Monday, May 28, 2012

Should I stay or should I go.

That was the theme for the weekend trial. LOL.   I laugh now but its not really funny.    She just didnt want to hold a start line or contacts.  Ugh, it was stressing me out.  I dont want her to stress in the ring but I dont want to be stressed either. 
First up was Exc. Jww.  You will see in the video, that she creeps all the way to the 1st bar. I released her and figured she would drop that first bar. But she didnt.  We actually Qed. For the first time in excellent jumpers.  We've only run exc. jww about 40 plus times ( two years)  and we finally Qed. I sure hope it doesnt take another 40 times to Q again. 

Next up was open standard.  She jumped the  dogwalk contact and I thought she stressed because of that but after watching the video I think she saw we were going to the table. Ugh.  This was a rough run, you may not want to watch it. Its hard to watch, at least for me.

The next  day started with T2B.  We usually do well in this class.

I timed for the big dogs.  Lots of dogs went into the wrong end of the tunnel even when the handler was really cuing the correct entrance. It was  weird.  Jump # 9-10 got a lot of dogs too. They went straight and over the a-frame. It doesnt look tight  from 9-10 but it was. Big dogs probably had one stride in between jumps there.  I didnt get this run on video  but we got the correct tunnel entrance but she jumped her a-frame contact. Then I was so worried about 9-10 that I pulled to early and pulled her off 10 . Ugh.  The rest went well.  I was so disappointed after this run.  Jumping that a-frame contact  just was so upsetting. Im not sure why. That standard run yesterday was 10 times worse than this run but it really got me down.  So I thought I would leave and go to a park. I had 5 hours until my next run. So while I was driving to the park my mom called. My grandfather had passed away during the night.  Its wasnt unexpected. He was tried of living. He just wanted to die.  He was 90 years old and his body wouldnt do what he wanted it to , so he felt like whats the point. So he just stopped eating.  I felt really bad for my  mom.  She was crying and I wanted to go see her. But I was pretty far away and had dogs with me. I told her I could come Monday but she said a storm was coming in land so it was to dangerous to come.   After I was done talking to my mom, I took the dogs to this park that pretty close to the trial. They added a dock on the water , so I took a few pictures.
 If you had dogs that like water, it would be a pretty go place to go. Except you would need to keep a lead on your dog, it looked like the current was strong. Then I started walking the path.  There was a  guy  walking ahead of me and he turned around and started walking toward me.  It was pretty deserted. He asked me if my dogs would bite him. (Weird question. Also , not to long ago  this lady was running  with her dog at a park in the upstate of South Carolina. This guy came over to her and checked out if her dog was friendly. Then he beat her and raped her)   So I told the guy I didnt think my dogs would bite but they do have teeth and they are dogs. Then Java started barking at him. So that took care of that.   I walked a little further but the grass needed to be cut and I was worried about snakes so I turned around. I decide to go to this other park. I think it was called Fletcher Community Park. I had been there before but they have really expanded it. It was awesome.  We had a great time.
Thats  where I took that picture at the beginning of my post.

I wish I had brought my water shoes. I took my shoes off and just walked in the water barefoot.

There was several places that dogs could swim.  Tons of walking paths. This was my kind of park. The path I chose to walk was almost always shaded. I felt so much better about everything after being at this park. It was just what my soul needed.

I went back to the trial. I ran Open standard next. I knew that Loretta wanted me to leave the ring if Miley stressed .But I also knew that I needed to mark Miley jumping these contacts or she is just going to keep doing it. Ugh!!  So I knew I had to mark it and I knew she would stress.  When you watch the video  you will see what happens.  I marked jumping the a-frame contact with "hey".  Not harsh or anything. But Miley stressed. Then she came around and got back on the a-frame. I told the judge "sorry".  I thought she  was going to whistle me out of the ring but she didnt.  You will see miley did all the rest of her contact correctly.  And I made her get on the table. I'm not sure if any of this was the right thing to do but it is what it is.

Next up was Exc. Jumpers.  Im not sure what happened here. I slowed the video down.  She takes off way to early on jump #6 and crashed on the bars.  I thinks she was going to stress after that but I got her back. Into the pinwheel, she missed two jumps. I have no idea why. If you see something I did let me know. So no Q there. LOL, that was short lived.

Also, on Sunday, I decieded to take the leash off early before they said "ready". To give her  and me a little more time to settle before I lead out. I was hoping it would give her a chance to relax and not creep so much. But after watching the video it looks like Im looming over her. Maybe I need to give her more space.

I met Sarah from the blog world. She runs kate,, an awesome dog.  And she had one of her other dogs, Java , with her.  She was pretty great too!!


Helen said...

Wow, nice rear crosses in the JWW. That park looks like a wonderful place to go, wish my guys liked water.

Helen said...

Sorry about your Grandad. I lost my Dad just last year on 31 May.

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the Q!! That judge runs his Goldens at trials near me. He and his wife are very nice.

I'm sorry about the other runs, but I'm soooo glad you got the Q.

When people approach me and ask if Layla's friendly I kind of use my own judgment but I have told people that she's not friendly. Also, she howls and lunges on command so I've also made it appear thay she was going to go after them. Too bad!

Sara said...

You had some really great moments in all your runs! Even when Miley started stressing, you looked like you stayed very calm. I'm sure that helps Miley out, and she seems to always be able to return and get some focus back.

It didn't look like you were looming over her to me. I thought she was giving you lovely attention while she was sitting waiting.

Berts Blog said...

I just can't get enough of you in the water pics. I know if we lived close we could have sooooo much fun.


Keith Andrea said...

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Lian said...

WooHoo! Congratulations to your Q-ed! That was an awesome run!!!

corbinwooten said...

Congrats on the Q, it was beautiful! I think that was a tough course, awesome job!

I think you're right in that last run that she was starting to stress but you got her back. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like you are able to get her back and focused faster. I think that's definitely an improvement!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Sorry about your Grandad. :( Well done pn the Q, i don't know much much about the other runs but i'm sure you'll suss what was happening.

Diane said...

Congrats on the Q in JWW, that is awesome! - Diane

Loretta Mueller said...

Hey girl...all things evolve...if she takes that pressure without stressing...then that is GREAT! Reward and move on. You have to constantly evolve and change what you are doing with her...if she took that pressure and responded (which it looked like from the vids) that is GREAT! :) THAT MEANS YOU ARE GETTING SOMEWHERE! You are doing fine! No worries :) She looked connected on the video...she will have to learn to be wrong and fix things...that is the goal. So you are on that path :) Keep going!

Sarah Duke said...

That JWW run was to DIE for!!! Killer!

Kathy said...

some really GORGEOUS, AWESOME places on those runs, good job. That first run had such a naughty startline, LOL, you can really see the inner struggle in her, should I stay or should I go, LOL.

I have to say I REALLY admire how you have worked and it is so amazing to me how you can get Miley back on track and it is so suprising how well she does do once you get her back on track, you look so cool and wow, that can not be an easy thing, but it is so cool how you seem to understand how to handle it and how to help Miley now. You deserve a big pat on the back!!!!!!