Friday, May 18, 2012

At the beach!

Today was suppose to be  nice but it wasnt. It poured down rain all the way to the beach and at the beach.   But after being here a few hours it stopped raining and we got to walk out on the beach.

There was lots of running!!

Then stopping and checking things out.

And happiness by a certain dog!!

Then you have to ponder how you are going to cross this little ankle deep water way.

 What to do, what to do??

Ok, Just jump!!

Hey that was fun.   I going to do it again.

Then you have to smell dead things on the beach.  At least its to hard to roll in.

Then you run some more while your mom tries to  take dolphin pictures. ( see the dolphin fin in the back ground?)

More running.

This picture  cracks me up.

Then a bird flies in front of the camera.  See it  on the right?

Java still wont "wait" so she isnt in the picture.  

No good dolphin pictures today.  I just kept getting water splashing and no dolphin. I hope to have more success tomorrow.


Dawn said...

This looks like a crazy good time!

Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

a dolphin?!!! that's so amazing!
stunning photos :)

Priscilla said...

I literally stopped breathing when I saw those awesome pictures! They are awesome!!! I LOVE the first picture!

The happy, running and jumping girls and the dolphins and birds - what a beautiful beach! Java always looks like she has a blast all the time, wherever she is!

Sara said...

What fun! It always looks like you have the beach to yourself. How awesome!

Chris and Ricky said...

I wish we were there with you! Looks amazing!

corbinwooten said...

Beautiful photos! Glad it stopped raining enough for you to get out there and run :)

Kathy said...

your dogs coloring is so suited to the beach, LOL, did you plan it that way? :-)