Sunday, May 6, 2012

I just dont know

So I  had this whole post written and deleted it all. It seemed really negative.  Im sure I will wake up tomorrow and everything will seem better (or not).  LOL

Im  posting a video of things Im working on with Java and Miley.   The first part is Java's running dogwalk. Ive been working on moving the jump at the end of the dogwalk into different positions. Then Ive been thinking about teaching Miley running contacts again. She wants to run. Ive been fighting her for years to get her to stop.  So first you are suppose to record your dog running. Watch your dog, look at their gait. See how they move when running. Holy crap is she fast.  Maybe I better rethink this.  Then I ran her over the carpet.  Its very rewarding which can only help her stress right now. She is being reward just for running right now. So thats probably good for her.  Then next part of the video Im working with Miley on course and handling.  Yesterday was the first time she hit both her contacts and stopped in a month.  Maybe she is getting it.  She didnt seem to stress about anything but Im still really controlling her and putting her on leash between exercises or holding her.


Anonymous said...

I'm probably one of the most die hard running contact fans you'll find. That said, Miley's stopped contacts are one of my favorites to watch! Back before you were working on all the other stress issues with her, I didn't notice her missing them hardly ever. I think once you work through the stress issues, her contacts will be back as well. Train the running if you want, but I don't think you need to.

Loretta Mueller said...

Focus on the good, that's what helps me when I have tough things to work on!!!!! Looking GREAT!

Chris and Ricky said...

Miley is so fast! I love watching her! There was a Eastern Towhee singing in the background of your video near the end!

Sara said...

Both dogs look fantastic. Miley is so intense. My blood pressure would skyrocket if I had to run her, because I'm such a dork when it comes to agility. You handle her so well.

Lian said...

Miley is just awesome! I see her changed all the times and well done for working through all the problems with her. You are fab! You two are a great team!

Java is the new kid on the block. I can't wait to see her running in a trial.

corbinwooten said...

I'm sorry you're feeling down. I know how you feel. I think most people have been there (and may still go there at times!)

I think it says a lot that you're aware of when you're being/feeling negative, and that it's important to take a deep breath and step back. I'm still trying to learn this lesson.

Java's RC look awesome! She seems to have no trouble at all.

And Miley...what a great run! Running a dog like her is so hard. Your timing has to be nearly perfect, and that is incredibly difficult. Hang in there, you guys are improving by leaps and bounds.