Saturday, June 4, 2011


Stephanie graduated from high school yesterday.  We had a great day.  My mom and my sisters family came to town. My sister rented  a lake house not to far from my house.  So there  was plenty of room and they didnt have to live with all my dogs.  (well mostly)  Stephanie wanted some pictures taken before she went to graduation out at the lake. Its wasnt sunny, and the sun wasnt in the correct spot but I still go some nice shots.
Stephanie is to the left.

Dont worry, I did put on a dress for graduation.  I just wasnt ready yet and everyone kept saying to get in the picture. So thats what you get. LOL

We had nose bleed seat but thank goodness for telephoto lens.
Afterwards we went back to the lake house and had a cook out.
When I lit the charcoal, look a "K" showed up.  Kinda funny, huh?
We swam and went for a boat ride.

Sorry, I have to go. Ill post more later.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congratulations to Stephanie! Hey, I am glad to know you put on a dress - LOL! Sounds like a fun day and hope your weekend is fun and relaxing too!

Amy Wood said...

Happy Graduation to Stephanie!
You got some great pics! The one of Miley on the raft had me really laughing :)

Sara said...

Happy Graduation to Stephanie!

Boy, someone looks really relaxed. Enjoy your weekend.

Priscilla said...

You must be such a proud mom! Congrats to Stephanie:)

Kathy said...

Congrats to Stephanie, what a great accomplishment. And congrats to you for being such a good mom and getting two of your kids to graduation, how does it feel? Looks like a great weekend, hope you enjoy your celebration but we want a dress picture!

LauraK said...

What an exciting time for you all! Hope you have a great time relaxing at the lake and enjoy your family time! Great picture of Miley relaxing :)

Dawn said...

Congratulations Stephanie!!!! You did a great job!

Lian said...

Congratulations to Stephanie!

Love the picture of Miley relaxing :)