Thursday, May 17, 2012

Its been raining.

Its been raining and thunderstorms everyday since Sunday.  So its been hard to get  anything done.   We did manage to get to the park once before a thunderstorm came and we high tailed it  home.

Guiness wont jump, so he goes through the water.

I did manage to practice a little agility last night before it started raining.  I finally got Java on a full height dogwalk.  Whoohoo, no more lugging all that stuff to the field and taking apart the dogwalk and then putting it all together again when Im done.  Man that was killing me.

I posted alot of this on facebook so sorry for all of you you have already seen it. ( Dont you like my redneck dogwalk. )    A few more days of this and then to start working on turns.   Its good that Java is a thinker. I think it made training this easier. Miley is a doer and do it as fast as you can. So Im not sure how things would go with her. I do think doing all the rear leg tricks, that Sylvia T. has you do,  while training the running dogwalk helps too. 

I took the dogs to a friends house to work them a little. We did manage alittle work before I had to pack everything up. Scary lighting.

When Ive been working Java, Im really just working tunnels to tunnel with a jump in the middle. And its all about running.  I dont care if she misses the jump or the tunnels. Just run!! ( I have video but I didnt post it)

The video is Miley and Java playing chase while I was setting things up. I went to get more tunnel bags and thats why that yellow tunnel entrance is folded down but that didnt bother them. 

Got to go, another thunderstorm is coming and I need to shower before work.


Priscilla said...

It seems the girls have no fear but sheer joy when they jump from rocks to rocks! They are amazing!

Great shots!

Chris and Ricky said...

Java is doing great! I love that you are encouraging her to just run. I think that would've made a huge difference with Ricky years ago.

Sara said...

Go Java Go!

Hope the sun comes out for the weekend!

tervnmal said...

I haven't commented for a while (Blogger is getting to be a real PITA) but LOVE your pics. Your dogs have so much fun playing in the water. Wish I had somewhere clean and safe I could take my guys. They'll have to be content with the wading pool.

Kathy said...

Java is just doing so amazing, love watching her RC coming together, it makes me want to train one, .....well, except that I would be left in the dust....but one day I will just have to train it, even if have to put a stop on it later, hahahahah