looks so happy showing off her pretty ribbons! And I love that flying photo of her. I bet you're the happiest person in the world too :)

Jules said...

yay! So happy for you and Miley. :)

loralei913 said...

Hooray for Miley! Glad you guys are working through your table/start line woes! So nice when you can see progress before your very eyes!

Amy Wood said...

Awesome day! Love the pics on the beach, it looks so nice there. Miley looks so proud of her ribbons, as she should be, great job!

LauraK said...

What an awesome day for you two! Sounds like your table issues are starting to be a thing of the past maybe?! I LOVE that last picture- sheer joy!

Cynthia said...

Congrats on the title! It is a very pretty ribbon. :)