Thursday, April 7, 2011

Are you ready??

I think so.  We have the rings all set up.  We had so much help, it was awesome. We were done with everything by 2pm.  The AKC  changed some rules and dogs can be on equipment until MN the day before the trial. It use to be 12noon.  So after we were done, my husband helped me move the table to the middle of the ring. I practice with Miley. I set her up just like I would at a trial. Walked in, released her to the table. When she got on we would run out and I rewarded her. I did put one jump in and did different things going to the table.  One time I leaned over the table to really put pressure on her.  You should have see the look she gave me. LOL "What the heck ( except she wasnt thinking heck) is wrong with you?". But she got on ever time except once.   I sent her to the table, and stopped short before she got there. This pulled her off  her path to the table. But really it should.   So will see what  happens.  I plan on running out of the ring with her if she gets on and rewarding.  Dont worry, I wont be really disappointed if it doesnt happen.  Its just life and there are more important things to worry about. That doesnt mean I wont keep trying to fix it but I wont fall apart either. 
I picked the judge up from the airport this evening. She was very nice. I felt a little embarrassed when she started asking me about my dog. And  we were talking and really I dont have to many titles on Miley. I think she expected me tohave a lot more experienced than I do.  It was nothing she said to me.  It was how I felt and only you can make yourself feel that way.  I just told her Miley hasnt gotten on a table in a year and 1/2 and Ive  tried everything.  I also told her I send my dog off course at lot. She probably thinks Im a fruit cake. LOL She seem really nice. She said she really  wants her novice and open courses to make the handler feel confident. So thats nice.

Ive been really behind in ready everyones blog. I tried to catch up this evening.  I think I have to  many things on my plate.  Monday night I had the co-op class.  I just couldnt be in the right place to cue my dog.   I just couldnt get to where I wanted to be. What the heck is wrong with me. Maybe my ankle is slowing me down since I cant extend it normally. Who knows. Tuesday, I was beat when I got home.  I fell asleep on the couch at 5pm. I woke up at 7pm and told my husband I was going to bed and I slept until 5am the next morning.  Then Wednesday I woke up and my back was killing me. I was almost in tears at work , it hurt so bad. I thought I was going  to have to go home. I wont tell you how much Motrin I took, but   I finally got it under control by 12noon and its been ok since.  I was worried about working today but it did fine. I didnt lift anything heavy so Im sure that helped.  Wednesday I taught another agility class. I probably should have cancled it . I got up early this morning and  finished up things I needed to do for the trial. We left here at 9am to go to the club and pick up all the stuff. Loaded into our 2 cars and then drove to the site. Its been a long day. I didnt feel like making dinner so pizza it is. LOL
I dont know how much I will blogging in the next few days.  Of course, if she gets on the table, you will hear about that.
I may even get back to taking pictures again. (  I cant get blogger to spell check ,so sorry about all the mispellings. )


Dawn said...

Oh Diana, you are just over extended right now! And with the ankle and the's amazing that you're still going. Have fun (as much as you can) at the trial! I hope Miley just does the table for you because she knows you're all stressed about it! :) She's such a good dog. I hope you have a very successful weekend!!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I'm glad my blog post made you laugh! I hope you have a really great weekend and that Miley gets on the table so she can get that really awesome reward! You have worked so hard and you deserve to have really good things happen for you!

This weekend is our club's trial too but I am not working it and am only running Ricky on Saturday because of my symphony schedule. And while you are worried about the table, I am just hoping Ricky feels confident enough to do the spread jumps and have a good time. I have been thinking about it a lot and I am not sure how many more trials we will do.

Good luck!!!!!

Sara said...

Diana, I hope things go well this weekend. Fingers crossed that Miley gets on that stupid table! One of these days, it's bound to happen!

LauraK said...

Have an awesome weekend, I'm sure the trial will go great! Go team Miley!

Kathy said...

YOU GUYS HAVE A GOOD TIME, with all that has been going on sounds like you could just use some good playtime, who cares about the table and Q's, just have a good time while you are out there, you guys will do GREAT. I am not worried about you guys when you and Miley really sync (I firmly believe that just takes time for anyone) you will be a powerhouse and a force to watch out for, I see all the signs, luckily you guys are working out all your issues now and you have not sacrificed the fun and the speed while you are doing it. I admire you and Miley for sure. I can not believe you can do all you do in your everyday life and do so much to put on the trials too, I would be in the looney bin by now making baskets at a slow pace, LOL!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Good luck!! I hope the trial goes well for you. I'm glad you had enough help and that you were able to practice with Miley.