Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Day!

I took 20  of these shots at different angles and Miley didnt have her eyes open in any  of them.LOL 

We went to an AKC trial this weekend.   I worked open JWW.  Its sad to me how many people pull their dogs off course because the dog did something wrong. But it was so obvious the handlers fault. Im glad my dog can't correct me every time I do something wrong. I would be in big trouble.
For some reason the JWW ring was behind.  So now it looked like I was going to be walking both rings at the same time.  Hmmm. But that didnt happen. I was actually running standard while I was suppose to be walking JWW.  So I asked if I could run first and they let me.

I  stayed as far to the left of the dogwalk as I could because I wanted to be able to front cross between #3 -#4.  I had planned to not do the table. I dont want to add the table at a trial until I have no stress in practice.   So I  left her in the weaves and FC between #9 and #11.  It worked great.   We had an absolutely awesome run.  She held all her contacts.  It felt great and I was soooo happy.  I ran out of the ring and gave her some treats. While I was doing that the score runner came up to me and asked me, "Did you know you didnt do the table?".  I thought this was a weird question.  I told her I did and that my dog stresses in the ring and I wanted no stress.   Later I found out the judge ran up the the score table after my run and asked them if I knew I didnt do the table. LOL, I think it was such an awesome run , she felt bad I didnt Q.  ( Hey thats what Im choosing to believe. LOL) 
So after giving Miley a handful to treats, I asked someone to hold my dog so I could go walk the jumper ring. I had already missed half of the walk through time. They were very nice to do this for me.

When I first saw this I thought , crap I should have practiced those AKC world team try out courses.   I ran this as planned except for the end. I was planning to post turn #16. But after watching some people run I decided to FC between #15-16 and #16-17.  We had a great run. She  was a little wide between 3-4.  Then running that line of jumps 6-11 your dog was flying. So I said weave before she took off on jump #11.  I not sure what happened but she didnt go into the weaves. It was like she didnt know what I wanted. She didnt pass the weaves, she didnt even try to get in. It was weird.  So I just did a tiny circle around and she stayed right next to me and then went right in.  I left her at the weaves and got all those front crosses. Whoohoo for me.   Then you really had to run to get to your dog coming out of the tunnel. Lots of dogs were curling in  toward the handler  when coming out of the tunnel. So I thought if I really drove she would know to go straight. Then I told her "go, go on".  I think it was just to much energy and  push because she took off early and just landed right on top of all the jump bars. Ugh.  Ive got to stop telling her to go at the end of a run. I think it just to much excitement for her.  All in all a great run and we felt so connected.
Right after that was Excellent Fast.
This was an easy send bonus. I started   at the Red #1 I marked on the map and sent her right into the bonus. She got the bonus.  The red dotted line was what I had planned after getting the bonus. But she was very excited and took that green line path.  As she was  heading that way, I hear people saying "oh no, oh no".  They thought she was going to take the finish jump.  LOL, not Miley, she loves the out run and going wide.  So she came in around the jump and I put her over the teeter. She flew off the teeter. So I put over that #9 jump, into the tunnel and over the a-frame. She held the a-frame contact, so I put her over the teeter again and she did it correctly. I had her do jump #9 again and the a-frame. Beautiful a-frame contact. Then the finish jump. The buzzer rang just as she was going over the jump.  So we did Q in on class. I told someone if it was for T2B and FAST we would never Q in AKC. 
Here are the cute ribbons they gave out.

The bottom ribbons are tiny. I really like them.

It was such a great day for us. I know most of you wouldnt consider it a great day since we didnt Q in standard or jumpers but for us it was great. We felt so connected. She did her job so I could do mine. It was awesome. I decided not to go back the next day. I didnt want to mess everything up. I wanted to remember it as a great day.
After wards I  went to  friends house that was close by for a baby shower ( a people baby shower. Stephanie thought it was a baby shower for dogs after seeing the dog pictures).  It was a fun small party. 15 dogs were there, all were shelties but two. And everyone got along.  My dogs didnt want to go in the house at first so I had to make them go in. But then they settled in and were ok.  Here a picture that was taken with my phone. I couldnt get all the dogs in the shot.


Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Congratulations on your great day!! I absolutely consider it a success. In fact, there are some NQ runs of ours that I consider more successful (in terms of teamwork and things going the way I want them to) than some Q runs.

I agree with you about people taking dogs out of the ring. This lady today took her dog out because SHE forgot the course. Don't take it out on the dog! Just do some jumps and make them happy.

I'm so happy you had a great day. I love both of those judges but that Jumpers course looks very hard!

Sara said...

LOL! All those shelties in one place! Too fun!

Congratulations on such a successful trial day. Nothing is better than feeling a connection with your dog during a run, and truly feeling like a team! Way better than a "Q". Great job Diana, I'm really happy for you.

Dawn said...

Congratulations on a fun day! And 15 shelties on one deck! Awesome!

Chris and Ricky said...

Fantastic trial day!! So amazing Diana - I am very happy for you! All your hard work and persistence is paying off!

Wow - that is a lot of Shelties at one party! :)

Priscilla said...

So many shelties together! It's so funny to see how they wait for their treats patiently.

Congratulations on your success! The blue ribbon is so pretty!

Helen said...

What a Sheltie party you had! FAST sounds like its a fun event.

Loretta Mueller said...

Connection and fun are everything :) Great GREAT job Diana! :) You guys are making such huge strides!