Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weave pole challenge

I finally have my video reading to Kathy's weave pole challenge.  Kathy's blog  I think I did the challenge on Tuesday but just didnt have time to edit the video.  Then I couldnt remember how to use  my editing software.  So this morning I just edited it on my camera and then loaded onto the software to link them together.  So no fancy words but Im sure you can figure it out. LOL  On the challenge I couldnt seem to run pass Miley.  I think if it had been 12 poles I could have.  I also didnt stand completely still when doing the  send to the weaves and you werent suppose to move. I was worried about not giving any motion my confuse my dog. Because no motion she turn her into me and I did want her just blasting off and not listening. Kathy and I talked about it and its ok stand still. But I just wanted to give a little forward motion cue.

Next up is a video in response to Rickys "speak" video.Ricky's blog I usually turn the volume off on my computer because Miley goes crazy when she hears agility and dogs barking.  But Ricky's video , you needed the sounds.  Well, here was Miley watching the video.

I picked Stephanie up form college orientation. She had a great time and is very excited.  So thats good. She has to take Spanish and has already found a tutor.  We spent way to much money in the bookstore. The only negative thing that happened was one of her room mates. Who wont be her room mate next year, it was just for orientation.  Stephanie has really bad acne.  We tried actuane but her pancreatic enzymes increased by 3 times the normal level so she had to stop taking it.  You dont want to get diabetes trying to clear up your face.  We have tried everything and nothing has helped.  Right now she is getting dermabrasion once a week and using some more creams. Will see if that helps.  Anyway , Stephanie was in the bathroom washing her face and so was her room mate.  Stephanie said, "wow, you have really nice skin".  Do you know what that uppity girl said to her?  "Thats because I wash my face".  In that tone  that says, you dont wash your face.  Ugh!!  When I told my husband  , he said, "Ive punched people for less than that".   Poor Stephanie.  I asked her what she said, and she said nothing.  I told her not to let people talk to her that way.  Ugh, snotty girl.


Sara said...

Obviously Stephanie is prettier than that mean girl. I'm glad she didn't let it ruin her orientation.

Miley did awesome on the weave pole challenge!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Miley is a fantastic weaver! (I didn't stand still on the send either but I'll try to this week)!

She is so funny watching Ricky's video! I think she remembers him - :)

Glad Stephanie had a good time at the orientation but too bad about the snotty girl. Hopefully she won't have to ever see her again!

Nat said...

Miley has beautiful weaves! They're so consistent and speedy no matter what maneuver you do.

What a mean thing for that other girl to say, that's just ridiculous!!

Priscilla said...

So glad that Stephanie had a great time at the orientation and she won't share the room with that mean girl again. Rosie used to have very bad acne that I had to take her to the skin specialist. The doctor gave her Vibramycin 100mg, a toner and a face wash which helped her a lot.

The video of Miley watching Ricky is so cute.

Miley is so good at the weave! Awesome!!

Marie said...

You and Miley are so fun to watch do agility. :-) Personally I think the point of the challenge is more to push us out of our comfort zones and show us when we've got weak spots, more than to do things exactly as someone else interprets the instructions.

That stinks about Stephanie's roommate. I hate to think that people are so totally insensitive and rude.

Dawn said...

Weaves were excellent. I have no idea why you'd think you could beat Miley to the other end! LOL! She's so FAST!!!

Loved watching Miley watch Ricky. We're out on the deck and Katie was watching Miley watching Ricky...but she didn't bark, probably because we're outside and there are lots of other noises.

Snotty girls are everywhere. Glad she's not going to be Stephanie's roommate in the fall!

pikis said...

I have 4 dogs as well! Hope to stay in contact with you :)

Cynthia said...

Nice weaves! :)

My dogs bark at dogs on the computer and TV too. Dorks. LOL

Nicki said...

What a jerk of a girl. Glad she wont be a permanant roomate. I feel bad for whoever gets her.