Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The park and stress

So yesterday I thought Miley was getting sick. She wouldnt take any treats near the river at the park. The only time she spits out treats is when she feels sick.  So thats what I thought. Especially since Guiness was  having diarrhea.   When she was home, she was fine. Took treats, played and we did a little agility. Hmmmm. This morning, we went to a different park. The one with the hills.  I like the other park better right now because the river runs beside the path. The water is cold  there and it feels cooler when you walk.  But I wanted to do something different. We get out of the car and she wont walk.  She refuses to walk forward. What the heck?   I pull her and she walks a little ways. This is very weird. Its flat,  we havent even gotten to the big hill.  But now Im thinking maybe she is hurt.  We get to the big hill and she walks up just fine.  Hmmmmm.  We walk for a while and she seems fine. Then I hear something. Im not sure what it is and I call her. I guess I had panic in my voice.  She started to worry. She wouldnt take a treat for coming to me. Ugh.  I could see a complete change in her body. She was uncomfortable.  But we walk for a while and she is ok again. Until we pass the path to the car.  The path starts going up this hill, the wraps around, up and down. Back toward the car and then turns away from the car to go towards the river.  She wasnt happy at all that I wasnt going to the car.  She just kept hanging back.

Except to chase a squirrel. She jumped this log, no problem.  She could have gone under it. So I guess she isnt hurt.

 She continued to walk behind until we reached the river. She was fine out on the rocks.

 Oh yea, it was hot as heck! And Miley couldnt open her eyes in any of the pictures.

We got back on the path and something runs across my feet and freaks me out. But it was just this.

Then something was moving through the grass.
Do you see it?

Maybe I should get a little closer.
Oops, sorry turtles. LOL

This part of the park looks like a  jungle.
 Once we were on our way back to the car, Miley was fine. She was in the lead the whole time.  We didnt see anyone or any dogs.  Thank goodness.  I guess I have a lot of work to do to get her through this stress issue. 
As far as the table. Im going to a class 3.5 hours away.  There is a small one ring trial there in a few weeks. I figured if I could take a couple of classes there maybe that will help her feel more comfortable.  It may not help but its worth a try.

And this I think, just looks cool.


Lian said...

OMG! Reading this post made me worried too and look at the pictures also made me jump! Maybe I am sensitive, I thought the turtle picture is a snake LOL

Lian said...

Meant to say, hope Miley is ok?

Sara said...

Stress is such a complicated issue. Too bad we can't give our dogs a glass of wine to relax them!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sorry to hear Miley is so stressed out. Hope it gets better. I thought the turtle was going to be a snake too! Lots of pretty pictures here - love the jungle one!

You're way more dedicated than me - I wouldn't have driven 3.5 hours to a class even before I was afraid to drive! But you're right - Miley might feel very comfortable at the trial there then.

Amy Wood said...

Glad Miley isn't sick or injured. Hope Guiness is feeling better. I agree with Sara on the stress issue.

Dawn said...

Stress is so hard. Maybe she's remembering that dog that attacked her. Hope the class is good! Poor Miley...she just wants to be a happy dog.

Cynthia said...

Very nice pictures of the park! I hope Miley is okay. Tatum won't take treats when she stressed either. Or when she doesn't like them, which is quite often. LOL