Wednesday, April 20, 2011


a disaster.  Yesterday morning we took all the dogs out on the beach. I wanted to get a picture of all four dogs on the beach, hoping that one would be good enough to use as a blog header.  It is suppose to be 4 dog craziness but I never have 4 dogs in the picture.
We drove up the the north beach where dogs are allowed off leash.  I wanted to go back to this log I saw yesterday and get some pictures there. Guiness wasnt being crazy.  The waves and the birds take him over the top and make his brain explode.    We are walking and there are only a couple of people out. One man is throwing a ball to his dog into the water. It looked like a  golden retriever.  The dog spots us and comes running over. No big deal, he seems friendly.  He goes up to Roxy, probably thinking , "what the heck is that?"   Roxy starts screaming.  I told my husband to pick her up. She stopped.  I think she is still traumatized from last weeks run-in with the dog and cat in our neighborhood.  Poor Roxy.  She usually will take on any dog, I guess not anymore. Probably a good thing.
We get to the beach and I start taking pictures of the dogs.  Everyone has their leash on except Miley.

None of them were turning out how I wanted.  The shadows and Miley always closing her eyes were problems. 
Also the chihuahuas just walking away was another problem.

So I decided to try something else and I take the dogs off leash so it would be one less thing to deal with when trying to set up the shot.

 Trying to get all four dogs looking at me was a challenge.

But here you see Guiness's head turned.  Whats he looking at?

Crap, birds.  Two birds flew by, off he goes. The other dogs watch as he leaves.

Then chaos starts.  Guiness is running down the beach and then Roxy takes off after him.  I guess she decided it wasnt worth the chase and came back after 30 yards or so. Then Mickey takes off running. But he is just doing speed circles. I guess he figured it was a good time since Guiness wasnt around to try and get him.

Miley, she didnt leave at all.  She was  probably was wondering what the heck was going on.  My husband ran down the beach after Guiness. If you have been reading my blog long enough , we lost Guiness here about 3 years ago for 2 1/2 days.  He was chasing birds down the beach that time too.  The difference this time, it was high tide and we were already at the end of the beach, so there wasnt a lot of places  for him to go.  He did turn around and came back to my husband.  Thank god.  No off leash for him ever again, no matter what.  He cant be trusted!!   I havent been letting him off leash, but he seemed so calm at the time and we werent that close to the water, I thought I had control of him. I guess not.  Manic.
So all is calm again.
"Im sorry, I just cant help myself"


Priscilla said...

Off-leash maniacs = scariest thing for us doggy owners!!!!
So glad to hear all is calm again!!
Sorry you couldn't get a good 4dogs picture but at least the one with Miley and Guiness turned out really nice!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

OMG - so glad disaster was averted! I remember when Guiness was lost and can't believe it was 3 years ago - we have been friends for a long time! So glad you got Guiness back without too much trouble this time! I love your new header photo and also the group shot with the Shelties lying down!

Dawn said...

Oh Guiness...never learned your lesson I guess. I remember that scared everyone was!

I like the first and 3rd photo...everyone has their eyes open...right? LOL I have a hard enough time with ONE dog!

Kathy said...

that was naughty, he and Lizzie must have gone to the same school. Lizzie has been so good and I have done so much work with her recall but when I least expect it she will take off and she is an expert spotting a tiny hole under a fence or any way out. I found myself holding my breath as you were describing what happened, it brought back those moments I have been in that position ...I am sooooo relieved and glad everyone is doing ok and it all turned out well. I love the third picture, and if it did not have such a scary story behind it the picture of the three dogs watching their brother taking off....grrrr....would be funny. I always wonder how these people get such great pictures of huge groups of dogs, it always feels like the keystone cops when I try it.

Bailey said...

You did get some great shots despite the scare. The little one almost looks like flight has occured.

Reilly / Bree said...

Oh my dogness you shelties have matching chihuahuas. How cute is that and don't you all look adorable. Running away is not good at all the "IT" does that ALL the time and he has to be constantly watched.

Amy Wood said...

Sounds like some very stressful moments. I'm a newer follower so I hadn't heard about what happened with Guiness before. That must have been awfully scary. I couldn't even imagine. I never realized Roxy and Miley's coats matched and Guiness and Mickey's coats matched. That is so cute when they are sitting all together!

Sara said...

I think you got some cute shots of all 4 dogs!

How scary. I'm glad you had a happy ending for us!

LauraK said...

Goodness, sounds like a logistical nightmare! You got some great shots of the pups though, even if they're not "perfect"- I'm impressed! Silly Guiness!

Nat said...

What an eventful morning! Glad that everything turned out okay. And cute photos!!

Dawn P said...

Glad you were able to get Guiness. I've had a couple of scary times off leash. Whisper is usually perfect but Zoe not so much. One time Zoe took off in the woods and Whisper took off after her. They were gone for a long 20 minutes. Whisper came back. It took a bit longer for Zoe to get back to us. It was terrifying. Then there is the incident with Shasta that I wrote about last week. Sigh... Just want to keep us on our toes.

Cynthia said...

It's so scary when they run off. I'll always worry about Jet since he can't hear in his left ear and has a hard time finding my voice.

It's so hard to get a nice picture of four dogs at a time. I think you got some good ones though!